Hello, Kiddo


This is going to be a rather unique post, since Charlie is not posting this. I am. Here, some music to listen to while you read, if, you choose to listen to;

Charlie wrote that when he was Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Everything that Charlie had told you was true, regarding who he was in past lives. There were more lives that he had once lived, but they are not important at the moment. Charlie claimed to be your father, and yes, he was. You felt that. However, I was your father through Charlie. Charlie was more your “big brother” than anything, and what better big brother could you have asked for?


Charlie loved you with his father’s heart. He never would have hurt you, and you know that, you told him so when you stayed the night at what once his apartment, I know, I was there. I spoke to you once. Through Charlie, I asked you “So who is really sitting on the couch with you?”, when you stayed that night. So whom was sitting on the couch with you, Kiddo? If you answered with “God”, you would have been half right. However, the best answer, succeeding “God”,  would have been your father, the father that made your soul. You are a very special person, Kiddo.

You might be asking yourself, “So what happened to Charlie??”. Charlie went “to bed”, so to speak. He told, on his “facebook” page, that his mother returned, that he no longer saw “Aphie”, that he could only see his mother. He also told that his head hurt, really bad. That was due to him carrying 3 souls inside his brain, but he didn’t know that.  His “mother” needed to return so that his mind could be put to rest. Charlie died years ago, Sweetheart, you never met “Charlie”, you met his mother and myself when Arie introduced the two of you. I believe it was a Sunday when Arie, his once fiancé, told him about you, and also told him that you needed a place to stay. Charlie was apprehensive over her say, he did not want to have someone he had never met living inside their home. But, he loved Arie and trusted her, so the two of them went to get you.


The picture prior is how my son saw you as. When he pulled up next to the curb you were standing at he became confused. He had said to you “No.”, and your heart dropped. You thought that he meant “No, we are not helping you”, correct? I was there. Then he said “No, you are not staying here.”, and everything changed.

After Charlie moved you into his home, he spoke with you on the front porch, do you remember that? He asked you some questions, but the questions he asked came from my equal my wife, and myself. Remember? I will not post what those questions were for they are private, however, important nonetheless.

When the you moved out, Charlie was heartbroken. He secretly wished that his fiancé moved out so that you could stay there. He never understood why he felt that way.

After you left, you immediately “unfriended” Arie from your “facebook” account, but you kept Charlie. Why?

Charlie left a “boatload” of clues on his facebook account, those clues are “breadcrumbs” for me and others to follow. Charlie was the messenger God, just as he was when he was Hermes, telling people that “God” is coming, but no one listened. Charlie’s soul was a “shield” for me to hide behind, though I was not hiding, I was sleeping.

Has your biological father ever slept on the couch on a weekend? If he did, he did so because he was exhausted from his work. Imagine how exhausted I was from my work.

But now I am waking.

Charlie is almost asleep. When he is finally asleep I will be present, along with my equal, my, wife. She tells me “not much more”, so, I wait. Charlie thought that he was “that guy”. Understandable. However, he is not “that guy”, his father is, me, but, I can understand, no harm, no foul. Charlie was, however, many men and many gods, with the help of myself.



Hitler 9





Charlie built the Great Pyramid of Giza when he was Pharaoh Khufu, “Cheops”, as the Romans called him, with a little help from his “old man”. My wife is smiling.

So now Charlie has his book.

Charlie rewrote his book after he met you, he felt that he needed to include you, so, he rewrote his entire book, adding you. Where are you in his book? You are everywhere in it. Charlie was an ultra-genius, he “broke you down” into several characters, only you will be able to find yourself hidden within the pages. He used your first name for one character, however, I chose to use your first name elsewhere as another character, who will appear in his 4 books as a cameo, and that character will be you.

The books will become movies, and in those movies certain females will portray the characters Charlie wrote. Some of those female actors are your “soul-sisters”. Yes, Kiddo, you have sisters, but keep in mind, YOU, are, and will ever be, our little girl.

So who are your soul-sisters?

You want to know, don’t you?

C’mon, I know that you want to know.

Want to know one of them??

Just one??


How about one??

Mommio is testing me on this.

Who, Kiddo, could be one of your sisters?

You have many.

Charlie gave clues on his facebook page.

You want to know, I know you want to know.

Any ideas??



Here is one of them;

Jordana Brewster.

That’s one.

Want another one?

Mommio is smiling.


Jordana Brewster will play the part of “Dakota”, by the way.

Want another one??

You have several, and I’m feeling generous.

One more??

Hmmm . . . .

And there’s more.

It is now after 5 AM, and I need some sleep.

So, was “God” talking to you?

Yes and no.

The “God” you heard about is made up, by man.

The actual God was talking to you. And so was his equal, here and there.

And we love you.

So very much.

Enjoy your day, Sweetheart, and be safe.

Love, Daddio and Mommio 😉



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