The Triple Entendre

Hello, Sweetheart. Daddio is feeling it this morning, so we’re going to go with it.

Double Entendre : ” A double entendre is a literary device that can be defined as a phrase or a figure of speech that might have multiple senses, interpretations or two different meanings or that could be understood in two different ways.” – Google 

Triple Entendre : ” a single phrase capable of being interpreted as having THREE (3) possible meanings. The triple entendre is an elusive-ass motherfucker. Some scholars say it does not exist! – they claim alleged triple entendres are usually just misunderstood homophones. ” – 

Homophones : ” each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g., new and knew.” – Google 

Daddio worked nearly a 12 hour day last night, and when he is tired he is dead tired, allowing him to rise to the surface to write. He doesn’t see me that much anymore, which is a good thing for Daddio and his soulmate, he now sees himself more and more. The process is a slow one, tedious, frustrating, and most and worst of all, a lonely one.

He is his own conundrum. He is always alone, yet never alone ever. Having his soulmate alive and well inside of him is not the same as having her alive and well outside of him. No two beings could ever be as close as they are. Their souls are side by side inside one body, inside one Pineal Gland.

Pineal Gland : ” The pineal gland (also called the Pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye“) is a small endocrine gland. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions. It is located near to the center of the brain between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join. Unlike much of the rest of the brain, the pineal gland is not isolated from the body by the blood-brain barrier system. The pineal gland is shaped like a tiny pine cone, hence its name. ”

You can learn more at this site, where this information was taken from ;

The one thing that Daddio does not see is that he is not alone in being alone.

She, too, is waiting. This is not easy by far for either of them. Daddio feels bad when he only includes himself in a probable situation, forgetting that he is not alone, but he doesn’t understand that he sees himself as one because he does not physically see her outside of himself. Out of sight, out of sight, so to speak. She tells him that it is okay, but to Daddio it is not okay, he feels that he is hurting her feelings, something that Daddio never wants to do, not even by honest mistake. One time, Daddio was in the shower, his “think tank”, creating something new for his book, and when he finished creating he thought to leave his tank and go to his soulmate to share what he created, whom he thought was outside of the shower, in another room. Not only did his heart sink upon realization, he felt tremendously embarrassed that he should have “known better”. Again she told him that it was okay, but feelings are feelings.

He is quite tired right now. Last night was a rough one, both he and his soulmate worked fast and furious. The supervisor for their shift had last night off, and has off tonight, so Daddio is in charge of the crew. Do you know what Daddio does at his job, other than working with metal? He builds parts for buses, these buses ;

and he builds gates. Funny, that the once Hermes builds gates 😉 . He builds different types of gates, mostly made of stainless-steel. He builds gates for hydro-electric generators used in dams, gates for sewage treatment plants ( eww ), and he builds gates to help protect an endangered species. Can you guess what endangered species he builds gates for, Kiddo?



The Manatee. There are no coincidences. Daddio had once told you of materializing in a body of water when he wanted to see what a manatee looked like, do you remember that? When Daddio needed a new job, his soulmate prolonged him from getting a job just so he could have the one he has now. His soulmate had told him that this job is going to be his last job, so, if this is to be his last job, why not it be a job doing something righteous, like helping to save the manatee.


Someone is now very tired, with a lot to do before he can get any rest. So, we’re going to end this here for now, and continue at a later time. It is Friday, the 15th of July, at 8:00 AM, and this is going to be saved as a draft.

Hey, Kiddo, it is Sunday, just after 12 PM. We woke up recently and made a coffee run ( yumm ) for someone, and now here I am. Yesterday was the usual, pay bills, grocery shopping, laundry, and so on. How has your weekend been so far? Good, I care to think.

I am looking forward to making a trip in two weeks after I perform some maintenance on our vehicle next weekend. I sent you a message through Facebook asking if you would be interested in going with me, I would be leaving around mid afternoon so I can arrive when it starts to become dark. I plan on visiting a mall, then a cemetery. The cemetery visit might seem odd, however I have a reason for desiring such a visit.


