Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Hi, Sweetheart. I have been wanting to write my books, but I feel as though I cannot at the moment, but I do plan on writing in them this 3 day weekend. Today was a strange day, and as much as I would like to tell you what happened, I feel it is best that I keep it to myself for now. It is not that I do not trust you, I trust you very much, and I also love you very much, therefore to prevent any misgivings, I shall remain silent in regards to.

Soon it will be 14 months since my life changed, and after everything that I have been through, I still wait.

And you still wait as well. Part of me tells me that you do believe everything I have told you and have shown you, after all, why would I lie to you?

Another part of me tells me that you want to believe everything that I have told you and have shown, but you need to see something beyond convincing, and I do not blame you for wanting so. However, if you think about it, what have I gained from all this?

I have lost most of my life from all this, if anything.

But I still keep going, for I am simply telling the truth. I have been told that the worst is over, that those bad things will not happen again, nor will any other bad things happen from this point on, and so far, so good. 😉


I have had quite a bit on my mind over the past three days, some of it pertaining to family, something I would rather not think about, but I thought about it since I felt I had no choice in the matter. I thought if they still think about me, at all, since I have been silent for quite some time, meaning, I have not messaged or emailed any of them. I do not know if I care about them anymore, I feel that I still do, but I am uncertain as to if I should. Do you think that they still care about me, Kiddo?


Maybe it is best that they do not.

Other than Aphie and Mowzer, you are the only family I have, outside of our home. I do not know if “T” is still part of my life since she never replies to anything I say to her. As much as I understand, I do not understand.

I don’t know, Kiddo, I just felt like talking to you for a bit. It is almost 3 AM, I need to get up early and take care of some things before we go to work. I am going to attach something for you to watch when you have nothing to do, and you have access to a computer, for the use of a larger screen, larger than the one your cellphone has. It is almost forty minutes long, and it is the first of three segments from a documentary called “Zeitgeist”. Here. . .

It is for when you have time, Kiddo.

Anyway, we need to go. Have yourself a fantastic day, be safe, and know that I love and miss you.

Love, Daddio

xo xo


😉  ❤ u!!



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