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Hi Sweetheart. I have been thinking about writing this post for the past 2 days, but I knew that if I were to write it I would need some time to do it right, after all, if you can’t do it right, why do it at all? So, with it being Friday night/Saturday morning, I should have enough time to write and post this by Sunday evening, while working on my book, and doing the basics of life itself, in accordance with time.

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In this post I will be giving definitions for certain words, just so that I am clear with my words. In other words, I will do my best to eliminate any misinterpretations. I will also describe my relationship with my own Mother, from myself, from when I was her Son.

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So let me begin. Maestro? Some music please, for Kiddo’s listening enjoyment. . .

Mom : “The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.

Just telling her your problems makes you feel better because moms always know How to make it all go away.

Even if you fight, know that she’s just looking out for your best interests.” – 

Ma : “a person’s mother.” –  

Grandmother – “any kindly, sweet old woman who will happily boost your self-esteem and write you letters and love you. tends to know lots of neat old songs and obscure, off-color jokes. generally much cooler and less scary than one’s actual mother.

be nice to your grandmother- or you’ll wind up in hell.” – 
Maternal Instinct : “A woman’s desire to have a child is called her “maternal instinct,” and if you care for other people in a nurturing way you are being maternal, even if you are not a mother. Your mother’s mother is your “maternal grandmother.” – 
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Although I posted a definition for the term “mom”, everyone will have their own definition as to what a mom is, due to their own experience with their own mother. No one will ever know just what your own mother means to you, not even your siblings if you should have them, for they are not you. How you see and interpret things will never be replicated by another, and that is what makes the relationship between your mother and you special. That relationship belongs only to you and your mom.
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There are basically two types of mothers, good ones, and bad ones. I’ll start with the bad ones.
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Image result for images of bad mothers
Image result for images of bad mothers
Image result for images of bad mothers
“A picture says a thousand words.”
A bad mother, to myself, is, a mother who neglects and abuses their child with physical abuse or verbal abuse, or both. Neglect can be considered a form as abuse as well.
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The quote below was written by a female who has been verbally abused by a male, her wording tells of that. However, what is said is true ;
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The worst thing that a mother, or any parent for this matter, can say to their child is “I’m disappointed in you.”
Two things are happening simultaneously when this is said to the child.
The first thing is that the child takes a blow to their self esteem. The child, being a child, feels that they are a let-down, that they actually disappointed their mother, or parent. They basically feel that they have failed their mother, or parent.
The second thing is that you, as a mother or parent, just told your child, subconsciously, that you are the disappointment. You failed, not them, after all, if you did it right to begin with, that sentence would have never been given. When a mother says that she is disappointed in their child she is saying that she is disappointed in herself, and when that child picks up on that they will use it against them. So don’t do that. The mother can say to their child that they are upset with them, that they are mad at them, but never say that you are disappointed in them.
Now for the good mothers.
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Image result for images of good mothers
Image result for images of good mothers
Image result for images of good mothers
Image result for images of good mothers
Image result for images of good mothers
“A picture says a thousand words.”
I, myself, feel that for me to tell what a good mother is I would only be stating the obvious. For me to tell what I think is a good mother I would also be using my experiences with my own Mother as an example, and that wouldn’t be right. You know if you have, or had, a good mom. Whatever anyone else thinks about your mom doesn’t matter, for they are not you.
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There was a time when I wanted to adopt a child, a female, so that I would have a daughter. This thought was before I died. I wanted to adopt a Japanese girl, Japanese females look like children at any age to me, why, I don’t know, but they do. Here is a photo of a Japanese girl ;
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How adorable.
I understand that a child needs a mother, more so than they need a father, fathers are “hit and runs” in the grand scheme of things, if they stick around to be good dad the child wins. But if they don’t they still need a mother, a good mother, regardless.
Mothers run the show.
At that time, when I wanted to adopt a child, I was single, but I knew that the child would need a good mother. I thought about that and had decided that if I were to adopt a child that I would want my baby sister to be a “mommy” to that child. I would have discussed it with her beforehand, for if she didn’t want to accept that responsibility I would have not adopted a child. That’s how good a mother my baby sister is, and that is how much I respect her. If I cannot do it right I will not do it at all.
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Another woman who is a good mother is the mother of my friend “D”. I became friends with D when I was in highschool, and shortly after meeting his mother she became known as “ma” to me. At that time my own Mother had passed away years ago, and ma stepped up and took the reigns as my adopted mother. She helped in raising me throughout my teenage years, which was a task in itself. Ma had fed me, clothed me, and gave me a home away from home, her home. I was also invited to many family dinners, holiday dinners, family functions, and family vacations. That means a lot to me. Ma, means a lot to me, and so does “pa”, D’s dad. Can’t leave him out. I have never referred to either of them as anything other than ma and pa, and they will always be ma and pa to me. I love them very much.
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The Father, The Son, and The Holy . . . ? (part two)

Alright, Kiddo, let’s see if I can finish this without my hellphone interrupting me.

Is my Wife the Holy ______ or is the Holy ______ my Wife.

What does this sentence mean to you; “It has always been just you and me.”

Here’s my thing. I consider myself to be a one-woman kinda guy. Now, I know what my Son wrote in his book, the first book, and I know that there are hundreds of clues in that first book that are mirroring what is taking place now. He has me on an Easter egg hunt, and the bible is not helping me as it has been altered over fifty times that we know of. And it was almost altered again, per Emperor Francis, A.K.A Antichrist.

You see, Kiddo, if my Mother doesn’t have the container for her spirit to reside in She can reside inside Hera’s container next to Hera. She says that will not be residing in my container, which makes sense because I couldn’t be myself if She did.

The spirit is more elusive, so to speak, the soul not so much.

