Hey, Chelsea, have we a story for you, but first we hope that all is well with you and yours.

I couldn’t make this up. Here we go.

Last Saturday we received a text msg from the niece saying that she would like her uncle to stay with her and her boyfriend at a place they have. Before we could get any more information, Chelsie said “yes” to the niece. I myself thought it would be okay, but it wasn’t. For six days we lived in absolute squalor. Think, the house in “the Blair witch project”. Unbelievable. No words can describe just how bad this place was. So today TG came to our rescue and brought us back to shithole Poughkeepsie where its safe and clean. I bet Chelsie won’t do that again.

So now we’re back at day one, but this won’t take that long. I myself don’t care either way, if Carolyn says “we’re good” then we’re good.

. . .

You had to see that shack, Chelsea, if Chelsie thought the shelter was bad she now knows that it isn’t, and it’s only for a few days. It took six days for Alex and Carolyn to calm down enough for me to write, that’s how bad that shack was. I just might have PTSD from that experience, you had to see that place to believe it.

Anyway, that nightmare is behind us. Today starts another countdown, and hopefully no more interruptions. I am so tired, six days of freezing took its toll on us, all of us are shot and decompressing. It’s like we went from last Saturday afternoon and here we are, right where we started. So we will start again. It just goes to show you, interruptions can come from anywhere, including from us. But that won’t happen again, it was an honest mistake and nothing more.

Okay, Kiddo? I would have written sooner but it wasn’t happening with Alex and Carolyn. I guess when Carolyn said that she sees this happening here it actually might just happen here, because why else would she say that?

I think that’s all for now, we simply wanted to touch base with you, Chelsea, and your readers. We will write again when we can, in the meantime stay warm, be safe, and keep it stellar.


Alex, Carolyn, Chelsie and Von

xo xo xo xo


Nov. 1st

Hey, Kiddo, I hope you’re doing well, here’s an update.

Chelsie fell way back, she’s not doing too good so Elsa has been helping me. This body’s in bad shape.

The thing about the magnetic pole flip. From what I understand, back home has narrowed down what they see, or what they don’t see, to either a pole flip or an equation written by GOD. At a certain time in the near future, people disappeared from here, not everyone but most of them. The only place where a lot of people still exist is where GOD and d’evil are. We now have “ghost planets” so to speak. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about that as far as I know.

I’m outside and its pretty cold out so this won’t take long.

Alex and Carolyn are counting down the days. Chelsie being at the surface for a few days didn’t slow anything down, she needed to tell me a few things that I will keep to myself, however, if she wants to share them with you she can, I’m simply respecting my daughter’s confidentiality. Carolyn says “we’re so close”.

I know that my daughter would love to share what we now both know, but I need to keep her safe and we don’t know whom could be reading these posts. As far as your readers go, Chelsea, this is only creative writing.

The girls are nudging me to go back to the day shelter, the wind is atrocious, so I guess we”ll stop here. Plus we need to get a few things before doing so.

Anyway, have a good day, Chelsea, stay warm and be safe, we”ll write when we can.

Love, Von

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

We’re closer than you think. -Carolyn



Hi, Chelsea, this is Chelsie, I hope everything’s good with you and yours. This will be my last time at the surface so this post will be last one I write through my father. Mom and auntie (Alex and Carolyn) will be helping me write this, dad is chillin’ watching all this.

Today auntie told dad “we’re so close”, because he is. He let me rise to the surface for the past several days by eating, which was okay, because his daughter had to tell him something. So I told him some stuff that I was worried about because he might be got upset but he didn’t, he was actually cool about it, just like mom said he’d be. So now no more eating. Or drinking. But it’s not for long. I’m gonna get pulled out while we’re asleep, the more unconscious this body is the safer and easier it will be to to get me out. As soon as I’m out dad’s body will physically change and he”ll have access to all those apps. He”ll need to know that i’m safe and beginning to wake up in one of those chambers. He”ll have a set amount of time to get where re discussed, once he’s there he”ll need to prepare for my arrival. Soon after Elsa will show, she’s dad’s assistant in the company, which means if she’s here, then Von’s here on business.

