I have some questions . . .

Hey Kiddo,

Now for my questions.

Why are people religious?

Why do religious people hate other religious people?

Why do religious people feel that their religion is the right religion?

Why was the Bible rewritten over fifty times? Did their god do that bad a job of writing?

Do you think he is happy that his work was rewritten over fifty times?

If “God” wrote the Bible, why does the first commandment say “Thou shalt not worship any other gods before me”?

If he was the only god, who is he talking about?

If he flooded the Earth with 30,000 feet of water, where did all that water go?

Where is “heaven”?

How come no one has found the location of “heaven”?

If you do not know where “heaven” is, how do you plan to get there?

Where is “hell”?

Is it in the ground? If so, how come no one has found it yet?

Who is funding “hell” and “heaven”?

How can you burn in “hell” if your body is buried in the ground?

How can you burn in “hell” if you are cremated?

Is cremation “hell”?

Why do people bury the dead?

Why did people stand around and not help Jesus?

Why didn’t his father help him?

How does a dead body live again after rotting for three days?

How come no one has ever found any proof to Jesus’ existence?

Why would “God” hate “fags”?

Didn’t he create them?

Why would “God” want people to kill other people?

How come churches pay no land tax?

Why does the Vatican have so much money? Is that money for myself and my soulmate? If so, how will we receive it, in cash or check? Can a bank be able to cash it if it is a check?

If the Christian “God” is so powerful, how did he let a murder happen when there was only four people on the planet?

If “Allah” split the moon in half, where is the other half?

Why would he split the moon in half?

If the moon is split in half, how come we only see the convex side all the time?

How does the moon not rotate so we can see the other side?

If Mohammad rode a winged horse, where did he sit?

Why was that horse on fire? From re-entry from “heaven”?

Those seventy plus virgins, are they male or female? Both?

How old are those virgins?

Does “heaven” have a brochure listing all the “good things” that you could do for eternity?

Do you understand just how long eternity is for?

If “God” is a forgiving god, why is there a “hell”?

If “God” is everywhere, why do you need churches?

If “God” knows all your thoughts, why do you bother to pray?

How come “God” doesn’t answer your prayers?

If “God” is perfect, and you were made in his image, how come you are not perfect?

Why doesn’t “God” have a wife?

Does he masturbate a lot?

If “God” is sitting in “heaven” waiting for you to die, is he passing judgement as fast as people die?

Did you know that a person dies every two seconds?

If “God” knows your fate, why would he wait for you to go to “heaven” only to send you to “hell”? Just to “fuck with you”?

Why are there gates around “heaven”? Doesn’t he have the power to keep you out?

If “heaven” is in the clouds, wouldn’t it be really damp there?

If “heaven” is in the clouds, how come NORAD hasn’t picked it up on radar yet?

If the Christian “God” is the only god, wouldn’t everybody know it?

Are you sure that you know what you are doing??

If Jesus was against gambling, why do people bet their eternity on him?

Why would Jesus turn water into wine?

Was Jesus an alcoholic?

Why do people destroy the planet they live on?

Does it belong to them?

Why would a fish carry a man in its mouth for three days?

How did that fish eat?

Why would Jesus forgive a child murderer but not someone who did not believe in him for lack of evidence?

Are “Purity Balls” opportunities for fathers to molest their preteen daughters?  Will Jesus forgive those fathers who molest their preteen daughters?

Did you know that “For better or for worse” means just that?

How does a snake talk?

If “God” spoke to you and told you to kill your children, would you do it?

Why do some priests sodomize choir boys?

Why are muslim men so insecure?


My most important question ; will you be ready to accept the Fact that you were wrong?


Because if you cannot, there is a Hell waiting for you like no other.

Kiddo, I know that you know that this post was not meant for you.

You did it right, Sweetheart.

Have a stellar day.

Love, Daddio

xo xo




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