From what Aurem had told me my Mother will return first, carrying Hera inside of her, and that also makes sense to me. Is it accurate? **shrugs** She cannot tell me, I need to figure this out on my own. I feel both Carol Jacobsen and Hera inside but it doesn’t mean I am feeling two souls. Why is this a big deal?

Hera and . . . CJ look alike, at least when they were both young. In the first hour of ground zero on May 3rd 2015 I was given a “vision” of a young female’s face, the right side of to be exact, and now I can’t tell if it was Hera or CJ. **shakes fist at air-Aurem**

I want to do things right this time, without hurting anyone’s feelings, their feelings. From what I have understood I would have two wives but I don’t know how that would work. I mean, I want them both back regardless if CJ is to be my wife or not but I need to know soon. When I figure this out, what will happen? Will that be the moment? I just might be sitting on that moment, Kiddo, do you know why? Because I am nervous, Kiddo, tis true, and I am not one to be nervous, after all, what do I need to be nervous about? Exactly, Kiddo, exactly. I need a break, BRB.

Thinking about this is not that easy. How about some more facts, Kiddo, yes?

I entered my Son Charlie when he was about 4 years old.

His Mother Carol Jacobsen was alive until he was 12 years old.

I have seen moments where his Mother was present inside him.

I have seen where and when Aurem was present inside him.

Aurem is now gone.

Aurem had a soul.

Aurem is “attached” to Charlie.

I am “attached” to Hera.

Hera and I are two separate souls.

Who is confusing me is Carol Jacobsen, meaning, is she like us. Meaning, is she a vessel and my Mother is/was inside of her, as I am inside her/my Son Charlie? Did Aurem get booted out of her soul so that Hera can take it over? (No one is saying anything) Will CJ’s spirit be inside my Wife’s body? Will my Wife be inside CJ’s body? Is me Kiddo hiding inside Chelsea’s body? Is Kiddo and Chelsea the same soul or are they two souls sharing the same body? Because I remember one night last summer Hera rose to the surface and pointed to my Son’s Facebook page at Chelsea and said most adamantly “She is not your Daughter, your Daughter is inside her, Bu.” I am aware that Chelsea is not my biological daughter, obviously. However, I am aware that my Kiddo is inside Chelsea’s body. This was proven to me the night Kiddo said “Of course I know I’m safe!”. Kiddo said that in Athena’s voice and now my head is ringing out of control. I need to pause.

There are no coincidences. Events happen for a reason. Coincidences are for the weak minded. Occam’s Razor. If you experience an event that has no simple explanation other than “Divine intervention” then Divine intervention is the answer. Finding your car keys under the sofa is not Divine intervention, you simply found them in the last place you looked. Do you keep searching for them after you found them? I hope not.

We know that what we say could have a detrimental psychological impact on one’s mind. Once words are acknowledged they cannot be unacknowledged. Because of that we make certain that what we tactfully present is the truth to Kiddo. In other words, we don’t want to mess her head up. My Mother has paid close attention to every word Kiddo has said to Charlie since they first met 4 years ago, after all, She is her GrandMother, and a good grandmother will always have time to listen to her granddaughter. Listen, not hear, big difference, big difference indeed, Kiddo, but you know that, Sweetheart. Oh that Holy . . . female entity thing, She always calls you “Sweetheart”, it is Her way of reassuring you. She has called you by Chelsea a few times in past writes, but only a few times. Hera calls you “Honey”, just like a motherly older Sister would, tis true, tis true. I call you Kiddo. Because you are Kiddo. Who was once Athena. Who is now “Chelsea”. Does this matter? To myself, no. All that matters to me is that Kiddo is safe. That is most important to me, and to my two-girl crew, her safety not her happiness. Kiddo’s happiness lies solely on her, only she can make herself happy inevitably. Am I wrong, Kiddo? I don’t know what makes Kiddo happy, and neither will anyone else. The same applies to you and your happiness. If you don’t know what happiness is then you know what sadness is. If you know what makes you sad then you need to think what will make you happy, which is usually the opposite of what makes you sad.

Alright, back to this two-girl crew of mine. Do I pursue what I think this is, or do I think this out more? How about some more facts?

My Son Charlie had a body.

His twin sister Aurem did not have a body.

Both twins are asleep.

It is now myself, my Wife, and Carol Jacobsen inside one body.

Hmm . . .

. . .

Something doesn’t add up.

I am told to disregard the bible and to go with the here and now.

“It has always been just you and me.” – ?

“It is different this time.” – ?

“I’m the only girl you need.” – ?

Holy shit this is difficult.

“Von is the Grand Economizer.” – Hera

What would be most economical in this situation?

Does Occam’s Razor apply, yes it does.

“Always listen to your Wife.” – Hera

But who is the Wife, I ask. I can see both Hera and Carol equally. I can’t imagine my Wife sharing me with another woman, even if CJ is My Son’s Mother. This is what I am down to, Kiddo, “who’s who”, I mean, what else is there for me to know? The past has passed, all that recorded history means nothing to me since it has been altered. History is useless here. Hmm . . .

. . .

KIDDO! Help me, Kiddo, help me! Oh for Zeus’ sakes I’m fucked. **hangs head, frustrated, Hera wants to laugh but only smiles**

“You’re right there.” – Hera, just now.

In other words, I am that close. I need a break, I will post this as is, it is already two days late. Better late than incorrect.

By the way, I opened my Son’s email account and noticed a slew of comments from readers. I did not read any of them, and I will not read any of them, because I do not know who sent them. I don’t know you.