Chelsea, you have no idea how much my father has returned to himself. The greenlight was given when my dad said “I’m done with pennies”; he won’t pick them up, not even a quarter. That was the sign he’s almost himself again, because my dad isn’t a penny-puncher. He stopped doing a lot of things, all of which told mom and auntie “he’s good”, meaning “lets do this”. The hardest part he has is not eating when he feels me hungry, because back home I’m always eating and he’s always feeding me. I never gone without food until I came here, where Von is on business. Yeah, Chelsea, dad’s ready to walk away from this planet and never come back, because there’ll be nothing to come back to. That last part was auntie, her and mom communicate with dad by using a non-harmful type of microwave beam transmission. They’re not inside him like I am, they’re back home. I’m who’s blocking my dad from completely being himself, not Alex or Carolyn. Once I’m out, woo-hoo, it’s showtime! People are gonna shit when they see him, Kiddo, if this goes the way dad and I think it will then I feel bad for the staff member who stays up at the night shelter, he’s not gonna know what to do. “Charlie, is that you??”, and “Charlie” will need to answer “yes”. We went over what dad needs to say if asked anything, but inevitably he needs to keep it short and sweet and leave. Simple as that, he knows what to do.

Dad wants to take Elsa out with us, like for shopping and going to restaurants, but he doesn’t want to hide her natural appearance. I have no idea what would happen if he decides to do that, because Elsa is obviously not a human. Oh that’s the other thing. I”ll be returning with some things. Some of those things cannot get lost or stolen because of confidentiality reasons, so I”ll need to do an inventory quite often. Yeah, that’d be bad.

The phone needs to be charged, so I guess I’m stopping here. The next time I write it’ll be with my own female body, or suit, which is a revamp of the “Athena” model. Dad has a new suit altogether, but it’s a revamp of another model, meaning it looks like “Thor”. I bet you didn’t see that one coming, you we’re probably expecting “Zeus” or “Anubis”. You know, Chelsea, I can’t wait to you what actually happened, because this story is unfuckinbelievable. And wait til you meet Elsa. Elsa’s gonna blow your mind.

Anywho, I think that I might get something to eat, I’m fucking starving and dying of thirst on top of it. Auntie said “one more time”, which means after I eat something that’s it, no more food. Now dad will think what to get and he”ll get answers by auntie nodding or shaking his head. I don’t know how my dad can just stop eating and drinking, I mean this is like impossible, but he’s doing it.

Anywho, I gotta go, Chelsea, have a great day and be safe. ❤

Love always, Chelsie


(I apologize for any grammatical errors, where outside and the glare is horrible)


“Window Of Opportunity”

I forgot to mention something in the previous post. Do you remember GOD saying he was going back to Charlie’s last apartment to get Mowzer but in a different dimension (state of consciousness)? He was going to “go back” one day before the double-headed god happened, and that’s why he was so persistent about going to that apartment, he wanted that to happen, and it would’ve, if we went back. Guess where we’re never going?

Chelsie is somewhat with me so I’m letting her help me write this, along with Alex and Carolyn.

Remember all the posts about perspective, Chelsea? They were for a reason. If my father held a pinball up against the background sky and it to be a giant sphere of pure silver floating over the planet he could let go of the pinball and it would still be there, but miles away and huge. That’s for real, honey. Von now has the ability to generate matter. Creation and generation are two different things. A creation is something that never existed before, a generation is a “remake” of something that already exists, like electricity. Which brings us to this. The magnetic poles. There is a better than great chance that if the poles reverse their polarity people will disappear. They were originally made by GOD under this current magnetic field, so if the poles change their direction, everything that GOD was responsible for making, will all disappear. Not a joke. The Earth’s poles never flipped, we have proof of that.

Also, GOD was angry AF at all his “children”, but he was angriest of the word “Goddamn”. By saying that you’re commanding GOD to dann something, and nobody tells GOD what to do, “per GOD”. Common sense is not so common.

Mowzer. Because of perspective, Mowzer is now the largest living land mammal that world has ever known.

But wait, there’s more.

