Mama’s Boy vs. Daddy’s Boy

Good morning, Kiddo.

Today’s topic is the difference between 2 types of males, the “mama’s boy” and the “daddy’s boy”. I will start with the “daddy’s boy”.

The daddy’s boy. By definition he is to be one of much opportunity through little or no effort at the expense of a father’s dollar. He is a spoiled brat. Searching for multiple definitions, to be fair, had led me to a dead end. This is basically the only literal definition of a daddy’s boy, possibly because a male wrote the definition, a male who is a . . . ?

A daddy’s boy is one male that you want to avoid like the plague. A son by nature will want to exceed his father, meaning, to be better than his father. This is a good thing, this is how male humans progress. If the son was spoiled by his father from an early age, and if he accepted that exuberant treatment as a child, he will expect that treatment later on through his life from his father. Why did the father spoil his son? Regardless of status quo and wealth, a father will most likely spoil his son to get the son to be like him. Now here is where it gets serious.


If the father is an “asshole”, and if the son is a son naturally, the son will be a bigger “asshole” than his father, for his wish is to exceed his father. If the father abuses his wife, the mother of his son, verbally or physically, guess what? The son will exceed him. If the son chooses to exceed his father, the “asshole”, and is successful, there is a better than great chance any female interest of that son will be in mortal danger.

Seriously. I know the GIF above this might be making you laugh right now, but I am serious. If you should find a male that is of interest to, and if that male has parents, both parents, make it a point to meet them both. If you feel that the father is an “asshole”, observe him, and look for his traits in his son, your male of interest. If you see obvious traits of the father in the son, look no further and run. He is not for you. No matter how good looking he is, no matter how wealthy he is, he will be an “asshole”, greater than his father. Other signs will be found in the male interest’s mother. Are they divorced? Ask “why”. If you ask why and the male interest refuses to tell you, that tells you something. Avoid “daddy’s boy”. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Daddio, coming through

Goddamn daddy’s boys.

Anywho, now “mama’s boy”. Mama’s boys come in 2 types. Here is the first type, which is, sadly to say, the most common ;

“A male who is overly dependent on their mom into adult hood. This can lead to things such as a grown man letting his mom make decisions for him despite the fact he’s old enough to make decisions for himself. He also lets his mom order him around with no disapproval. This can have a bad effect on relationships and can be the driving force to breaking up as his girlfriend can grow tired of him letting his mother control his life.”

This type of mama’s boy you will also want to stay clear of. Your say will always come second to his mother’s. Example; mama’s boy, type 1;

MBT1- “I don’t know what to do.”

Kiddo- “You should do x,y,z.”

MBT1- “Well my mother said . . . ”

Kiddo- “Then why did you ask me?”

MBT1- “Well my mother said . . .”

Kiddo- “Fuck you and your mother, you fuckin’ asshole.”

That is the jist to how it will go, and end. This type of mama’s boy began when the male, the son, was little, and like the daddy’s boy, he too was spoiled and is still spoiled. Some mothers will create a mama’s boy of this type for their benefit, so they will always have power over their son, regardless of any female interest of their son’s. Hmmm . . .

(someone just called me an “ass”. she knows that I am kidding. I am kidding, you know)


You will never be able to compete with that male’s mother. No matter how wrong he could be, his mother will tell him otherwise. It is a power trip to the mother. If interested in a male who has traits of the type 1 mama’s boy, forget it. You will only be wasting energy.

Now for type 2 mama’s boy, and this one is I take seriously.

The type 2 mama’s boy is not as frequently found as the type 1, although it is unknowingly the most sought after. Here is how the type 1 mama’s boy is defined ;

“A man who simply loves his mother and isn’t afraid to show it. How this differs from Type 1 is that the son is perfectly capable and willing to take care of himself while still holding a close bond with his mother without all the negative effects of Type 1. This type of momma’s boy is sometimes misunderstood because he’s willing to repay his mom for all she’s done for him. This type also isn’t afraid to proudly proclaim themselves a momma’s boy, after all, she carried him for nine months, gave birth to him, fed him when he was a baby, took care of him when he was sick, raised him into a respectable adult, and is pretty much the main reason he came into existence in the first place. Maybe he would get a tattoo that reads “Mom” on his arm to pay tribute, or maybe he’s willing to defend his mom from any miserable cocksucker that would dare threaten her good health. If he is tough, insulting his mom can be a death note, because even bad men love their moms.”

If you should come across a male of interest, great interest, and he is this type of mama’s boy, you found yourself a winner. He will treat you with the same respect that he treats his mother with. He will want want to exceed his father. If the father was/is an “asshole”, he will compensate for his actions. If the father was/is a good man, he too, will be a good man, but more so. He will always want to impress his mother without being dependent on her reactions, meaning, he is not an “ass kisser” seeking reward by praise, he simply wants to be a “good boy”. Very rare these days. Being independent, he will go to you before he goes to his mother, to show her his independence, to show his mother that she did good in raising him. This is the type of male that believes in the family life, and would be a prime candidate for a female seeking to be a devoted mother and a loyal wife. They are out there, these mama’s boys, unfortunately they get mistaken for the other type of mama’s boy, the type to avoid.   So why did I write this blog?

I am looking down the road. I cannot see as much and as clearly as my wife can, but I can surmise quite well. I can see all sorts of males approaching you after the Fact of my wife and I becoming known, and I know how males think. Most males believe that they are smarter than they really are. Most males overachieve themselves. Most males will do and say anything just to “score”. You know this. However, life will change for you, after the Fact, and then EVERYBODY will want to know you, especially males. Life will become confusing at times. When you hear stories of how fame and fortune ruin people’s lives they are not just stories, they are facts. My wife and myself want you to be safe, and to be happy, as your own parents would want, I am sure. Now would be the time to start deciding who is your friend and who is not, for your own benefit. I say this because I can, for I know a little something, though I cannot say exactly what at the moment. One of the reasons why we do this this way is for trust. I trust my mother. She is sitting here right now typing for me, not only because she is at the forefront of my mind, but to show me that I can say what I did, meaning, “not much longer”. A good mother will never lie to her child or her children. As she once said “Do you think that I would make a liar out of my son??” If you were a mother, Kiddo, would you lie to your son? Would you allow him to make a liar out of himself? Of course not. 😉

It is late, Sweetheart, it is 3:15 Am. 3+1+5= 9. Good number.

Time for me to sleep. 

Goodnight, Kiddo.

Love, Daddio


(  😉  xo 2 )






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