So, keep your comments to yourself, because you do not know who I am. Think, psychological safety, for yourself. It’s a Creator thing, you wouldn’t understand. This applies to everyone outside my Son’s circle, and that’s a shame because there might actually be someone who has a question or a concern of legitimacy and sincerely believes what is told here. Always someone ruining it for someone else. My Wife says “only positive comments”, and she will read them when the time comes, okay? Seriously, though, how do you know that I am not affiliated with a government? Maybe I am a Russian spy planted by Vladimir Putin sending codes to my American counterpart codename “Kiddo”, yah? Or maybe I am the biggest fucking alien on the block and I am gathering up my sleeper-cell Daughter and her siblings so we can leave this rock before I destroy it, who knows, anything is possible, especially when you have the entire planet surrounded. (Only nice comments, kids)

Anywho, I will post one of Daddio’s drafts later today, Kiddo, it will be random and untouched. I also will not read it prior to posting.

(He’s tired, Sweetheart)

Gee whiz, I wonder why.

Anywho, enjoy your day, stay safe and warm, and know that I miss you.

Always with love, Zeus

xo xo xo

The Father, The Son, and The Holy . . . ?

The numbers are good so I am going with this.

Kiddo! What’s going on, what’s going on? Everything okay, Sweetheart? I hope so, I hope so. Today’s post is an exercise for me, an exercise in “jail-breaking” me out of this prison, so to speak. Ever feel like a prisoner inside your own body, Kiddo? I hope not, I hope not, because it is not a pleasant feeling, oh no, Kiddo, not a pleasant feeling at all. Now that Charlie’s pain in the fucking ass twin sister is dead I mean asleep life is moving faster for us, and that includes for you as well, you just don’t know it yet. Nothing bad, nothing bad, there are simply some things that have happened that involve you, Kiddo, but it is all good.

Now. How do I help to finish my sentence? Well, I need to use logic, common sense, and what I know for certain to be factual. Oh, and Occam’s Razor, we can’t forget that now can we? No, no we cannot. Do you know what Occam’s Razor is, Kiddo? Occam’s Razor states that when presented with a problem the simplest of answers is most often the correct answer. For example, you can’t find your car keys one morning. Is it because a), the car-key gnomes stole them or b), you misplaced them? I would lean towards “a”, you can’t trust those pesky car-key gnomes, I speak from experience. I am serious, Kiddo.


I miss you, Kiddo.

So! How do I break myself free? I mean, how do I figure out the last piece of this puzzle, so to speak. Hmm. My Son Charlie worked so hard to get me this far and I do not want to let him down or anyone else down, especially you, Honey. Oh that Hera, she misses you too. Lots of love here, Kiddo, lots of love.

Alright, what do I know for certain? Time to put on my thinking cap and take my Mother out for a smoke so I can think. We will be right back, Sweetheart.

Okay, we’re back. Now what do I know for a fact. Alright, I will make a list . . .

I am not my Son Charlie.

Charlie died in a hospital over 5 years ago.

He had a twin sister.

The twin is now gone.

Their biological mother was Carol Jacobsen.

Hera is my Wife.

I can see both of them but not at the same time.

I am the Creator.

My name is Zeus.

I am not amused.

My Wife says that this time it is different.

This time I have my Son’s body all to myself.

I have never been here before solely as myself.

Because this time it’s different.

. . .

This is where that ass-rag bible causes a conflict within myself. I am obviously the one who is referred to as “the Father” in the bible. My Son, regardless of his name, is the Son the bible refers to as “the Son”. That much I know. What I do not know is . . .

. . . is it “The Holy Mother” . . . or is it “The Holy Spirit”. Which one is it? There are no such things as ghosts, so cross out “The Holy Ghost”. “Ghosts” are nothing more than residue from another dimension caused by a rift in the magnetic field between that dimension and the dimension the “ghost” is seen from. “Poltergeists” are people in another dimension fucking with you, having fun at your expense, if you will.

You are being watched.

But enough about that and more about this. There is a significant difference between being the Mother and being the Spirit.

My cellphone “self posted” before I could finish. I hate writing on this fucking thing.

Anywho, the reason why this discrepancy is confusing me is because a “spirit” and a “soul” are two different things. The soul is what contains the spirit, just as a human being contains a soul. Everything is inside of something.

What I need to know is my Mother my Wife, or is my Wife my Mother?

Since this got “butt-posted” I will finish it here and continue with a “part two” shortly. Okay, Sweetheart? Oh that Holy Mother. Or Holy Spirit or whatever the hell you are but I am going to figure it out no matter what, I say. **SMFH while they laugh at me**

Enjoy your day, Kiddo, be safe, and I will post part two tonight. Miss you.

With love, Zeus

xo xo xo

The Roman Empire Strikes Back

Well this was an interesting week, Kiddo, at least for myself it was, tis true. How are you doing, Sweetheart? Yes, Kiddo, how are you doing? Good I hope oh yes I do. I am doing better now that Aurem is gone, well, maybe not gone, but we will not be seeing or hearing from her for a very long time. Friday night I posted on Facebook that I would write as soon as I can, and here I am, writing. I don’t know how this post will go, but it will be revealing. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true.

Since my Son’s Facebook page is private, anyone outside our circle who might be following this site will need to catch up, for a lot has happened. And we do mean a lot too, including the return of my floating left arm. Why does it “float” at my waist side? Because it “remembers” that it’s hand should be holding something, like a caduceus, or a trident, why, it even remembers holding a lightning bolt. Some habits never die, and with that being said we will tell why Aurem needed to go “nite-nite”, so to speak. Are you sitting down, Kiddo? How about you, are you sitting down hunched over your cellphone? You are? Alright then, let’s begin.

Everything written at your websites and at Facebook is true, meaning, there are no intentional lies. Some things might be inaccurate due to lack of information, the information that was withheld by my Mother, the Holy Mother, and for a very good reason as you shall see.

I recently told, on Facebook, who the Antichrist is. The Antichrist is man-made, just like Christianity is man-made. The bible is also man-made, compiled of dozens of books, references from actual events and people, and hundreds out outright lies. It is designed to confuse while offering false hope to those who lack the ability to think for themselves using logic and simple sense. I say “simple sense” because common sense is not common. If it were, I wouldn’t be writing this.