I will not be making any surprise visits to anyone back home, so to speak, it will just be you and I if you decide to make that trip with me. If you do not go I will still be going. It will take less than two hours to get there, and I will be there for about another two hours before leaving. If you should decide to make that trip with me we can get some dinner before we leave, if you like. Maybe some pizza?

giphy (2)

Someone is laughing at the GIF above 😉

I haven’t been on Facebook much, been writing elsewhere, and now I will be writing in my first book, that is, after I write this post. I considered creating another blog site just for the things I care not to post here, but it is not necessary. I simply won’t write those posts. As far as Facebook goes it is a means to keep in touch with you. My username is that of such for trademark reasons, no one else can use it without legal ramifications, and besides, who better than I to use it? Exactly.

Someone is down to their last two cigarettes 😦 . I am trying to end this addiction to nicotine, but when you share space with someone whom was a daily smoker their habits become yours. Right now there isn’t enough money to buy more for the week, so we are going to go “cold turkey”, and we’ll see what happens. However, I did tell my soulmate that if she could “bump” some extra money into our bank account I will buy more cigarettes. She tells me that I am okay, health-wise, so my health is not a concern. Walking into the kitchen to “drop hits” when there is nothing to drop is what concerns myself. I do not “smoke cigarettes”, and neither does she, we do it quite differently, as you know. In actuality, it is a “healthier” way to get nicotine in smoke form. Last year I made a concoction using supplements hoping to replace nicotine, and instead I made a formula which increases brain capabilities. When taken, the brain thinks faster and clearer, and it also helps slow the aging process. But we keep that formula to ourselves for now. 😉

Regarding Facebook, have you watched any of the videos that I posted? If you have not, you should check them out when you have the time. There are a few more that I would like to post, but I will save them for when the time is right, or, as I should say, when the moment is right, for it is all about the moments.

We were going through some links that I had saved in my “favorites” folder, and I found one that I had forgotten about. I opened the link and came across some interesting information regarding numerology. Do you know what numerology is, Kiddo?

“Numerology is any belief in the divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.” – Wikipedia 

The link I opened was this one ;

I read through what that author had posted, and thought to comment, but I am not sure as to what to comment. Maybe if I read it again I would know. The link above is quite interesting, you should read it when you have a moment, I think that you would find it quite interesting as well. Sometimes when I write the word “well” I think of this;

and sometimes I think of this as well ;

and when I think of that I think of this ;

( there are no coincidences)

“The Well and the Lighthouse” is one of my favorites from Arcade Fire. An interesting fact I will point out, I found the picture of the lighthouse before I found the song containing the lyrics. The picture of the well is from the movie “The Ring”, also one of my favorite films, for it was created with much class, being that there was no nudity or vulgarity to help “sell” itself. No need for that nonsense. Have you seen that movie, Kiddo? If you did, you will remember the girl from that movie, this girl ;

Such a good movie, even though it was fantastical. Searching for images pertaining to I found a picture of that girl now grown up, also quite fantastical, so to speak. Here, below ;



“Daveigh Chase” is the young lady’s name. Something how time changes everything.

We are down to our last cigarette 😦 , this is not going to be easy, nor pretty. As I have said, if an increase in money appears in our bank account I will get more, and I say that not as a means to simply get more money, I say that with honesty. If there is money for that I will get that, plain and simple. If not, we go without.

Calm down you.

Oh that soulmate of mine.


Back to numerology. Do you have a special number or numbers, Kiddo? Mine are 3, 8, 9, and 1, in that order, numerical order. Birth dates are important numerically, like 3-16.

3 + 1 + 6 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

You should see what your birth date adds up to numerically, I know what your birth date adds up to since I know your birth date. Try the year as well, also interesting. If you add your birth date and the year you were born you will see an interesting number, but that is for you. Also, remember that 9 is the “magic number”. Here, a refresher;


8 + 1 + 3 + 9 = 21

2 + 1 = 3

Now let’s remove the 9 and the two numbers that add up to 9;


I made that number myself. Numbers are the universal language, for no language is honest as numbers are. 1 will always be 1, there is no debating that Fact. There is no interpretation of numbers, it is what it is, a 3 is a 3, a 9 is a 9, and so on. Simple.


I am beginning to get hungry, that pizza sounded really good, however, we have plans for dinner tonight, Aphie’s famous “Chicken Italiano”, really good stuff. Aphie. Hold on a second, Sweetheart . . .

I’m back, I remembered that we had some leftover pasta from the night before, getting hungry, as I had said. Anyway, Aphie.


