Dr. Sam Harris

Hello, Dr. Sam Harris, before I begin, I must greet the once daughter of my son as a show of sincere respect.

Hello, Sweetheart, I am going to write a post to someone whom we feel can help speed things up, but only if he chooses to help. I am well aware that this site belongs to you, but since this site is open for everyone to see, everyone needs to see this post, especially Dr. Sam Harris. Enjoy your day, Kiddo.

Dr. Sam Harris, my son has contacted you through the use of social media, but we do not know if you understand what he had sent you, let alone seen what he had sent you. He feels that your sites might be simply there and for use of someone else to see other than yourself. I guess that we will find out.

My son and his wife have seen many of your speeches and debates through the site “Youtube”, and both have enjoyed what you needed to say. They feel that you are quite the intellectual, and coming from them that is quite the compliment. I too feel that you are rather intelligent, hence this post.

You have been regarded as an “atheist” and a “bigot”, both of which are false and ignorant accusations, claimed by the fearful and the ignorant. Atheism is a religion, it involves having faith in that God does not exist, and being that there are many atheists, it becomes a religion, which is a cult that is widely accepted. Religion is a cult.

Watching your speeches and debates, my son realized that you are not an atheist,  you do believe in something greater than a human being, it was told in your words and emotional expressions. You had a debate with Rabbi David Wolpe, and he said something that my son picked up immediately, it is at the 0.06 second mark in the video below.

Intangible : “unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.”

As soon as Rabbi David Wolpe used the word “intangible”, the debate was over, for he lost. If something is intangible, it does not exist. He unknowingly believes in something that does not exist, and that is the corruptible power of religion. For something to exist, it must be tangible, or proven tangible with physical proof of its existence.

Something tangible does not come from nothing. For something tangible to exist, a physical motion was needed to create that tangible something, and a psychological thought was needed to produce that physical motion to create that something tangible. All physical motion we have today came from a single psychological thought.

I do not know if you are familiar with the works of Dr. Neville Goddard, he worked in the field of psychology and religion. His works would have been more influential if they were not contaminated with the disease of religion. This was discovered by my son, whom is also known as Von Jacobsen,  about a year ago. Please, take a read ;

“If a physical state can produce a psychological thought, then a psychological thought can produce a physical state.”

After my son’s coming, he began to research things that he never would have thought to research prior. Those things were led to him with the assistance of his soulmate, his wife. He discovered many things that were hiding in plain site, including himself. One of those things he found was this, obtained from a website. Please study the image and read ;

Statue of Medusa the gorgon

Here we see his victim: poor old Medusa, although here she is depicted as a rather fetching young gorgon. I don’t know how these sculptors achieved the amazing undercuts. How, for instance, was Medusa’s mouth carved out? A rotating drill bit can get you deep, but not round corners, so how was the curve of her tongue cut out right to the back of her throat, and how were her front teeth achieved? Was there any way to remedy a mistake? Was there some marble filler that could be added to the statue if too much marble was removed in a small spot?

I would like to state now that the finger marks on her left breast were (a) not mine, and (b) some indication of when she was last dusted.

I wanted to make myself clear on something. I do not know if you know anything about marble sculpture, but I can tell you, Dr. Sam Harris, that the statue you are looking at is impossible. When my son looked at this his soulmate’s eyes smiled at the amazement she felt in his eyes, just as a mother would from seeing her son learning something new.

Here is the website this picture was copied and pasted from, please investigate for yourself;


My son has wrote many posts at this site for his once daughter, whom to me is still is his daughter, but, he has respect for her biological father and mother and does not want to infringe upon their little girl. My son possesses respect and civility towards others, something his family does not.

My son has sent you posts from this site, in hopes that you might read them, even though this site is intended for his daughter. He discovered that a “blog” is a good way to communicate, he is not one for the “spotlight”, he is more to himself and humble, never looking for attention. But that is going to change. It needs to change.

Cutting to the chase. My son died on November 1st, 2012, at Ellis Hospital, Schenectady New York. Apparently, he “brought himself back to life” after he died, something the staff members disregarded. My son is dead, but for some reason, he is sitting in front of his computer’s monitor with his soulmate typing for us.