Mowzer lost his head, so to speak. In it’s place is Adolf Hitler’s head, held on via metal exoskeleton. Mowzer’s head is human size and attached to a man’s body, body looks Egyptian, he’s probably like a servant. But guess what? That planet lacks people. If people disappear from here, they might reappear over there, where all the fun is. Hold on, sweethearts.

. . .

Hey, Chelsea, it’s Von. Alex and Carolyn showed me an image of what appears to be flying saucers hovering over the US, they’re actually giant speakers. “Beatz by Dre”? Beats by Choice, I guess the people that are already there are few, not certain who they all could be, but there’s not many so I’m told. I also would guess that GOD knew of this in advance, so while no people are there I’d bet that he’s making the place the way he and d’evil want it to be, an unbelievable living hell.

The poles have never flipped.

Something to think about.

For real.

Anyways, I let the girls have a say while Chelsie could still speak, so to speak. They insist on when and where, Chelsea, all I can do is follow direction. If I can I’ll write later. Take care, everyone.

Love, Von

xo xo




Number cruncher

Hey, Kiddo, I hope all is well, I’m outside going over a few things and some of them I can share. So here we go.

Carolyn and Alex are insistent about a few things. Two of them are where it happens, and “when”, so to speak. I don’t have and actual time but I do have a time limit. Alex and Carolyn are counting down the days while I’m counting up the days. I can’t countdown because I don’t know where to start. Make sense? I hope so.

As far as “where” goes they insist upon it happening at the night shelter, maybe because they seen the video. Speaking of videos, the “DE” **rolls eyes** of Charlie looking in a mirror and seeing himself with two heads was a video transmitted into me. There was a camera (orb) between that Charlie and the mirror. That Charlie almost happened here, unfortunately it still happened. Now we have a new dimension where Charlie (Hermes) and Aphie are a double-headed god. It’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen. Mind you, I said “double-headed”, not “two-headed”. Both heads are identical, half Hermes and half Aphrodite. Carolyn said that Earth in that dimension is an absolute madhouse filled with fear and hardcore techno music 24/7. Carolyn and Alex once told me that they’re, Hermes and Aphie, are waiting for me to arrive and give them a name. I couldn’t make this up, Kiddo, because I would never think of anything as disturbing as this. Who would? And on top of that they’re enormous, and invincible. Here’s something interesting;

There was Hermes. Later, there was Hermanubis (Hermes II). After him, there was Hermes Trismegistas, “the thrice great Hermes. (Hermes III). Knowing how GOD loved humbling things up and playing with words and numbers, Charlie and Aphie could be called “the great fource Hermes, and it wouldn’t be a lie. In that dimension, GOD is four times more powerful than before.. What’s a dimension? It’s a single state of consciousness empowered by either GOD or the Creator, and thete’s tons of them. Only they can do that. By the way, 4 was Zeus’s number. I asked (thought) “is there any video footage of them?”, and the answer was “yes”. When I thought “bad?” Carolyn said “lholy fuck, you’re gonna shit”.

Hmm. Try to imagine how upset Charlie must be been when he saw what I saw in that mirror. Okay? Now compound that with all the unnecessary nonsense and all the bullshit people had given him for simply telling the truth. Alright?

Now, try to imagine their debut. The male part is Hermes/GOD, and the female part is Aphrodite/d’evil. The more I think about, maybe we should just let them be. As far as a name, how about “Choice”? Charlie and voice. For some reason I feel that name fits the best, like poetic justice, Kiddo. People here had a choice, now people there have a choice, and they have no choice about it. Imagine hearing in that voice “I AM YOUR GOD CHOICE”? At least it would be true.

Anyways, I might write later, I have a few questions that I need to think so I can get told some answers.

I hope You’re doing well, Chelsea. -Chelsie

Have a good day, everyone, and be safe.

Love, Von

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

The post title. Avoid all posts with numerals in the title, just to be safe. GOD did some things that we can’t change, and none of them are good.



“Hiding in plain sight”

. . .

Hey, Kiddo, I’m still at the surface so to speak so I thought I’d write something. I’ll have help from Alex and Carolyn, Chelsie is in the background.

