The Earth and You

. . . but you first, Kiddo. You posted on your social media account something telling of how you might lay awake at night pondering serious questions, one of which about why the Earth is where it is. That question has a simple answer;

Now that that question is answered ( ūüėČ ), let us go into the realm of “how”. How the Earth is where it is, is, also simple, answer-wise. It was placed here by thought. Scientists have all sorts of speculations of how the Earth is where it is and how it keeps revolving around the Sun, however, their speculations are just that; speculations.

By the way, the Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit, not a circular orbit. Why? To keep life from turning stagnate. If the Earth revolved in a circular pattern, a perfect circular pattern, we would never have seasons, and the seasons are what promote animal and botanical life. Life would be the same everyday, so to speak.

Another “fun fact”; Earth is the only planet in this solar system that is not named after a Greek god.

Getting back to Earth. Okay, so you now know that this, all this, meaning the universe and this planet, are here by thought. How is this planet made? How is it put together? How does it work? Again, scientists have their speculations, and poor ones at that. Some of them have made public claims that the surface of the Earth’s core is one million degrees Fahrenheit. Some have made the claim that the Earth’s core is molten Iron, with a solid Iron core in the middle of that molten core. Impossible. Imagine an ice cube remaining an ice cube in a pot of boiling water, for a very long time. Some scientists claim that the Earth’s core is now nearly 13,000 degrees Fahrenheit, 1,800 degrees hotter than previously¬†believed.¬†The Earth’s core is mostly Iron (Fe), and Iron¬†evaporates¬†at 10,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Do you see something wrong with that? Could we all be sitting on a giant “time bomb”?

I do not know what is more terrifying, the Earth exploding or today’s scientists. Who allows their nonsense to escape into society? I will say, however, they might be right about the planet getting hotter, and I will explain why, as we go down the road.


How this planet is made was known by mankind a very long time ago, just as the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza was known, and still is.

It was built by Pharaoh Khufu, “The White Pharaoh”, known by the Romans as Cheops.

Before Zeus, there was another God, and his name was Chronos. Remember, there has always been only 1 male God, so Zeus was a reincarnation of Chronos. Mankind has rewritten history to his liking and agenda, so most of the Facts have been lost. Most of the Facts, not all the Facts.

Chronos is also known as “Father Time”, ( where we get the word chronology (study of time from ), and also known, by the very few, as the “father” of this planet. Without this planet, the only one in our solar system that can maintain human life, “time” would not exist, since there would be no human life. Only humans comprehend “time”. Some humans.

One of the nearly almost forgotten achievements of Chronos is what was/is known as “The Silvery Egg of Chronos”. Did Chronos lay an egg? ¬†(someone is smiling ¬†ūüėČ ¬†) No.

He thought an “egg”. However, people “back then” did not have the understanding or vocabulary as they do today, so their attempts at describing things that they could not explain were very rudimentary, at best. A silvery egg. What looks like a silvery egg?

A metallic sphere. A sphere made of Iron that has been “polished smooth”, and polished smooth for a good reason, just as well it is a sphere for a good reason. But what is a sphere? It is a¬†3-dimensional object shaped like a ball. It is perfectly symmetrical.¬†All points on the surface are the¬†same distance from the center, and it has no edges. In Nature, a sphere¬†appears whenever a surface wants to be as small as possible. Examples include bubbles and water drops.¬†Of all the shapes, a sphere has the smallest surface area for a volume. Or put another way, it can contain the greatest volume for a fixed surface area.

Vön is the Grand Economizer.

So now we have this huge sphere of Iron, why Iron? Well, it is abundant in the universe, again, economizing with what you have. It is strong to a point. Being that Iron is very hard, it is also brittle, and under certain circumstances, such as a drastic temperature change, say, cold water quenching a hot, Iron surface, it can crack.

Iron also possesses another trait, the ability to be magnetized. Below is a “static magnet” made of Iron, meaning, it is not under an electrical direct current.



The other way that Iron can be magnetized is under an electrical direct current, like the electro-magnet pictured below.

Hmm. Where have I seen this diagram before . . .

Ah. Not the same one that I have seen before, but similar enough.

