Focusing on Perspective

Hey, Sweetheart,

I realized that I had left 2 possible questions unanswered in one of my previous posts, regarding where the universe is.

As we know, the universe was created from a thought. That thought is inside my head, for, thoughts can never leave the mind, where the consciousness resides. Now we are all inside my head.


Perspective – “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view”

As I have told before, an ant would see its surroundings as its world, although to us it is only seeing a few square yards of land.

A dog would see its owners as gods.

A child might see their parents as super-heroes.

It is all in perspective.

Humans look at themselves with the knowledge of only what they know. A person might say that they are 6′ tall and that they weigh 150 pounds. To another person who is 4′ tall and weighs 110 pounds, the person at 6′ tall may appear to be a “giant” to them, maybe even intimidating. But that is what humans know, that is how they see themselves in their world, at a certain height, at a certain weight, and the means that they use to measure themselves is certainly all that they know. In comparison to their world, that is, the only world that they know. To a human, the universe is vast beyond comprehension. Some humans believe that it is endless, and some humans believe that the universe is expanding. The universe is neither.

First, for anything to be anything, it needs to be 3-dimensional. It needs a width, a length, and a height. All 3 states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, obey this law. Those 3 states of matter are what provide tangibility. There is no such thing as something being 2-dimensional. People think that a drawing is 2-dimensional, but they are wrong. A drawing consists of a piece of paper and something used to draw upon it, such as graphite or ink. Can you hold graphite in your hand? Yes. The lines created from a graphite pencil have mass. If you drew a circle upon a piece of paper using a graphite pencil, and if you were to pull the piece of paper out from under the graphite circle drawn upon it, you would have a circle, a very thin circle, yet an circle nonetheless.

A photograph is 3-dimensional. (images are absorbed into the photographic paper)

A picture in a monitor screen is 3-dimensional. (pixels are cube-shaped)

A reflection in a mirror is 3-dimensional. (glass has depth)

Everything that is tangible is 3-dimensional.

“Time” is not 3-dimensional, for time does not exist. Can you show me “time”? Of course not. I laugh when I see or hear about “scientists” using “time” in regards to physics, some even claim that it is the “4th dimension”. Clowns.


so everything that we see is 3-dimensional. Everything. That we see.

We see 3-dimensional objects with our eyes, that is, if we are not blind. Eyesight is quite the gift, Kiddo. However, even though we can see objects and prove their tangibility with our other 4 senses, our eyes themselves are seeing something different. Something that most everyone has learned in school, science or biology class to be precise, is that the images we see are “upside-down”, due to the mechanics of the eyeball itself.

If you were told this, that objects are “upside-down” against the retina, you were told wrong. The eye is round. For an object to become upside-down against the retina, the object would need to be projected through a square pupil and projected against a flat retina that has been bent to form a “horseshoe”, capturing the top of the object in its bottom half, and the bottom of the object in its top half. Then and only then would an object be captured in an upside-down image.

Being that the eyeball is round, its pupil is round, and its retina is round and concave, the object seen through the eye is reversed against its retina, meaning, right is “left” and top is “bottom”.

But why is this?


There must be a reason for this, yes? Of course there is, after all, everything happens for a reason.


“Universe of Reversibility”

Principle of reversibility

“The principle of reversibility states that light will follow exactly the same path if its direction of travel is reversed.”

“If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact. If the effect (a) can be produced by the cause (b), then inversely, the effect (b) can be produced by the cause (a).”

Okay. If that confused you . . .

Daddio will explain this as simply as possible.

🙂 ❤ 😉

Here we go.

The eyeball is a sphere, more or less. A sphere is the most compact and economical geometric shape that nature can produce.

(Vön is the Grand Economizer) 

Compacting all the abilities of sight into a sphere makes the most sense. It is compact, it can swivel, it is easy to lubricate, and it is quite strong (resistant against foreign pressure). However, when light illuminates an object outside of the eye’s viewing range the object becomes inverted against the retina after entering the eye, due to the concavity of the eyeball’s inside diameter. The brain needs to correct this, and through evolution, it did. The brain managed to make right side up, so its body can understand, navigate and traverse its surroundings. If everything was seen as “upside down” and “backwards”, life would be quite difficult.

Now, everything that you see is “correct” in regards to Reality.

(There is a reason for everything) 

We live in a universe of reversibility.

