Something cool, I think. . .

Okay, Kiddo, this is pretty cool, you only need to do a couple things, say. Below is a video for “Caliban’s Dream”, then directly after it (scrolling down) is another video, “Running with wolves in Poland”. Play the first video “Caliban’s Dream” for the music, as soon as you click on the “play” arrow, go straight down to the “Running with wolves in Poland” video, click on the “play” arrow, then go to the speaker symbol and “mute” the sound, and simply watch that video while listening to the other one. It is something that I did a while back, and thought you might enjoy it. You will know if you enjoy it or not when the wolf video ends before the music 😦 . I will attach the lyrics to “Caliban’s Dream” after the wolf video, if you would like to know exactly what they are saying, or, what is being said. And what I am saying now is be safe, and I ❤ you. 😉

And the rain toss about us
In the garden of the world
But a flame arrives to guide us
Past the gold between the anvils of the stars

Watching over all the children in the rain
And the streets where I remember
Where the fire that lights a candle soars again

A flaring flame
Hear it call
Through the darkness, hear it call to us all
And start again
Its beating heart comes again

And the light drive out our fears
And the joy drive out our pain
And the nations come to greet us
waving open arms of waves of golden corn

Can you hear us,
Oh, the spirit of the world
May your light be ever near us
Always heal us from the dark that we may fall

We’re a flame
And reflect
We’re the corn


Miss you.


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