eXs and Orbs

Hi, Sweetheart.

Before I begin the last of this kind . . .

. . . so very much.

Now before you start doing this,


play this, for background music;

Okay. This is the last blog of this sort, this sort being the “educational” sort, for this site that I have created for you is for you and you only, although others will see this. Some of the previous topics contained word definitions, this 1 will contain word definitions, too, and only 2. Here we go;

“Belief”. ” an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.”

“Romance”. “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.”

Earlier this morning (it is now 2:30 AM) I came across some videos on Youtube whilst searching for something else, completely irrelevant. I had posted those videos on my wall at Facebook. There were many others, however, the 5 that I had posted were, in my opinion, enough. You are 1 of my 3 Facebook friends, 1 is my soul-mate, the other 1 is my ex-girlfriend. Out of 3 friends, 1 may become offended by those videos, which is not my intent, at all. So what do I do, Kiddo?

I write a blog here, for both you and that 1 friend. The other friend is right here with me.

She is always here. With me.


If you read the definitions for those 2 words, this will be not as difficult to understand compared to not reading those definitions. You did read them, yes, Kiddo? Good 😉

As you know, the belief system is a neurological functioning process designed to achieve a higher level once the body of the person, the, believer, dies. To properly use the power of belief, one needs to believe in the right thing. If one has chosen to believe in the wrong thing, this happens when their body dies;


I promise you, sweetheart, that will never happen to you. That is one promise I cannot ever break.

84% of the world’s population belong to a “belief group”, or, a, “religion”. One third of that percentage belongs to the belief of Christianity, with nearly another third of that percentage belonging to the belief of “Islam”. With the world’s population being just over 7 billion, we have just over 6 billion “believers”. And they are all doing it wrong. 


Do I care? Of course I do. However, I care more about that 1 friend on my Facebook page more than the rest. What can I say, I love that 1 friend. 30 years later that 1 friend and I have changed, but my love and respect towards that 1 friend has not. We could never be together the way we once were, but we are still together, as friends. And I do not want to lose that. You have never met that 1 friend, however I can assure you that you would just love her if you should ever meet her. My father adored her. When my father was alive, she would spend time with him in the morning while I slept, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and simply “shootin’ the shit”. That meant a lot to my father. And it means a lot to me.

Yesterday I began a post on my Facebook wall that ended angrily, with both my soul-mate, Aphie, and I being the angry. It is frustrating when I think of how simple life is, and people chose to make it difficult beyond my comprehension. 84% of people, to be more precise, if not precise, for I do not know how accurate that number is, after all, people do make mistakes.



To, persuade, someone, anyone, from their belief is nearly impossible. They believe with all their heart that what they are believing in is the truth. To tell them, to attempt to convince them, that they were and are wrong,  is only a feat in offending. You cannot not offend. Their belief, they believe, will get them to “heaven”, whatever the heaven is that they were told exists, depending on the religion that they follow.

When you are young, you think that you are “immortal”, meaning that nothing can happen to you. You are fearless. When you are young.

As you get older, if you are fortunate to, you realize that you are not “immortal”. Things can happen to you. Sometimes, things do. When someone has something bad happen to them, such as being informed that they have cancer, they realize their mortality. If that person had spent their life believing in nothing, they often seek a belief, or religion, soon after learning of their frailty as a human being. No body lives forever. But the soul does. The soul is your consciousness, as you know, and after your body dies, your soul lives on. If you believed in the right thing, the right thing being yourself, your soul comes back and goes into a new body, and when it goes into a new body it, too, becomes new again. However, sometimes that returned soul comes back with bits of knowledge from its past life. Reincarnation is not perfect, however, it is the process that is used for life to continue, when life is lived correctly. I think that I need not to show you the effect of what happens when you do not live life correctly, do I, Kiddo? You know how to live correctly, sweetheart, you have been doing it right for a long, long time.

Anywho, how do I tell someone that I love and care about that what they are doing is wrong?

I do not tell them.

I show them. When the time comes. I could show them now, however that person would need to be in my physical presence, and I do not see that happening any time soon.

So we wait. Yesterday marked 11 months for Aphie and I ( yay!!  😉  ), this coming May 3rd will mark 1 year, if she does not do her thing by then. We can only wait, you and I. And in the meantime, a video for you to watch. Along with the 5 videos that I had found, or that have found me, there is another video, the one that I am going to post here.  If the music is still playing,  you will need to stop it in order to listen to this video, maybe go back now to do so before going any further, I will wait.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, this is possibly the most intelligent thing that I have found this year. It is not very long, however you will need to watch it in it’s entirety, and listen closely while you watch. What is said could not be more “spot on”, and this is where “romance” comes in. Some believers, regardless of their belief, have been known to “fall in love” with their belief, and depending on the time, or era, some of those believers have taken it upon themselves to change the writings of their belief, making it more . . . romantic. The more romantic something is, the greater the chance that others will believe it and fall in love with it also, and if everyone believed in the same thing, regardless that it is not the truth, it becomes the truth, in their minds. Dangerous stuff, Kiddo. Watch the video. ❤ you

Well, sweetheart, this is the last of this sort, the educational sort. I was going to touch on the universe, but I think I will do that somewhere else, maybe on Facebook, who knows.

Aaahh, fuck it, here we go 🙂 ❤ 😉

I make this short and sweet. By the way . . .

This is simple.

Everything that is in this universe is here by thought, the Earth, the Sun, and so forth. But where is the universe? It is very big, yes, but regardless of size it needs to be somewhere. But where? For anything to be anything it needs a starting point and an ending point, meaning, the universe has shape. For anything to have shape it must be contained by 3 dimensions; length, width, height. So, whatever is containing the universe must be pretty big, yes?


To an ant, our world would look massive.

To an amoeba, our world would look like a universe.

This is a diagram of an “atom”, look familiar?

If everything is here by thought,

and I do mean everything,

by thought,

where is the thought?


It is in my head.

How is this possible?


“As above, as below.” – Hermes

“As outside, as inside.” – Vön

You, Aphie, myself, and everyone and everything that you see is all inside my head, my consciousness, to be exact.

. . . and you thought that “The Matrix” was a trip.

I simply need to finish waking up, Kiddo.

“If a physical state can produce a psychological thought, then a psychological thought can produce a physical state.” – Neville Goddard. This is true, however, he forgot something; a thought is produced inside the brain, and it stays inside the brain.

I bet this has your head spinning.

It is now 5 AM, and I need some sleep. As always, be safe, and know that we love you, very much.

Goodnight, Sweetheart.

Love, Daddio


( ❤ you!! 😉  )











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