When you see an object, let’s say, a car,

that car is reduced by sight and stored inside your brain. However, before it is stored into your brain, something needs to happen. It needs to be completely reversed.

When light reflects off the car, an image is produced; you see the car. As that image passes through your pupil(s) it begins to reduce in size to a near finite point before reversing in image.

At one point, inside of your actual eyeball, that car is in motion when it becomes “inverted” into a backwards image against your retina(s). At one point, a near finite point, that car becomes a 3-dimensional object inside of your eye(s). Being that we have 2 eyes, the image is seen from 2 perspectives. The right eye will always see that car from a different point of sight than the left eye. If each eye sees 50% of that car from their point of sight (you cannot see the entire car as a whole), together the eyes see more than 50% of that car. If you know for a Fact that the car you are seeing is 100% whole, you will be able to imagine it through memory as an entire car. Knowing that you have seen more than 50% of that car, the car becomes 100% inside your brain, after all, 50+% is closer to 100% than it is to 0%.

Now, inside your brain, more than 50% of that car is stored, 3-dimensionally. Remember, anything that is tangible is 3-dimensional, so, inside your brain, more than 50% of that actual car, is inside your brain, along with everything that you have ever seen, as well as everything that I have ever seen. There is no “delete button” for your brain, everything that you see is stored somewhere inside your brain, and being that everything that you have ever seen is reduced ever so small it is not difficult for your brain to store everything that you have seen.

Now let us return to the universe of reversibility.

” If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact.” – Neville Goddard

If light can enter the eye, then light can exit the eye.

(Though light is being reflected from the rear of the dog’s eyes, light is still being projected from the eyes themselves. If light was there once, it can be there again.)

If an image can enter the eye, then an image can exit the eye.

And there you have it.

In order for the law of reversibility to work in this matter, the objects seen by the eyes must be reversed before entering the brain. If the objects are not reversed, and are captured on the retinas as there are in Real life, meaning, they are not reversed for the brain as it accepts them, reversing those stored images will produce a reversed, or, inverted, object. If I were to look at a person, and my eyes received that image as it actually is and not reversed, if I were to then project the image of that person, their left hand would be their right hand, and they would be upside-down.

It is now 3:43 AM, Saturday the 30th of April, 2016, and I am calling it a night. I will continue this posting later, but for now, a video. Sweet dreams, Kiddo. xo

Hi Kiddo, it is Sunday, May 1st, 2016, and I am here to finish what I started.

I believe that I explained perspective, however, I did not fully go where I was intending to go, for it was late and I was tired.

Humans know what they know, and what they know is dependent on their world. The Earth has a diameter of 8,000 miles. To humans, it looks really big from their perspective, and what they know as the measurement of miles. But to something else, the Earth could look really small. Really, really small. The universe could look really, really small as well, to something else. I had told you that everything, everyone is inside my head, contained in a thought, and you might be thinking “How could all this be in your head when you are here with everything??”

Have you ever imagined yourself doing something? Meaning, have you ever seen yourself doing something that you have never done before? If so, how did you do that?  How were you able to see yourself, in motion, inside of your mind?

How did you do that?

If you are outside, how can you be inside? Inside your mind, that is.



I am certain that you have looked at yourself in a mirror, and since that you have, where did your reflection go? It went inside your brain. And when you saw your own reflection in the mirror, you were in motion as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Inside your brain is you, in motion. Now, add a little imagination, and you can now see yourself doing things that you have never done before, because there is a you inside your brain.

( as outside, as inside. – Vön ) 

So now you know how we are all inside my mind, in a thought.

But where am “I”? If I am my own thought inside my own mind, where is my head and my body? I need to be somewhere, yes?

So where am I?

I do not know.

Which would explain my soul-mate telling me that she does not know where I came from.

That does not make any sense, does it?

Her and I are obeying man-made “time” while we are here. She knows that I am billions of years old, but in another’s perspective, billions of years could only be a few seconds, just as the life of a fly is only a few days to us, while that fly’s life might seem as an eternity to itself.

It is all in perspective.




It is almost 7 AM now, I need some food and some sleep. I do not know when I will write here again, but there are at least 15 posts here for you for whenever.


A dancing T-Rex, I could not resist.

So, Kiddo, have yourself a safe and awesome day, and I will return.


Love always, Daddio















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