Missing you :(

Hey Kiddo, I had some time between things, so I thought to write a little something.

I had called in to work yesterday, I was just too exhausted from working. I spent the rest of the day and night sleeping, something that I do not get much of. So much to do.

I, along with Aphie, have been working on ideas and legislature to make Life better for everyone, not only in this country, but for all countries. To live on this planet, you need a “quality of Life”, everyone needs to “have”, and unfortunately, not everyone “has”. That will change, sweetheart, I promise 😉

This planet, has been condemned by Aphie and I, it is not suitable for Life anymore. Mankind has “fucked up royally”. Japan needs to be evacuated and obliterated, for starters. People are living on “Bikini Island”, and they do not know it. If they do, it is only ignorance that keeps them there. Or, cognitive dissidence. Either or, neither is good.

This country is in such bad shape no one knows how to fix it, and that is why I was woken up by my wife, or Soulmate, to help fix it, with her help, of course. Together, we can fix anything.

hermes and aphroditi

I had asked Aphie the question of my age, and she told me, honestly, “I don’t know how old you are, or where you came from.”

I guess that I am pretty old, in the hundreds of billions, regarding years.

She also revealed to me that I am the only one of my kind, prior to her creation, after all, why would anyone want to go through Eternity without a partner, when there is so much to share? I made this planet for my wife, and we gave it life, or, “humans”, to keep things in motion, a, positive motion, so we can learn from them, in a parental ideal. It did not go as we thought it would, ergo, my awakening.

Being that it is late in the “game”, I will give you some advice, Fatherly advice. (there might be some Motherly advice in there as well 😉  )

  1. Be conscious of your surroundings, everyday.
  2. Take the time to think before you act.
  3. Stay close to your family.



It is nearly 11 AM, January 29th, and I need to do some chores. I will leave some music, for when you have the chance.


Love you, sweetheart, stay safe! 🙂 ❤ 😉


miss you  















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