So now we have the silvery egg’s polished surface. Why is it polished? Aesthetics? ¬†No. It is polished for the purpose of friction. The smoother the sphere’s surface is, the more contact surface it has. Contact surface for what? The Earth’s mantle. In the next diagram, the core is the “silvery egg”.

Remember what I had said about the “ice cube in a pot of boiling water”? I found a picture of it, so to speak;

 How ignorant is this? Anywho . . .

So Chronos has this magnetic, Iron sphere, but he knows that it cannot hold it’s magnetic charge forever. He needs to not only keep it charged, he needs to make it inhabitable for humans, for humans cannot live on a giant, smooth pinball. So what does he do? He thinks, Simplistically.

Being that this sphere is hiding in a universe of chaos, meaning that “shit” is flying around through space at the time of his creation, he thinks his magnetic egg to spin, and to spin rather quickly. Being that his egg is spinning by a thought, it will not stop spinning. Ever.

As this egg, sphere, is magnetic and spinning, it is collecting matter that is pummeling it’s surface. It is collecting flying debris such as asteroids containing Iron, Nickel, and ice, and being that the sphere is spinning, the matter it collects is never in the same spot. Balance, if you will. After a while, the matter grows heavy on the surface of the sphere, and although that matter contains material that obeys the law of magnetism, extreme magnetism, it’s weight cannot keep up with the rotation, or spinning, of the sphere, and so it breaks loose. Now the sphere is spinning¬†underneath¬†the matter upon it’s surface, and as it keeps spinning it is pulverizing the matter upon it, mashing it up by using the matter’s own weight.

Vön is the Grand Economizer.

After millions and millions of years of that matter being ground up, it begins to settle. The matter making contact with the sphere’s surface is not only hot, it is becoming smooth, and that contact is not only producing heat, it is producing . . . electricity. Static electricity, enough to charge the sphere’s magnetic field. Without the magnetic field, bad things would happen, like people floating off the Earth’s surface. “Gravity” is simply a magnetic field that humans and life can pull against, as gravity pulls against us. “Universe of reversibility”. That magnetic field also deflects the Sun’s solar winds;

Friction between the spinning Iron core and the Earth’s mantle produces electricity which charges the core’s magnetic field. Excess electricity becomes lightning. Excess heat becomes volcanic eruptions. The Earth’s mantle is not spinning as fast as the core is, due to it’s weight. It cannot keep up. The core is spinning about 3 times faster than the Earth is rotating, about 3,000 miles per hour. That is pretty fast. So how can it move so fast, but we do not feel it? Shouldn’t we be feeling and experiencing earth quakes, all the time, everywhere?

When the core, sphere, was collecting matter from the universe, it was also collecting frozen liquids, such as water. After ions of grinding up collected matter, a liquid formed, a liquid known today as “crude oil”. That crude oil became trapped under the mantle, so to speak, and it acts as a crude lubricant between the core and the mantle, it also acts as a “polishing rouge”, keeping the core smooth, as well as cool. Since the discovery of this crude oil, 2,000 cubic miles of it has been taken from the earth, and used for everything from engine oil to furnace fuel. 2,000 cubic miles. If you were to imagine a cube with a volume of 2,000 cubic miles, it would be a cube 12 miles by 12 miles by 12 miles. Roughly. Possibly bigger, I am calculating off the top of my head right now, Kiddo. Remember earlier I said that there might be some truth to scientists saying that the Earth’s core is now 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit hotter? When you drain the oil out of daddio’s car engine, the engine gets hot, it’s crankshaft begins to knock, and then it dies violently. Except with this engine, it’s crankshaft will keep on spinning, with or without it’s oil, only not as smooth.


Kiddo! Sweetheart! Now you know how the Earth does what it does.

Simplicity. The most simplest engine thought of is the engine that keeps this planet existing; a magnetic sphere.

But without you there would be no reason for this, for any of this, at all.

It is 4:14 AM, Wednesday, March 30th, 2016.

Have a stellar day, Sweetheart, and no worries.  I got this.

Love, Daddio xo

ūüôā ‚̧ ūüėČ














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