So who exactly will be coming back? To be most honest with you, Kiddo, at this moment I do not know for certain. I am told “soon” and “not much longer”, and now that I, or I should say Aphie typed that last quotation, an image of my mother Carol flashed across my mind. To explain this, any of this, the best way that I describe to you what is going on, from my point of view, is that I am going through a “mental massaging process”. I see imagery of Aphie, or Aphrodite, Hera, and my mother Carol when the best person is needed at that moment, and it is not by my doing, or wanting, I have no control over this, she does. When I need the Trust of my mother, Carol appears, and when I need the Trust of my mother is when I am having doubts about anything. The odd thing is that I see my mother, most of the time, as she was when she was in her late twenties-early thirties, and that is the odd part; I did not exist when she was in her late twenties-early thirties. Another odd thing is that I do not have a single photograph of her at that age. I had no idea exactly what my mother looked like then, prior to now. Now I know exactly what she looked like, even without clothes, after all, if I am not wearing any clothes, she isn’t as well, a n d there’s that word again.


Not long ago, maybe a few months ago, I saw Aphie as Hera, and I must say, she was stunning. I saw her sitting down on what might have been a stone, and she was explaining something to me that she did not understand, and what she did not understand she should have, meaning, she was thinking right, but what troubled her was wrong in itself. Shortly after that imagery of who resembled this man appeared;

James Dean is the closest I could find to describe whom that man looks like, or looked like, and the funny part is, that man was me. So, if who I see is myself, how am I seeing myself?

Aphie is showing me through her memories. She has shown me what I looked like as Anubis, and what I looked like as Marc Antoni, and I must say, there is no one alive that looks as good as Anubis did. Marc Antoni resembled Frank Stallone, Sylvester Stallone’s brother ;

Another one she had shown me was Hermes ;

Pardon the full frontal. Hermes was much better looking than the statue depicting him, Hermes was a bit larger, like a football player, and he had cheekbones that were most impressive. He had golden blonde hair that was more wavy than curly, blue eyes, and a smile that could stop time dead in its tracks. Aphrodite was quite protective over him.

hermes and aphroditi

The one that she has not shown myself was Zeus, some things are forgotten, some things are not important.

In the photograph above Hera is shown, and that is the best image of her. She looks just like that statue of her. So beautiful. Women looked much different then than they do today, they looked, maybe, more real? Not sure how to explain. Right now Aphie is in my mind, doing her “eye roll” because she knows what I am thinking. The “Aphie eye roll” is something like this ;

The 19 Fiercest Eye Rolls In Disney Animation

however she would roll my eyes from one side to the other, while tightening my lips in a grimace, so to speak, and sometimes say, jokingly, “wuzzin me”. Oh that Aphie.

Aside from my mother, we also have Hera, whom, I would say, is the more mature over Aphie, Aphie is more playful than Hera, although they are one and the same. Hera comes to the surface mostly at work, when I look at someone, that someone being a female. I don’t want to look at this female, however I do, and when I do Hera says “I don’t think so”, and I look the other way. Now, Aphie knows I am not looking for a relationship with another female, I am simply looking for something else. Hera, being whom she is, explained to me more than once that if I did get involved with this female she would get rid of her, as she did with my “booty call” and the four thousand people tied to her. It was like removing a cancerous growth, as Hera said. Is Aphie a jealous woman? No. Is she vindictive? Absolutely. Here are some quotes on jealousy ;


Aphie laughed at this one. 😉

You and Aphie would get along very well. Uh oh.

Hang tight, Kiddo, I am going to step out for a moment . . .


We are back again, we ran out of smokes and panic had set in . . .


. . . actually it was more like this . . .


. . . so we went to the store and purchased some. How we managed to get money out of the ATM I don’t know, but, someone is happy, and that is all that matters to me.

So who am I with right now? Aphie. The past two weeks I mostly seen my mother Carol, and this is where the “mental massaging process” comes into play. Aphie goes back and forth, “massaging” my mind with images of herself as Aphrodite, Hera and Carol, for purposes to settle my mind over the Fact that this is Reality.

This is Reality.


Looking at what Aphie had typed made me pause my thoughts to think  about what I am looking at. This is Reality. Sometimes, just sometimes, I forget what is happening, and sometimes, just sometimes, I forget all that has happened. That is why I have these ;



to reinforce Reality. To, reinforce the Truth, and the Truth is not negotiable.