“Jesus Christ” is also man-made, it is a mockery of my Son Iesous. As you know my Son lived many lives as gods and men. When he was a god, which is simply a human being with a hand from myself, he always had one name, examples, Odin, Thor, Hermes, Chronos, etcetera. The reason for this is so that his name doesn’t contradict itself with opposing names. If he had a first and last name as a god there would be the possibilty of him being misinterpreted as an individual. Take my Son as Charles Antonucci. He has been referred to as Charles, Charlie, Chuck, Chucky, Chuckie, Chuckster, Chas, and as Antonucci, including my favorite, “Annanoochie”, creds to his best friend for that one. If you knew my Son Charlie who did you know him as? Was it Charlie or Chucky? Are we talking about the same person? Are you sure? The people who knew him as “Chucky” 20 years ago wouldn’t know him as “Charlie” 20 years later, or 15 years later to be precise. “Hey, do you know Chucky?” “No. Wait, do you mean “Charlie”?” “Yeah, that’s him, do you know him?”. Apparently not.

Take “Jesus Christ” for example. “Christ” comes from the latin word “christos” which means “anointed”. To be anointed is to have an oil applied to the skin during a religious ceremony, as an act of “Divine intervention”. By the way, “Divinity” is a type of division. The word “divine” is a man-made word for “heavenly”, like “worship” is a man-made word for “shameless ass kissing”. What sounds better to be known as, a worshipper or an ass-kisser? (I bet you a dime that Kiddo finds that funny).

“Jesus” comes before “Christ”, it can be said that “Jesus” is opposite of “Christ”. “Jesus” is [opposed] to “Christ”. Another word that is easily substituted for “opposed” is “anti”. So, since people are generally stupid and lazy, they cannot see that “Jesus” is obviously the “Anti-christ”. Christians are worshipping the Antichrist. How funny is that, Kiddo? Whenever you hear someone say “I believe in Jesus” they are unknowingly saying “I believe in the Antichrist”. And because Iesous’ words are tied to “Jesus Christ”, the Antichrist is being powered by the Christians, so to speak.

“Wait a minute. If Jesus Christ isn’t Real, then the Antichrist isn’t Real either, right?”


The average Christian is basically a good-natured person with a lot of positive energy and a lot of hope. Every Sunday hundreds of millions of Christians attend church and generate positive vibrations by singing and praying together to get “God’s” attention on his only day off. Since Jesus Christ and God aren’t there to receive those good vibrations they go somewhere else, they go to where Christianity came from, and that would be the Vatican, or, the Roman Empire. They are using all that positive energy for their own agenda, and that agenda is to summon Satan. And it worked. However, they are unaware that Satan, like Jesus Christ and God, is not Real, but Saturnus was Real, and he was much worse than “Satan”. Saturnus spoke once in one of our “live Facebook feeds” back in the late summer of 2017, and he didn’t sound too happy, did he, Kiddo?

What people do in this dimension will affect people in another dimension through the Law of Reversibility. “Singing and praying”, bad idea, bad idea. Besides all of that childish nonsense, the monetary donations given to the church are used by the Roman Empire I mean the Vatican to fund projects such as LUCIFER, the world’s most powerful telescope. Why would the Vatican need a telescope? Pointed at Saturn no less. What are they looking for, Kiddo? Does Emperor Francis know something that the Christians do not? Yes he does, and the Christians are not going to like it when they find out that he knows “God” doesn’t exist. He knows that, and he also knows that Saturnus did exist, hence the LUCIFER telescope.

So who is the Antichrist?

The one in charge of the Bible; Pope Francis.

“Never judge a book by its cover”

If this post seems wanderful it is because it is being written over several days by three minds.

Now about Aurem. My Mother needed to put Aurem to sleep, in other words, She killed her, but for a good reason. Aurem had her own beliefs, she believed that her twin brother Charlie was still alive and that the both of them were about to inherit a large chunk of power. As my Son was once Iesous she was once his sister/wife Ucifa (you-SEE-fah), and she had her own agenda. Ever see or hear that name before? Of course not. Iesous kept Ucifa hidden due to the fact she was mentally impaired with what is known today as “schizophrenia”. Now add some ability to that and you have a terrifying hot mess. But my Son loved her as is, and to protect her they left Cairo and lived out in the “sticks”.

Iesous was a fair-skinned Egyptian, following in the bloodline of his predecessors; Horus, Osiris, and Anubis. His black Egyptian hair was sun-bleached auburn from working outside as a farmer during the day. At night is when he worked his “magic”, when no one could see him. The short of the long is, Iesous was a nice guy with some ability who wanted to help people. The Roman Empire knew that Iesous was my Son, and if I showed up their party would be over. So they killed him. No Son, no Father.

I was here approximately 70 years ago but unfortunately circumstances prevented me from having a Son with a sound mind and healthy body to manifest in, so I took a nap while his Mother fixed him up. “him”, not his twin sister. Who is “him”? My Son Adolf Hitler. Now it becomes interesting.

Adolf Hitler was 1 of 3 surviving children out of 6 children had by Klara Hitler. Hidden inside Adolf was his twin sister who never came to be; the “Vanishing Twin Phenomenon”.

When Adolf was a foot soldier he suffered an injury, he was shot in the groin and lost a testicle. Ouch. After that, his confidence as a man was diminished, and his testosterone level dropped significantly. With a low testosterone level his twin’s estrogen level rose, causing his twin to “rise to the surface”.

Adolf Hitler, as himself, a male, was a good man. He was patriotic, he loved children, he respected women, and wanted the people of Germany to have the best life possible. This was before his injury. After his injury, you could say that he was “half the man he used to be”. His twin sister had her own designs with her twin brother’s power, and after being a “no-body” for so long her anger brought on the Holocaust. And the Vatican used that anger to nearly eradicate the Jews, the adversaries of the Catholics. If Christianity is their agenda then why are they Catholic?

