Quadruple Entendre.

Hi, Sweetheart. It is Monday, the first of August, and you have been in my mind for some time now. Although I know where you are, I am not certain how you are, as of right now. I can only think that you are safe.

I made my trip to where I once was, where I grew up, and I took some photos.

Here ;











And after we came home.





Why I went there I do not know, but I did, and my photos are evidence of my travel. I would have liked for you to come with me, to spend some time with you, however, I now feel that it was best that I went alone, so to speak.

I spent Sunday doing basically nothing, with the exception of laundry. I visited Facebook only to find you in a predicament. You have no idea as to how much I worry over you.

But that is what I do, worry. I worry about everything, everything that people do not see.



And most of all I worry about you.


I am still bewildered by that drawing of “Kebechet”, that drawn figure resembles you most uncannily. How is that, Kiddo? When I once searched online for an image of Kebechet, the image above is what I found.



Kebechet, the beloved daughter of Anubis

It is now Tuesday morning, 2 AM, and I have not heard back from you since Sunday. I can only think that you are safe. I took some photos a few minutes ago to ease my mind. Here they are ;








The time stamp is an hour early, so to know what time it was when I took the photo, simply add 1 hour. I think that I will take some more photos. I will be right back.

I’m back, with some more photos. Here ;



The more I thought of you, the more became present.



I am doing my best not to worry. Maybe some more photos. Hold on a moment, Sweetheart.

Back again, here are some of the photos that I had just taken ;






The black spots you see are dimensional voids left by large raindrops. It was raining quite hard here a little while ago.

I enjoyed the short video that you had posted to Facebook, which made myself think to make a video of my own, maybe two, one for you, and one for my baby sister. I will need to see where I am at before I do so, if, I do so.

The first thing I wrote in this post was “Quadruple Entendre”, and that refers to the title of this post, which is a “less than” sign ( < ) and the number “3” paired together. A double entendre means that something written has two meanings. A triple entendre means that something written has three meanings. The triple entendre is believed not to exist, however, I write them all day long. So, my quadruple entendre would have four meanings regarding something written.

  1.  Love.
  2.  A broken heart.
  3.  Something unseen is less than 3.
  4.  My Facebook username initials, with a twist.

And I did it with just two characters.

Could I do something similar with only one character?

I think so. 🙂

I am also thinking that I should have drove north to get you on Sunday. Now I can only wait to hear from you.

I am going now, it is late and I am tired. I am leaving my phone on in case you call, I will also check Facebook to see if you messaged back.

Please be safe.

Love always, Daddio















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