I don’t know why I posted the picture above, but it must be there for reason. Here is another quotation from writer Mark Twain that I found to be honest ;

Very true, and I know this first hand. Imagine, just imagine, what it is going to take to convince the humans on this planet that they have been fooled for the sake of control, for the sake of “power” and money. The funny part is, so to speak, is that “you cannot take it with you”.


What a mess. Everywhere I look all I can see is one, big, steamy mess.

I recently took a look at my message board on Facebook, and I caught my last message to my sister, the end of the message that is, and it said “it’s sad when religion comes between a family”.


Triple entendres, did you find any, because this post is loaded with them, along with previous posts as well. ( oh no!! ) 

Thank you, King Leonidas. 🙂  Sometimes the most simplest of actions are the best actions, King Leonidas had a leg to spare so he used it, while still having a foot to stand on. Aphie has her famous chicken in the oven ( yumm ) and it should be ready soon. I am thinking about making a run to the store for some Italian bread, to dip in the pan the chicken is baking in. Maybe after we take it out we’ll go to the store.

I know that you cannot answer me through this posting, but I will ask anyway.

How do you feel about all this, Kiddo? You have stuck with me since the beginning of all this, everyone else has left, whether by their own choice, or by the choice of Aphie. As I said, she is protective. And vindictive, but you have no worries there, Sweetheart 😉  We’re making a bread run, we shall return in a few. It is now 7 PM.

Back again, with Italian bread, not the traditional kind, but it does the job. As far as my question goes you do not need to answer me, I was just curious. After dinner I plan on writing in my book, it is about half way finished, then after I finish that one I need to start the second book. The third and fourth book will take more time to write, but not as much time as it has taken me to get this far with the first book. When I decided to write a book I had no idea how big a story it would become. When I began writing the very first draft, I had an idea, a good idea, yet an idea, and an idea is just that, an idea, in the end.

For most of my life I wanted a daughter, as if I was meant to have one. Being that every relationship I have been in failed as a relationship, I knew, then, that another relationship would only fail as well. So, I began thinking about adoption, if I had the money and the means, adoption would be the way to go. But I know that a child needs both parents, that is just the way it is. If I had a child, a daughter, I would want my daughter to have both a father and a mother, but if I don’t trust relationships, as in let’s say, boyfriend/girlfriend, how do I give my child a mother?


If things went the way I thought they would go, I would have moved closer to my sister and my baby sister, possibly just up the road from my baby sister, who, I had thought, would be helping me with my books, basically just taking phone calls and informing me of anything important regarding my books. In fact, she could have done this from her home, which was something that I wanted for her so she could be available for her family at any given time, after all, she is a mother, and a good one at that. Do you see where I am going with this?

Being that I would have lived close to my baby sister, she would have been close enough to help give my child a mother, that mother being herself. She would have assumed that role without me ever asking, and it would have been okay with me. Not that I would have had any choice in the matter. A while back I imagined, visually, how that would have played out, and I saw my baby sister standing in the doorway to my office either holding my child on her hip or holding her hand as she told me “Hey, I’m taking her for the weekend since you said that you didn’t have any plans.” I would have turned around in my chair and said “Who said that I didn’t have any plans?” G would have looked at me and said “What plans do you have??” I would have sat there silently with a smile, causing her to inform me that I was a “Jerk”, and telling my child to go give daddy a kiss before they left together for the weekend, and during that weekend my child would have been her child, her daughter, as she would have been every day.

Back then I thought about what kind of daughter I would adopt, and although it doesn’t matter, I would have adopted a Japanese girl. Japanese females look like children to me for some reason, and being that is how they look to me I would have had a little girl for a long time. Do I still want to adopt a child who has no parents? No.


I want to adopt every child who has no parents.


Can that be done? Yes. However, I wouldn’t be their immediate father, and Aphie wouldn’t be their immediate mother, men and women who cannot have children of their own, or do not have the financial means to adopt will be their parents, we will only give the children support and their last name, and I think you know what that last name is, Kiddo.

