3 Girls, 1 Buck

Hey Kiddo!

Once upon a time, there were 3 girls driving home to upstate New York from Spring Break at Daytona beach, Florida. It was late at night and the 1 girl driving her 2 friends home in her father’s car noticed that she was becoming tired. She looked into the backseat at her 2 friends to ask if 1 of them would take over driving, but she saw that they were fast asleep. Being responsible, the tired driver pulled into the first motel she saw.

The 1 girl woke her 2 friends and explained to them that she was too tired to continue driving, and that it would be wise for them to rent 1 room for the night to rest up. Her 2 friends agreed that it was a good idea, and the 3 friends began to pool their money. Since Daytona beach was expensive and a lot of fun, the 3 girls found that all the money they had between them amounted to $30 cash, each having 1 ten dollar bill. They gathered their travel bags, crossed their fingers, and walked to the motel’s entrance.

They entered the quiet motel and went directly to the front desk. 1 girl rang the bell at the counter, and waited.

Moments later, the manager showed and asked “Yes, may I help you?” The 3 girls asked for 1 room, and explained their situation to the kind gentleman at their service. Seeing the condition of the 2 girls and the 1 girl that was exhausted, the manager searched through the motel’s register for a room that would accommodate them and their finances. “You won’t believe this,” said the surprised manager, “I have a room with a king-sized bed for exactly $30.” The 3 friends were relieved, and handed the kind manager $30 in the form of 3 ten dollar bills . . .

then he handed the girls the key to the room . . .

and called for the bellhop.

 ( someone laughed at this photo)

The bellhop arrived at the front desk, and was ordered to carry the travel bags for the 3 girls to their room. The bellhop took the girl’s bags and asked them to follow him upstairs to room 207. The girls collected themselves and followed the bellhop to the stairs.

One step at a time, the girls made it to room 207, where the bellhop was waiting patiently for them. The 1 girl unlocked the door, and her 2 friends took their travel bags from the bellhop, thanking him for his help. The bellhop waited anxiously for a tip, however, he was unaware that the girls expended all their money on the room, so instead of standing awkwardly before the 1 girl, he smiled and wished them a good night’s sleep, then left with empty pockets.

As the bellhop reached the bottom of the stairs, the manager waved him over. The now disgruntled bellhop walked over to the front desk to see what the manager wanted. “I made a mistake in the price of that room I just sold to the 3 girls,” informed the manager, “the room is only $25, not $30, so here are 5 one dollar bills, please give them to the 3 girls, I would do it, but my shift is over and I need to get home.” The bellhop took the 5 one dollar bills, and wished the manager a “Goodnight” before they parted ways.

While climbing the stairs, the bellhop remembered that he did not receive a tip from the girls. He knew that the girls would be gone before the manager would return the next day, so he took it upon himself to give himself a tip; $2.

The bellhop knocked on the door to the room the 3 girls were staying in. The door opened, and the bellhop told the girl at the door that the manager had made a mistake in the cost of the room, and handed the girl at the door 3 one dollar bills. The girl graciously accepted the $3, thanking the bellhop as the bellhop walked away $3 richer, and none the wiser.

Now the girls have only spent $9 each instead of $10 each.

3 girls x $9 = $27

The bellhop took $2.

$27 + $2 = $29

So Kiddo, where is the 30th dollar?

There is a buck missing, sweetheart, where is it?  Where did it go?

K i d d o o o o h . . . did you take that $1 ?

Of course you didn’t!! But where is it??


It is hiding in a “mathematical paradox”. Think about it, if you need a hand let me know.

But I am pretty sure that you will figure it out, if you haven’t already.

Well, Sweetheart, it is almost 3 AM, and Daddio needs some sleep. I will create another post soon, maybe this week, and then I need to write. I will keep my Facebook page, I will not deactivate it, though I will not be on it everyday for a while. You had said that a song I once posted on Facebook was one of your favorites, so here it is ;

You know, Kiddo, I wonder what people think when they come across this blog on WordPress, not that it matters, I am just curious as to their thoughts. I guess I can only imagine. Eventually this site will be very well known and sought after, especially the female that this site is dedicated to, “Who is Kiddo??” people will be asking, and for right now my answer to that question is “None of your fucking business.”. This is the only site that I kept after deleting “vonrising” and 2 others, for this one means a lot to me, for you mean a lot to me. I do have a new site that is locked and waiting, it is on WordPress as well, and it is titled “Arbeitor”. I have written in it only twice. The 3rd time is the charm. When I write the 3rd posting I will unlock the site.

Anywho, I need to go. I hope that you are sound asleep and the master of your dreams. Be safe, Sweetheart.

Love, Daddio and Mommio




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