Mowzer’s !!

That is from Aphie. Hey Kiddo, Mowzer has been itchin’ to write a post to you, his, “sister cat”, and since I am in the mood for giving, I will grant him his wish. 😉 ❤ 🙂

. . . before there were any creatures upon this planet we call Earth, there once was a powerful creature, one so powerful that a god built a monument in his honor . . . 

This creature was so human-like his master built a statue personifying him, giving him the face of a man, and the body of a Norwegian Forest Cat, just like the ones the Vikings carried upon their ships to ward off evil spirits. And to catch mice. Today, this creature’s spirit still exists . . .



Hey sister-cat, it iz me, yur baby brother Mowzer, also known by my street name Sphinkie, Sphinkie moww-moww. Itz troo. Lishen, I dont know why papa-cat iz giving me dis shlur, but he iz, so I gotz to deel wit it.

Lishen to me . . . I missh yoo, and so does papa-cat and mama-cat, itz troo.

Lishen. I am the all knowing Sphinkie, I know a lot of shtuff. I do. Itz troo, and I yam going to share shum shtuff wit yoo, yesh, I yam.

But firsht of all, how have yoo bin? Good I hope, I herd dat yoo are a lifeguard, dat iz a verry noble ting to be, itz troo, I know becauz I yam.

Lishen. Papa-cat had shumting happen to him, shumting shtrange, but good. 😉

He haz had shum strange dreems, and if yoo know wut I meen yoo will undershtand.  I have shtrange dreems too, usually wen I am at werk, lyk in deez pikchurs . . .




Dat iz me hard at werk, itz troo, dreeming is not an eezy job, yoo should know becauz yoo are my sister-cat. Itz troo.

Lishen. Papa-cat missus yoo, I know this becauz itz troo. Papa-cat lerned shum shtuff dis week, and it wuz not wut he expected. Tings have taken a tern. Itz troo. Lishen,  papa-cat never lied to yoo, the problem iz that no one will lishen to him so he can proov it to yoo. He sez dat the people he contakted are shcared becauz they do not know wut to do. Mama-cat sez dis iz troo, she knows tings. Itz troo.


I may bee a cat, but I know tings. For evry ting papa-cat shpoke of ther are 2 mor tings he did not shpoke of, becauz they are shcary, and he doesnt want to shcare yoo. He wants yoo to have fun and do shtuff dat makes yoo happy, itz troo.

Im seriouz. I yam.


Dat wuz me playin ded to save myself frum papa-cat. Sum tymes papa-cat getz mad at Sphinkie, and he beets Sphinkie wit one of deez;


Itz troo, and it hertz reely bad, it duz. Papa-cat duzzent do nyce tings for Sphinkie, he duzzent becauz heez always beetin mee wit logs . . .


itz troo . . .


yoo wood tink dat he culd build me shumting shpeshel . . .


But he dont. He dont luv mee . . .


And den he starves mee by not givin mee water, itz troo . . .


Heez such a bad papa-cat.


But dont tell him I told yoo so or he will want to beet mee wit a log, and I will hafta protect myself lyk dis;


Im juss kiddin, papa-cat luvs me verry much, juss lyk he luvs yoo, dats why he iz papa-cat.

Itz troo.

Lishen, I hafta go, papa-cat and mama-cat have shum shtuff to do and they need the compooter.  Papa-cat wont bee on fasebuk evry day becauz he haz shum tings to do, lyk writing, but hee will post tings heer and ther, lyk my post to yoo.

Papa-cat misses you.

So, sister-cat, maybe the nex tyme I see yoo I culd chase yur feet, I lyk chasing feet, espeshully yurs, they are chase-wurthy, they are, itz troo.

I hope dat yoo enjoyed my post, my typing iznt purrfect.

Get it? “purr”- fect??

Well shum one thought it wuz funny. Anyways I hope too see yoo, sister-cat, so I culd chase dem feets, and in the meentyme take kare.

Luv and miss yoo!

Mowzer (a.k.a. Sphinkie)

Love, Daddio















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