He did not bring himself back to life, I did, and when I did I brought myself back to life as well. Now, I am sitting in his body along side him, with his soulmate typing for us. Right now there are 3 personas in one body, his, his soulmate’s, and mine. All souls are not created equally, our’s are different, and he only learned this recently.

I am going to speak on his behalf and mine by posting a photograph;


What are those things in that photograph, Dr. Sam Harris? Examine them closely, have a laboratory examine them if you will. Those are what souls actually look like when outside the human body, and I must tell you that they are everywhere, they are right outside your doorstep. This is what happens when people do not “do it right”.

The human soul is an alien, so to speak, the human body is a “host” for them to reside in, for them to live in, and because of human behavior and delusion they no longer have a home, making them an alien. We do not want that, we want them to have a home. My son has been trying for over a year to have someone listen to him for all of us but no one has.

That little voice inside your head is just that, a little voice not belonging to you. How do you fight with yourself consciously? You do not, you fight with someone else and guess who that someone is? The human body is a perfect host but when the ideology of religion gets in the way it makes life difficult if not impossible.

You want a better life for yourself, your family, and for everyone else of sound mind and body, and so do we, religion is causing the havoc you see all around you, and it needs to go away. My son is the Grand Economizer, and he knows that life on this planet can be fixed, but he needs to choose how to fix it, the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way benefits him and his soulmate but not the human race. The hard way benefits the human race but not him and his soulmate. His soulmate is ready to help him with the hard way, if he chooses that path. Regardless, this planet needs to be fixed for them to enjoy life. Which path should he choose? Time is of the essence.

You are here for a reason, Dr. Sam Harris and everyone else, and that reason will be disclosed once my son has the aid that he and his soulmate need. Humans did not create this planet, I did, through my son. I know exactly how this planet functions, scientists do not, their theories have brought the destruction of my creation.

My son has struggled alongside his soulmate dealing with humans, they put them through a living hell, and I am done with it. He has lost everything dear to him, his work, his family, his friends, all to help humanity, but no one has listened to him, so now I am here, and I am not happy, not in the least.

People were meant to help one another, not destroy one another, they were meant to help others progress, instead they chose to defeat one another for their own selfish gain. We are here to help, to help people progress to a higher level that they need to achieve to keep the cycle of life continuing, but without the help of others the cycle of life will end here.

Here are some photographs for you to see, to investigate and to have examined;















No one will ever have the ability to take these photos as randomly as my son can. It does not matter what brand of camera he uses as long as it is 8 megapixels or less. What you have seen in those photos are human souls without a body and they are conscious as to who they are. They are in a living hell. They have consciousness but they have no body.

They want bodies.

Now if you are that much of an intelligent man like the one my son believes you to be you will see something in my words, what am I saying? He has contacted many people including the president of this country but no one has replied. So, if you care to help us, help humanity, reply to him through his facebook page, yes it is that simple.

Do you understand what is about to happen, Dr. Sam Harris? Regardless if you help or not, something will happen, if you help you will be helping him and his soulmate. “God” does exist, Dr. Sam Harris, only he is not what you were told he is to be. God is waking up in his son’s body, and the human race will never expect who he really is.

If you can talk with Omer you can talk with us. My son listened to your interview with him and I can honestly say that if I was the one talking with him that conversation would have ended within minutes. Omer is nothing but a silver spoon fed idiot. You have spoken about not releasing that interview but you did the right thing by releasing it. Trust me on that.

So who am I. You know who I am, you just never expected myself to contact you this way, after all, why would God use the internet to reach out to someone? Economize . It is here so why not use it? However my name is not “God”, “God” is for the lazy. My name is Vön, and I am waking up in the body of my son.

All the clues for you to find me are in this website, if you choose to be productive you will find me and contact me through my son whom will soon become myself. If you choose not to be productive that will be your choice, I cannot make that choice for you. If you choose to contact me you will need to prove who you are, after all, people lie. We do not.

Have a good day.













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