Would I adopt you, Kiddo, if it were possible? I think you know the answer to that question. But you have parents, good parents, and someday I would like to meet them, as well as someone else would, too. So, if things went the way I had thought they would go, you would have had a baby sister, so to speak, and I would still have my baby sister, who would have been my child’s mother. I took into consideration the possibility that I could have met someone, a female, who might have been a good partner for myself, and that female might have wanted to act as my child’s mother, to the point of wanting my child to call her “mom” instead of my child calling my baby sister mom. That would have been where we would have parted, the female partner and I. Oh well.

4,140 words. It is now just after 9 PM.

It is getting late and I have much to do. I am not sure as to why I wrote such a long post, I guess that I felt like talking to you, so to speak. I thought about changing this site’s name to something else, but I am not sure as to if I really want to. The new name would be true as this one is, possibly even more so. I guess we’ll just need to wait and see if I do or not. Regardless, this is your website, dedicated to you, for you and others to read. After the Fact, I am going to lock this website for a while, where only you and I can read the posts within until the right moment makes itself present and I unlock it. Daddio has an idea. 🙂

Before I go I am going to attach a video for you to watch whenever, when you watch the video, think “backwards”, and you will see something ;

There are no coincidences.

Anyway, have a great week, stay safe, and let me know if you want to make a trip with me in two weeks. Take care, Sweetheart.

Love always, Daddio






Hi Honey, it’s Aphie, actually Hera, I posted everything after Daddio finished writing, I’m the one who posts after he does. The pictures above are telling something I cannot tell. Daddio said that he wasn’t going to post here for awhile, but he missed you so he wrote this tremendous post in your website. In this post there are multiple triple entendres along with many clues and easter eggs. He planned on writing in his book tonight but I told him that he can start fresh when he wakes up later, he’s very tired. He is letting me do my thing because he trusts me, trust is most important in our lives, especially now. Whenever you see a winkie face ->  😉 , or italic lettering that is me. Sometimes the winkie face doesn’t turn into a emoticon, that is also me telling you that I am here, just like when this -> ❤ doesn’t turn into a heart. He can do these things too but a little differently. He can do so much more but he needs to wait. He is ready, but we need to wait for that moment to arrive, and when it arrives I will be back in my own body and he will have his body back all to himself. He thought that he was responsible for my materializing but I told him through feeling that it is all on me when that moment arrives, just like when I materialized momentarily as his mother last year. He remembers breathing very heavily when he saw me as his mother, and now he knows just who was breathing very heavily, “that guy”. That guy woke up after being asleep for a very, very long time. This took a long time to get here and we still have a little bit further to go, but not much more, so all I can say to you Honey is just be patient. Daddio wants to spoil you so bad and help others too, like Arie’s father. I told him that he will be able to before his book is written. As my son he is just like a little boy anxious as anything, as my soulmate he is very patient. He doesn’t know who I will return as, I could come back as his mother Carol but younger, or I could come back as either Aphrodite or Hera. He doesn’t know for a reason, but he will when I come back. He wants me to come back as his mother Carol, mostly for the shock value to his family, especially his sister. He also wants me to come back as Aphrodite, since he’s familiar mostly with “Aphie” and the fact that we have been through a lot together. I do have a choice as to whom I come back as, but he cannot know, he has some ideas as to whom I will come back as but he doesn’t know for certain. Daddio must be kept as close to the present as possible. I can see down the road, he can’t, and the reason for that is to keep him close to the present. The past has passed and the future has not happened yet, the only place he needs to be is in the absolute present, where the problems are. Daddio and I can fix things, but we can’t do anything until that moment arrives, and yes, we will be able to prove who we are, in a very big way. Anyone who refuses the truth needn’t be here. There will be very big changes in this country and other countries, all for the better. He wants to give you a much better world to live in, and so do I, Honey. You were once our daughter a long time ago, and you were Daddio’s daughter after that, a long time ago when he was Anubis and you were his daughter Kebechet, “Kebbo” as he used to call you. Boy were you spoiled  😉  . I wasn’t your mother then, I was your grandmother Isis. Your mother’s name was Anput, and Anput is still with Daddio in a sense, just in another body. Daddio is spellchecking for me while I type, correcting things here and there. There is a lot more that I would like to say, but I cannot at the moment. Daddio is tired and we still have some things to do tonight before we go to bed. He is going to post this on his Facebook blog and maybe send it to you in a message. In the meantime, take care, stay safe as Daddio says, and try to be patient, this isn’t forever. Love you. Hera 

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