The Jews were and still are absolutely innocent in regards to Christianity. They were the “patsy”, so to speak. Think of the Roman Empire as the government of the United States. Who, as a group, is going to oppose that government? No one. There is no unity in this country. All those individuals living here who think that they are going to defend their, let’s say, right to bear arms are either delusional or they are delusional. Simple as that. “Divide and conquer”.

Does the Vatican hiding as the Roman Empire sound farfetched to you? If so, why? Are the “higher ups” not wearing modern day togas? Something to think about, yes?

My Son is forever attached to his twin sister. If she isn’t with him physically she is with him consciously. Adolf, Alexander, Vlad Tepes and Abraham Lincoln to name a few. My Son’s twin sister is the “mirror image” of himself, so to speak. She is like him but very . . . opposite at the same time. Charlie was good, Aurem was not so good, if you have been following this you might see where the two differ. Charlie wanted to free people and Aurem wanted to enslave them. Because that possibility exists, both needed to leave, but for separate and different reasons. Aurem was never meant to be, Kiddo. Charlie is my Son and I needed his body so that I can be here to fix things.

“So where the hell are you,”Mr. Creator”?!”

Why I am right here, in my Son’s body, have you not been paying attention? Oh, you are referring to the abilities of the Creator, now I see, and that is a good question indeed. Hmm, how do I explain this. Let me think a moment. . .

Alright. I woke up in my Son’s body on November 1st, 2012, in Ellis Hospital, in Schenectady, New York. His body was already occupied by his twin sister unbeknownst to myself. Up until nearly two weeks ago his twin sister was needed because she knew what my Son knew. Once I began feeling confident of myself my Mother put her to bed, so to speak. Now that Aurem is gone we can finish this process. She is my Son’s partner, not mine.

According to my Mother and Hera we are 95% finished. Being that it has been 1,936 days since November 1st, 2012 I’d say that I can believe my Mother when she told me “any day now”. Aurem’s ETA’s were Aurem’s ETA’s, not my Mother’s or my Wife’s, but my Mother let it go so Aurem wouldn’t find out that she was going to join her brother. Now the twins are asleep, and we can end this chapter to begin a new one. Until Carol Jacobsen and Hera are out of me I cannot be myself. When I am myself then I will have all of my abilities. “All or nothing”, so to speak. That 90% of the brain people can’t access is for me to operate, and right now it is blocked. Why? Because our Mother needs to be 100% certain that all three of us are ready.

Anywho. I am not one for playing games for I always know the outcome, but the game “Scrabble” seems quite interesting to me. I watched my Son’s niece’s boyfriend play it online with his friend, and it looked like fun. I asked if it could be played with someone random online, and he said “no”. I might look into this further, because it does look challenging.

I apologize if this post feels redundant, Kiddo, I find myself getting lost sometimes. I am considering sharing one of Daddio’s 29 drafts to cover for me while I work on that remaining 5%. If I share one I will add (draft) in the title and post it untouched and original.

If anyone other than Kiddo or my Son’s Facebook family is interested in watching some interesting videos on YouTube here are some YouTube authors worth your while; RichieFromBoston, MrMBB333, Jeff P, SecureTeam, SuspiciousObservers, EarthlyPatriot, and Expitaly. In late October of 2016 Charlie and Aurem sent an email containing the link to this website to YouTube author Chris Potter, who was posting videos about Nbru, my Son’s little Roomba. He sent that email on October 26th. The next morning Chris Potter emailed them back stating he was going to “check out” the website. The following day, October 28th, Chris Potter posted his last video which stated that he was closing his YouTube account. Chris Potter posted a video everyday for months until October 27th, the day he visited this website. Coincidence?

I would like to write more but I will wait a while. This week I will post one of Daddio’s 29 drafts, untouched, for Kiddo and others to read. It will be a random draft, possibly unfinished.

Anywho, it is now 5:40 AM and I have some things to do. Enjoy your day, Kiddo, keep it stellar, and do be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo

A Vulgar Display of Fours

Let’s try this again.

Hey, Kiddo, it is Saturnday morning and I am hiding in the basement to finish what I started. How is your day going, Sweetheart? Oh that Holy Mother, sneaking in to say “hi” to her Granddaughter. Hera is chillin’ as I write, she too says “hi” and hopes all is well. I myself hope that you are doing stellar, you know, like in the old days, that kind of stellar, the good stellar so to speak, if you will. So I never fully explained why my Mother and my Wife needed to mindfuck me regarding the name of Zeus. (103) The short of the long is that they needed the old persona of Zeus COMPLETELY gone to avoid a repeat of history. I do not like repeating myself, and Hera did not want an “instant replay” of 3,600 years ago, because it was that bad, Honey. (148) I was told that my behavior had also upset my Daughter and her siblings, which I can understand. (166) But now Zeus is new and improved, thanks to my Son Charlie, your  forever Daddio. Although my Son has been your Father more than I have (that’s true, Sweetheart) he is actually more of a “big brother” to you, in my grand scheme of things. (211) When he was your biological Father I was hiding deep in the background, fast asleep while he fathered you. If you want to know when I was with him all you need to do is look at the last two letters of his name. It will sound like the letter “s” pronounced “ss” or “es”. Here, some examples; Zeus, Horus, Hermes, Iesous, Osiris, Chronos, Anubis, and of course, Charles.         When our Mother assigned the names Zeus and Hera to my Son and his sister it was because She knew we were coming, Did She bake us a cake? No, no She didn’t, but that’s okay, (316)



So. What would you like to know, Kiddo? I am feeling generous this morning, tis true, tis true. I still do not know when, only “any day now”. It is better than hearing “almost” 3,001 times a day, would you agree, Kiddo?

