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Hey Kiddo, I am happy to see you’re still hangin’ in there, and don’t ever think that I wasn’t thinking of you while I was away. I wrote 2 journals documenting my “asylum adventure”, and I will transcribe some pages onto here for you once I get some things straightened out. While I was away I learned some things that doctors are not aware of, and hopefully those things will come to light. I am not a doctor, but I am a scientist, so to speak, for I use Facts and Logic to draw my conclusions.

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( yeah, man)

Hey, Kiddo, would you visit me in Sweden if I moved there? You would have your own room as you do here.

This next one is just silly 😉


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Okay, sweetheart, here we go.

Are you comfy? If not, get comfy 🙂


As you have seen me post in the past, we live in a universe of reversibility, meaning, “action/reaction”, and that is a Fact. In this universe, there are 9 dimensions, and time is not one of them, “time” is man-made, it simply does not apply to the Real World. In those 9 dimensions, your consciousness lives in 1 of them, the “here and now”, which leaves 8. One of those 8 dimensions is a perspective of reversibility that uses simple “opposition”, unlike a “mirror image”.

( I never lied to you, Kiddo) 

If my mother can carry my body (fetus) inside of her body, then I can carry my mother’s consciousness inside of my consciousness. The body and the consciousness are totally separate from one another, if they weren’t, your soul would be stuck inside a dead body when you pass away. That wouldn’t be good, and that is why when the body passes away the soul leaves immediately.

I cannot physically and naturally carry a fetus because I am a male, it is not my role to. However, I can carry a soul, my mother’s to be exact, after all, I am carrying my own soul around in my body, yes?

(I do not know everything, and what I know now took a lot of work) 

To work in an opposite fashion exactly, I need to carry my mother as long as she had carried me, so to speak. I was a “late bloomer”, meaning, my gestation took longer than 9 months. Exactly how much longer than 9 months I do not know, however, I do know, from her telling me when I was little, that I took longer than 9 months, and that is a fact.

Now, there is a possibility that I am wrong about this, and if I am wrong then I just might be carrying her . . . forever. Do mothers carry their unborn forever? No, so I will say that I am not going to carry her forever. So when will she come back? Whenever she is ready for me to “birth” her. Remember, a pregnant mother has no say on when her unborn child will be born, when that child is ready to be born, then it will be born.

“The most common way to figure out your due date, including the way that most doctors calculate it, is to add nine months and seven days to the start date of your last menstrual period, which would actually be a week before you would have ovulated with a 28-day cycle. Therefore, if you started your LMP on October 15, you due date would be calculated as July 22, not July 15.” 

I have been carrying her since May 3rd, 2015. February 3rd, 2016 marked 9 months. Today is February 9th. Tomorrow would be 9 months, 7 days, if I were to go by that information that I had found from here ;


(I am not a female, and this is quite far from normal, so . . . )

So with that information, which is new to me, was I actually a “late bloomer”?

What I can tell you now, truthfully, is, I do not know.

But I do know that these are not delusions ;




It’s late, and I need to finish up with some sleep before Justin comes and gets me in the morning to pick up my car.

Remember Kiddo, I cannot post here everyday, but when I do it is always special, and it is always for you. Have a stellar day, and be safe.

Love, Daddio




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