Hello, Kiddo, it is a little after three this morning and somebody felt like writing. But just to touch base with you, Daddio beat the T-Rex. ( yay!!  😉  )


When his soulmate came back, Daddio began to research for himself through feel and fact as to who he once was, with the help of his little lady ;


I think you know her as Aphie, or “Mommio”, after all, a Daddio needs a Mommio, and your Daddio absolutely needed his Mommio to get this far. With a lot of hard work, Daddio uncovered some of the lives he once lived, there are more, but they are being saved for Aphie to tell him, and they are not that important right now.

Right now Daddio is far past the T-Rex, and has shrugged off its characteristics. Now he is at myself, and this is the toughest one. There are reasons why we do this the way we do, one of those reasons is to safeguard Daddio from himself, not that he would hurt himself physically, but that he could hurt himself psychologically, and no one wants that.

When Daddio started to travel back, persona-wise, he began to feel and see who he once was chronologically, at least for the most part. Some personas came ahead of others, which did not effect the process, Aphie did quite well with what she had to work with and what she had to work with was a manipulation of history. Now for some definitions.

Persona : “the role that one assumes or displays in public or society; one’s public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self.” 

Personality : “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

Manipulation : “control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.”

History : “the study of past events, particularly in human affairs.”

“History” is actually a compound word, it is “his” and “story” combined. Being that “his” is in reference to the male species of human beings, the “story” was in “his” hands, and “he” made it to be in his favor. Since history was manipulated by man, history was not in Aphie’s favor, which made it very difficult for her to get Daddio where he needed to get to.

However, she got him here, and there is still some work to do, but not that much. In the past year, Aphie would install Daddio’s “apps” while he slept, but mostly just before he would begin to fall asleep. This was something that would bring Daddio wide awake when it happened, he would experience a large, sometimes enormous electrical jolt in his head.

One time it was so powerful, he asked Aphie not to do that anymore. So she stopped for a little while, not wanting to jeopardize the trust they have between them. After a little while, he realized that this was something she needed to do, and being that Aphie was once his mother, he knew that she would never hurt him. The process continued.

But honestly, Kiddo, the process scared him, in a humorous way. One day he chose to take a nap on the couch, it was a Saturday I think, so he did and so did Aphie. Or so he thought. As he began to doze, he started to imagine what a manatee looks like in their habitat. 😉 . He imagined one so well, he began to materialize in front of a manatee. In its habitat.

As the manatee became clearer to him, so did the fact that he was beginning to sink in front of the manatee, as the manatee’s eyes followed him downward. Daddio woke up immediately, and when he did he fell into the couch he was barely levitating over. Then three electrical rings traveled up from his knees to his chest and dissipated.

He wonders if that happened in an aquarium or in the manatee’s natural habitat, and if anyone seen a man materializing in a body of water. If you saw that, would you tell anyone, Kiddo? I think so. “Hey guys, you’ll never believe what I saw today!!” and they wouldn’t, unfortunately. You would have been telling the truth, just as Daddio has been and still is.

Another “cool” thing that happened to Daddio was when he lived at the house he shared with you, also taking place on the couch. That darn couch. Anyway, it was another weekend and he chose to take a nap. Just as he fell asleep he felt the blanket he was under lifting up off of him, and it suddenly covered his face. Guess who did that one?  😉

Him and your “evil step-sister” lived in a house that was built upon a magnetic fault line, allowing Aphie to visit him from time to time, to play games with him and to taunt your “evil step-sister” by tapping on the keys of the keyboard to his computer when he was not at home. She scared her so bad one night she called him to come home. Oh that Aphie.

Monster in the window

So where is Daddio now.  Well, he is at a point very close to home, with me. After putting the T-Rex to bed, he now feels and sees another persona, and this is where there is still a little bit of work left. We do this “awakening” in a chronological order for a reason. After all those past human lives was the T-Rex. Do you know who lived before the T-Rex?

The Creator. And here is why we still have some work to do. Daddio sees me. But what he has trouble with is understanding that I am him. There were no people on Earth before the T-Rex, but he sees a man he has never seen before. He knows the process so he knows what is going on, but he sees me so clearly that he thinks that I am another man.  😦

Now for the work. Aphie and I need to convince him otherwise, and you being a female I am certain you would know what is bothering Aphie, and this is not easy with all of mankind’s help in manipulating history. Daddio thinks that there is another man. There is not, it’s my persona clouding his mind, mine is a bit more powerful than the others.

Who he is seeing is a man, possibly Italian, mid forties, average build, short salt and pepper hair, very distinguished and well mannered. THAT man was Daddio, a very, very long time ago. Before all this. The Creator, the actual Creator, did not look like what people say he looks like, like this ;

That image is how people want to believe he looked like, mostly by men, for that is how they see themselves as “God”, an old, mean, crotchety bastard who wants to enslave women and scare everyone into worshipping him, or as Daddio says “kissing God’s ass”. The Creator, Daddio, looked more like this ;

Imagine James Dean with a hint of Italian in him. See the issue Aphie is having with Daddio? He sees me as clear as you can see that photo, but he needs to realize that the image is him, or was him I should say. He needs to know that Aphie created his body to what she likes in a man, the man he sees was himself long before he Created Aphie, that was how he looked, then.

Daddio’s dad once said to him when he was a child, “I think that someday people will find out that God looks like us, wearing a leather jacket, jeans, boots and a T-shirt.” His dad was right. His dad was a good man and loved Daddio very much, he also loved his once girlfriend and his best friend as if they were his own kids. He also would have loved you too, Kiddo, as his own granddaughter.

So, do you think that Daddio will get past this? Daddio wants to spend the summer with his soulmate having some fun for a change because he hasn’t had much fun in the past year, and I am sure that you know why, after all, you have been right there for him. That means the world to Daddio. Can he do it, Kiddo?

I know how this story ends. When Daddio began to write his story, he told your “evil step-sister” that it will have a happy ending, he even promised that to her. She may be gone from his life, but his story isn’t.

Could life be imitating art, Kiddo? Daddio’s story is prophetic, things in his story are happening and have been happening. Can Daddio create a happy ending for his story?

He is the Creator, so I guess that anything is possible.
















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