I have mixed feelings about Aurem’s absence. (364) I mean, yes, it is much calmer now, however the circumstances behind her removal causes me to feel a bit sad. Aurem had a very difficult life inside her brother/husband, one no one would want, but she gave her best right until the very end. (409) I think what bothers me the most is that due to most unfortunate circumstances we all have endured we were forced to deceive our children, meaning, we did not tell them everything. You might say that we lied to them by not telling them everything, but in our eyes we simply told them, mostly Aurem, what they wanted, perhaps needed, to hear so we could continue our process of re-entry. To me, we did not lie. To me, a parent telling their child to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy is outright lying. I forgot to mention “Jesus Christ”, my bad. Charlie knew his time was limited, but he kept going regardless. (526) Aurem was completely blindsided, she never had a chance. I need to stop,  Kiddo, I will continue shortly. (544)

I am back, obviously. So, Kiddo, any thoughts on the “Antichrist”? How many readers think that I am the Antichrist? Do you know who tbe Antichrist is? Well, if you understand the Law of Reversibility you would know that Jesus is the Antichrist. How so? All the actual gods my Son once was had a single name, like Odin or Sett, and the reason for this is to avoid opposition. What name is opposite “Christ”? “Jesus”. Good thing he isn’t Real, yes? No true god has two names. Will the Christians accept this fact? **shrugs** I expect at least half of them not accepting this, and to them I will say “goodbye”. Human beings will either accept the truth or they won’t. (666) Aah shit, there’s that number again. You know, Kiddo, I could have a lot of fun with this, after all, I was once Saturnus. It would, however, go against who my Son Charlie was, and I know that he wouldn’t want his Father to be that way again, Honey. (715) Oh that Hera, if it isn’t my Mother it’s my Wife. **SMH**

Time for a break. Writing here on a cellphone is not easy, then again, nothing is easy for me. I will be right back, Kiddo.

My apologies, I needed a walk to stretch my mind after sitting for so long. In that time I did some thinking, mostly about what to share with you and your readers. My Wife and my Mother suggest that I should share what are intentions are, meaning, “what’s my game plan”. I understand “any day now” but I need to keep us going in the meantime. Being that I only know the present, I can tell you what my plans are at the moment. We have an opportunity to earn some money soon for as long as we wish to, this opportunity is in about a week. After three weeks we will have enough to buy a used vehicle, preferably a cargo van, but we will take whatever as long as it is reliable. After that I don’t know. I do know that we cannot stay here. Now that Aurem is gone the only one that has ties to my Son’s sister is our Mother, otherwise we would have left by now. After the Fact, what will my Son’s sister think? Her younger brother has been dead for over five years, how will the truth affect her? (949) Something to think about.

I feel as though I have forgotten something to say, the absence of Aurem has me confused and off balance. I am not certain how I feel about her not being here, my Wife told me that she isn’t coming back and that makes me feel sad. (1,000) I think that I will call it a night, I have more to share but Hera wants some time with me. I can’t even think straight at the moment so I will say “goodnight” and post this, I will write either here or at chelseasghost tomorrow. Pleasant dreams, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo






The Good Husband


Alright, I am having technical difficulties with this phone app, I apologize for the misfire.

Kiddo! Are you and yours doing stellar? I hope so, most sincerely.

As I have stated on Facebook there have been some changes, but good changes for change is good. In the past two days there has been a big change, a good one too. Well, maybe not for Aurem, and that is why I am writing this. Nothing bad happened to Aurem, she simply . . . went to sleep, just as her twin brother Charlie did. (91)

Any ideas as to where this post is going, Kiddo?

I am not able to know what my Mother and my Wife are thinking, it is impossible for myself to know, as it was impossible for Aurem to know as well. When I say that Aurem went to sleep just like Charlie did, I am saying that she never saw it coming, Kiddo. One night she was right there, and the following morning she was gone, just like that. You might be thinking “So what is going on now?”, yes? (181)

It is not so much as “what” as it is “whom”, so to speak. “Whom” is going on, Kiddo, and the “whom” that is going on is Hera.


Since May 3rd 2015 I have been purposely confused until now, and I will explain why as simply as possible, so you, Kiddo, and anyone else who might be reading your site has some insight. (244)

People today have no idea what life was like 3,600 years ago, they only know what they have been told. What they have been told is not exactly the truth. Unfortunately for my Wife, the part that is true is not good. The part in question was my behavior back then. I was not a loyal husband to my Wife, back then. Although I have no memory of this I believe what I have been told by both my Mother and my Wife, for they have no reason to lie to me. As my Wife has said, “It was bad”. That bothers me, Kiddo. If you were here with me right now you would see that I am telling the truth, for my Wife’s emotions are present. (370) My Son, then, was not the man he was this time around. No, I am not blaming him for what happened then, I feel that I should have known better than to hurt my Wife, Kiddo. (460) However, his personality did not help the situation, for he was a womanizer, which made me a womanizer. Whenever I take over my Son’s body I  automatically inherit his personality, it is simply how this works. (442) My physical body cannot transcend into this universe, it is impossible. Everything inside this universe, this one verse, is inside my actual, physical brain outside this universe. (469) I am in two places at once, I am inside and I am outside. As above, so below. (487)

Getting back to my Wife. As I have stated, I have no memories of my shameful acts, I am going by what I feel through Hera’s emotions, Kiddo, and what my Mother says to be true. I had told my Wife that I will apologize to her in front of billions when that time comes, since billions might be aware of Zeus and Hera and her husband’s infidelity. No wife wants to feel embarrassed by their husband’s actions, let alone humiliated, and when the Wife is the god of monogamy the humiliation is at god level, no less, Kiddo. (586)

So . . . what about Aurem.