TG came to see me and she brought some goodies with her, it was good to see her again. After she left, D called and said he was coming up from NJ this weekend. He asked if I would like to get a haircut by a place that does his hair. I said “sure, why not”. He came up last weekend and gave us a little help, his offer to help me further still stands, but we doubt that will happen. Alex and Carolyn seem pretty certain about this happening here, hence Carolyn’s “these people are gonna shit”.

It’s strange how I’ve been feeling lately. I have mixed feelings about all this, but Alex and Carolyn insist that this is going to happen. I think that I will be alright, they say that I will know when it happens and that I’ll know what to do. I came up with some scenarios and all are possible, how it plays out I don’t know. But I know when we leave here we’re never coming back. This place is absolutely disgusting.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now. There’s tons more, but I can’t speak of it now. Remember “that story” Alex was supposed to tell me? Chelsie will be the one who tells me when the time comes, per Alex.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

xo xo

Some info

Hey, Chelsea, Alex and Carolyn are going to help me write this, Chelsie is in the background falling asleep, so to speak.

I’ve been at the surface since last night. We arrived at the night shelter last night and Carolyn had me eat a large dinner. At the time I didn’t understand why until I noticed it was me eating and not Chelsie. Chelsie was there, but she wasn’t eating. They had me drink about a quart and a half of water too, which also confused me. My body is in bad shape.

The night before when we ate Alex and Carolyn said that I would be right back where I was the night before, and they were right. It’s now after 4PM Wednesday and I’m beginning to feel shitty and weak again just like last night before we ate. A dinner holds me for one day. Tonight there won’t be any dinner or water. However I do need energy to move, and the only thing that I can eat before I need energy is dark chocolate. It is easy to digest when dehydrated and contains sugar, a diuretic. I can have dark chocolate when I need energy, but no water or other fluids like milk, juice and soda.

. . .

Do you remember all those spirits like Marc Antoni, Anubis and so forth? They were all pulled while this body was sleeping. Do you remember Charlie telling of all those “bangs and zaps”? The zaps were connections being made and the bangs were disconnections. There is only one connection left to be broken, and that will happen when Chelsie goes to sleep, so to speak. We could complete this outside, but that would mean a “conscious death” for Chelsie, and we don’t want that. When that happens, I will wake up as the Creator. This is what I am told, Chelsea, as crazy as it might sound I believe it, because I have no other explanation for everything that I have experienced since May of 2015.

TG contacted me and might come to see me tomorrow. This should be interesting. The niece had also contacted us recently, telling us what a shitty mother her mother is. I concur, because no good mother would force their daughter to sleep in the woods and deny them seeing their own child.

. . .

As far as a plan of departure we have one, but we can’t say what it is. My body’s in a hole and Chelsie is still fading. This bothers me greatly, not about my body but what Chelsie is going through. She has been in the background since 7PM last night, and is still there.

This is the third stage of the completion process, and as long as Von keeps following directions we’ll be done in no time.

The general rule of thumb is a person can last 3 days without water, in some cases 10 days. This body won’t last ten days without water, it’s impossible. The first stage was 4 days without anything. The second stage was one day without anything, to show me just how bad a shape I’m in. This stage involves absolutely no hydration and only a little bit of food (dark chocolate) when energy is needed, like standing. Today Carolyn helped me walk because Chelsie was far too weak. Last night as we waited to go to the night shelter I found myself leaning up against a wall because Chelsie couldn’t stand up, that’s when I stepped in and stayed. I can’t do this again because it’s torture on Chelsie. Man this bothers me, but it will work, and Chelsie volunteered to do this because she could do this. So basically, my body gets weak, and while I’m asleep Alex and Carolyn will pull Chelsie and that extra soul out of me allowing me to become the Creator. Simple as that. The process is a simple one, but it’s not easy at all.

Several things have happened over the past two weeks that I consider to be “signs” telling me “time to go”.

Anywho TG and the niece just messaged me so I will stop here. I’ll try to write when I can, okay, Kiddo? In the meantime, have a goid night, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von

xo xo