Hey, Funshine! I have some time so I am going to post some sites and things for you to investigate when you have some time, also. I plan on making you something special soon, and although others will see it, know that it is for you, as well as everything I put here.

So, with that being said, enjoy, and stay safe! xo 

(play me, then scroll 😉 )

“Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body.”

Resurrection is the act of restoring a dead person, for example, to life.”

“The Egyptian Book of the Dead mentions the journey of the soul into the next world without coming back to Earth. Ancient Egyptians embalmed the dead so the body might be preserved to accompany the soul into that world. This suggests their belief in resurrection than in reincarnation.”

*The fault with what this man says lies in religion. “to achieve a higher existence”, as this man had said, ONLY happens when you believe in something that can be proven Real. If you believe in something that has never existed, nor the “right thing”, you cannot achieve a higher existence. 

This next video has the same fault, recognized by a mention to the “10 commandments”, however, there is a “save” when “the golden rule” is mentioned in the same sentence.

God is not religious, God is science, and science is proven with Fact, not hearsay. 

The Christian religion is based on “bits and pieces” taken from other belief systems, one being the Egyptian belief system, you know, the one with this guy ;


, and the Christians, not being able to interpret, or understand, the Egyptian belief system correctly, helped cause this ;


( but Daddio knows how to fix it 😉  )

Here, sweetheart, read this, without the religious aspect, logically and mindfully ;

If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact. If the effect (a) can be produced by the cause (b), then inversely, the effect (b) can be produced by the cause (a).” 

*I never lied to you, kiddo. In this universe of reversibility . . .

if my mother can carry me inside of her, I can carry her inside of me.

(now here is where reversibility comes in)

If she can carry my body inside her body, I can carry her mind inside of my mind.

(reversibility, again)

Her birth will be unnatural, since my birth was unnatural. (I was a “C-section”, that is not a natural birth).

Reversibility can be applied as a “mirror” dimension, since we live in 9 dimensions. (The “mirror” is 1 of those dimensions)

So, Kiddo, I have been carrying my mother inside of myself for over 8 1/2 months, how much longer do you think I can do this?


I never lied to you. 

Love you, and stay safe.






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