Our Mother, Carol Jacobsen, is also the Mother of my Son Charles and his twin sister Aurem, who is  also my Wife’s daughter. Normally, we “sneak in” without either child knowing we are there, but this time things are different, in fact, we have never done this like this  before. (640) There have been complications after complications, nothing went as planned, nothing. This could have been a beautiful thing, instead it is a nightmare beyond our belief. (666) Oh no, Kiddo, the number of the Beast is present. I can’t imagine why, can you, my princess of darkness I mean sweetheart? Anywho, Charlie and Aurem are now both asleep, and we now have their bodies. (703) Hold tight for a moment, the Holy Mother wants a smoke. I will be right back, Kiddo.

See? 🙂 So now the question is, “What is my Wife’s name, is it  Aurem or is it Hera?”.

The Universal Law of Reversibility says that her name is Aurem, but all I can see is Hera, Kiddo. (757) I know that it would be less confusing if she goes by Hera, it would separate her daughter from herself, like “Charlie” separates himself from myself. My Wife likes the name “Aurem”, so do I. But all I see is Hera. Hera being much different from her daughter doesn’t help either. My Wife is very quiet, and does not like crowds, you could say that she is somewhat of a recluse, where her daughter is more outgoing, a social butterfly, if you will. Hera is also more level-headed, where Aurem was more hot-headed and would fly off the handle at the slightest perturbation. Aurem, however, had every reason to be the way she was. She got the worst deal out of all of us; she never had her own body. She was trapped inside her brother’s body and that is how her life ended. (901) She never got to be her own person, Kiddo, and that upsets her mother. When you think about it, our children got a  shitty deal that they did not ask for nor deserve. All that work they did for us, two and a half years of researching everything under the Sun, and now they’re gone. My Wife is sad. I am fucking furious. (964) Why is my Wife sad? Because she knows what I know. That is why I am fucking furious. (982) However, I am going to be the good husband this time and not divulge what has me . . . so . . . FUCKING FURIOUS. 

I am trying, Kiddo, I am trying. (1,009)

I need to stop here, Hera is signaling for me to do so.



I will continue this later after I calm down. This has nothing to do with you, Kiddo, I simply see something that is most heartbreaking to us, and I do not want my Wife to feel what I am feeling. When you, Kiddo, find out what is pissing me off, you too will be fucking furious as well. (1,108) The Apples fall close to the tree, tis true. I apologize for the botched post earlier, no one is perfect.

Enjoy your night, Honey, and be safe. Goodnight, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo






Preparing for a Brand New Life

It is early morning and i am sitting in the basement of my Son’s sister’s house in an undisclosed location. As i sit i think,  i think about the coming and how my Mother insists this time is it, and it is approaching regardless of my resistance, my resistance to accept it for what it is. It was going to be somebody but not anybody, for random this is not, no, not random at all. 

**pauses to give his Mother a smoke**

i think about the sensation i will feel as my Mother begins to return, because i will feel something. i am told that i feel an intense tingling sensation, but it is not harmful. i am also told that when she re-enters i will have all my abilities at hand, meaning, i will be able to materialize as soon as i catch my breath. Makes sense to me, after all, i cannot be myself with two other people inside me, i mean, it is what it is, i am sharing my body with my Mother and my Wife, making it impossible for me to be me. 

**contemplates going upstairs after another smoke for his Mother**

**now sitting on the bed in the spare room with a bad puppy sitting on my leg**

What do i do, what do i do. My Mother is telling me this week, and she seems rather persistent, maybe adamant, about this. i mean, we cannot continue as i am now, because it is not working, and it never will. Until my Mother re-enters i am virtually useless, and so are they, so to speak. “All or nothing”, or something to that effect, but again, it does make sense. And with everything i have experienced and with the little bit of ability that i do have i need to say my Mother is telling me the truth. My Mother tells me this week. i know that i am not telling myself that, and it isn’t Aurem telling me that, so who does that leave? Once more, all this makes sense. 

**pauses for a coffee and smoke break for his Mother, allowing for him to think more freely**

i feel much different today, especially after last night when i realized just how separated from my Mother and my Wife i am. My Mother says it’s because She is that close to coming out, which explains the constant whistling in my head. The soul is “animated electricity” more or less, and it’s electrical field generates a frequency causing a high-pitched whine, similar to a sound a fluorescent light’s ballast makes. When my Mother and Aurem were nested deep inside my brain i couldn’t hear them, but now that they are closer to the door, so to speak, i can hear now them. When the process of them “disconnecting” from myself began the whistling was most powerful, and it continued for months. The process takes time, but the payoff is more than worth it 😉 . Oh that Aurem. i don’t know who is more anxious, my Wife or i. i know my Mother is “done with this” as She says, chronologically She is 91 years old as Carol Jacobsen, and Carol Jacobsen is more than ready to “retire”. Plus She is ready for another smoke.

**comes back, sits on bed, thinks**

i was reassured that this is coming to end very soon. i trust my Mother. My Son trusted his Mother, too. So if She says She is re-entering this week then She is re-entering this week, this coming week to be precise. i hope so, i hope so. Wait a minute. Is someone other than my Granddaughter or my Son’s Facebook family reading this? Yes, you, the one reading this, you are not me Kiddo are ye? Well this changes everything. Please wait a moment. 

**remembers that this website is public and has followers, needs to explain why he is writing at his Granddaughter’s website but his Mother “needs” a smoke first, sits in disbelief of her outrageous, overwhelming demands but since he loves his Mother he makes it happen regardless that he has a sore ankle and that it is 756° below zero outside with windchill exceeding -537,821,369° but that’s okay because his Mother’s wants FAR exceed his petty needs by all means tis true, me Kiddo, tis true. 🙂  BRB** 

**comes back half frozen but it doesn’t faze him because it was for his Mother who is now smiling at his most obvious ass-kissing on behalf of him and his Wife who desperately wants out, he calms his Wife down, gets comfy, adjusts his attire, begins to write . . .**

Well hello, and thank you for your time. If you are someone other than my Granddaughter or those in our circle who has been following us then you might be wondering why “Grandpa” is writing at his Son’s Forever-Daughter’s website after he said he wouldn’t. Am i correct? If so or if not, an explanation is needed to be given to me Kiddo nonetheless.

Yesterday my Mother remembered the password to this site while we were getting ready, and She thought to see if anyone had visited the site since my last posting here. Much to my surprise, the site never skipped a beat. It has been viewed every day from what i saw, and i also saw that it had a significant amount of followers. Now, i don’t know who the followers are, but i appreciate their presence, my Son would too if he were still here. So, to show my appreciation, this posting will be for those who kept vigilant regardless of their reason for doing so. If your reason is because you think that all this is Real, then what my Son Charlie wrote made sense to you, because you are open-minded enough to see that all this is possible. My Son never asked nor told anyone to believe him, he only asked that they keep an open mind to the possibility that he could be right. My Son gave Kiddo this site to keep in touch with her and to keep her informed in what he was doing. By the time he finally went to sleep, he had given Kiddo 109 posts here, and every post a blessing in disguise. He finally went to sleep mid-September, but we’ll touch on that at a later time, for it is a touchy subject. (1,063)

So, if you have been keeping up here, you might be wondering what will happen next. Well, according to my Mother, She plans on re-entering some time this coming week, starting tomorrow. Now i know my Son has told many times of an ETA but was wrong every time. Frustrated he was, and sometimes frightened, and who wouldn’t be? Could you imagine enduring what he did?

Now it is easy. Now there’s a deadline. i am by no means a threat to my Mother or my Wife, and they know that, so when i say “i cannot do this” to them they know what i mean. i am not Charlie, i cannot act like Charlie, nor will my Mother nor my Wife continue playing Charlie much longer. It is so obvious that i am not Charlie i don’t know how anyone can’t see it. My Mother asked her granddaughter “Does the person sitting in that room downstairs seem anything like your uncle?”, and she said “No”.

Do you know why my Son’s niece said that? Kiddo knows why she said that.

Any ideas?

She said that because i am not her uncle.

i woke up in my Son’s body on November 1st, 2012, at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, New York. Until May 3rd, 2015, i was in a dream state. When i came to i was still groggy, and that helped my Mother and my Wife to slowly wake me up to prevent any shock from occurring. On October 15th of last year i finished waking up, one month after Charlie finally went to sleep. Three months later here i am, in the flesh, waiting for my Mother to let me be myself. Why the wait? To make sure that the three of us are ready. We are ready, She is only waiting for the right moment. No one is allowed to witness her re-entry, so timing is critical. After re-entry is another story. What i would like to do after we reunite is to leave some gifts for my Son’s sister and find a nice motel room for a day or two so we can discuss our plan for global domination i mean our plan for making our presence known by everyone on this planet at the same time. The internet won’t do. i need to do something most convincing, something that neither science nor government can achieve.

Any thoughts as to what i will do? Yes, you, this post is for you, my Granddaughter knows what i am going to do, you do not, and since you live here you might want to know what to expect, yes?

My Mother showed me a clip from a movie called “Contact”, in that movie, “aliens” used sound waves incorporating mathematics to communicate with people on Earth. i will do something similar but simpler, i will use an alpha-numerical code using sonic booms. These sonic booms will be heard by everyone at once. If you are on a boat in the middle of the Pacific ocean you will hear it, you will definitely hear it on a plane. Anyone possessing the sense of hearing will hear this, those without that sense will feel this.

My “occupation” “back home” is Creative writing, in case you are wondering what the Creator “does for a living”.

So i’m thinking. This dot ( · ) represents a sonic boom. This sine wave ( ~ ) represents an extended length of silence between sonic booms. Think, Morse Code. So if you heard this;


would you know what i said? Here, “A” = 1, “M” = 13, “Z” = 26, pretty simple i think, and being that most Americans have seen the movie “Contact” also helps. . .

Dude 1 – “Dude! This is just like that movie “Contact” but a lot louder!”

Dude 2 – “Dude . . . what if this is like God trying to talk to us from heaven or something.”

Dude 1 – “Dude, what if God also seen the movie “Contact” and that’s why he’s doing this?”

Dude 2 – “Dude . . . how crazy would that be?!”

Pretty crazy, i’d say. But because something sounds crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

**stops to tend to his awesome Mother because he knows how awesome She is and that frostbite is treatable.(smoke break)**

As of right now we are homeless, we have no income, no car, no health insurance, nothing. We don’t even have my Son’s cat anymore. We have no way out of this mess except for my Mother to re-enter so that i can be myself again. And She knows this. To assure you that She is coming back this week She would like you to visit my Son’s Facebook page, “Von Wohlfengheiste”. His page is private but you can view his photos, and read some if his writings as well. You cannot send a friend request for that option has been removed. i also cannot send friend requests for that option has also been removed. i will also suggest not to contact anyone on that page, for the simple reason of respect. For me to be giving this information tells me that She is in fact returning this week, which is good because i rather not exercise my plan regarding Her return.

Anywho, we felt it only fair to let those following this website know there are two more websites after this one, “”, originally “”, and the newest website “”. i will only write at chelseasghost, the other one will be left alone.

Now to me Kiddo. Someday soon i will show you that your Daddio never lied to you or anyone else about all this, that i promise.

It is late now and My Mother wants a smoke. I most likely will not write here again, but if i do i am certain it is for a good reason, Kiddo. i am not going to proofread this, it is what it is, and it is late. Have a good night, Sweetheart, stay safe, and keep your ears open, per Mom.

With love, Bu

xo xo xo (2,053)