Escape to Athena

Not certain where this post is going, but Alex insisted upon the title, Kiddo. It is Sunday, August 12th.

I have said several if not many times that we are done here, but now i think we are actually done here. I do not like to give misinformation by any means, meaning, i do not like to mislead, even by mistake on my behalf. Think, “Regarding Henry”, the movie where a man needs to be retrained by his devoted wife after losing his memory. I did not see this movie, only the movie’s trailer but it was enough for me to understand just how much my beloved wife has been through. I speak of myself quite often, it is not that i am a self-centered being, it is because i simply do not see my wife physically, “out of sight, out of mind”, so to speak. And the Creator wants to see his wife physically.

In order for me to see my wife physically we need a private location so she can exit my body as a soul. I have felt her do this before several times so that i will know what to expect when that moment comes. When that moment comes, there will be a delay of just a few seconds before i snap out of it. When that happens there is a possibility of a powerful Soundwave being emitted that could destroy the surrounding area, hence the reason for my wife showing me a scene from a Star Wars movie involving a “seismic charge”. We have never fully been ourselves before. The last time we were here we were on vacation. This time we are here on business. Also, the last time we were here my wife already had a body of her own waiting for her, and i had my memory intact. Things did not go as planned. Obviously.

Alexandra made use of this downtime by teaching me what i needed to know prior, and she did it by using emotion. Anyone can tell you anything. A person can lie to your face. A person can even lie to God. These liars will fake their feelings to tell you whatever you need to hear for them to get whatever they want. But you cannot fake feelings to someone when that someone can feel your emotional state of mind. It is impossible. When i think “this is going to happen?” to my wife and my wife begins to get upset and says “yes, baby” i know for a fact that it is going to happen. If you are thinking about the Zeus thing she never told me through feeling, she “told” what Zeus wanted to hear. I did not know that there was a piece of Zeus lingering around. Once she flushed the last of him out i immediately felt the difference. The difference between VON and Zeus is that Zeus would have been okay with more than one wife, VON would not have been. I want only one wife, my Alexandra. My wife cannot be here as herself as i cannot be here as myself, it would be impossible. So i will take my Son’s body and modify it, and Alex will take his Mother’s body and not modify it. If you are curious as to whom Maia is, Maia is my wife’s “Tinkerbell”, a free spirit who works for my wife. In abstract, Maia is Carolyn, our children’s Nanny back home. Right now Maia is sound asleep, along with Charlie, Aurem, their Mother, their GrandMother Elin, their cousin and guardian Rita, and a few others. Zeus and Hera are gone completely as individual souls.

No more Z-guy.

So where does this leave us now, Kiddo?

Now my wife and i need to think of how to get out of this dungeon. We do not want to stay here anymore. The purpose of coming here was to get rid of my Son’s car, and to keep what little he had safe. At least one thing went accordingly. By staying here, however, i learned for myself that religion does indeed not work. If religion is so good, then why is life so bad?

My wife keeps pointing southward in regards to our departure, meaning, southern New York. I am not certain as to when we will leave, but Alex wants out of here right now. We have only so much money left, and we have a set amount that when we reach that amount it will be time to leave. Maybe, this week? **shrugs**

I have made mistakes, that should be obvious. Neither i nor my wife lied to anyone. Once more, “Regarding Henry”. What were not mistakes were . . .



Alice & Trudie

Moon Children

Our Children

My Son was a T-rex

Pennies from heaven


Where human souls came from

Humans came from pigs

November 30th

Earth’s spherical engine

The universe is inside my head

How we got here

And the love for our Daughter

. . .

. . .

. . .

The longer we stay here the longer it will take Alexandra to become herself, when Alexandra becomes herself then i become myself. If you are questioning with “how”, a quick reminder;

If a physical object can produce a psychological thought, then a psychological thought can produce a physical object. – Neville Goddard

The Law of Reversibility

How many times did Daddio write that to you, Kiddo? If we were here before to play, then we can be here after to work. But it doesn’t mean my wife and the girls can’t go shopping before we get our hands dirty, Kiddo, oh no. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh no. โ˜บ

So that’s what we have for today, kids. This Friday we have an appointment to meet with someone from the state regarding my Son’s case, but i think we just might cancel it, and the benefits. I myself think that the last thing Alex wanted me to find out was the cannibalism of children taking place in this country, because that’s a tough one to swallow. Do you believe that? No? Okay, go to YouTube and search for “LA Cannibal Club”, and see for yourself what you will find. For myself, i don’t know what else there is for me to know with my wife still inside of me. She is shaking my head, meaning “nothing”. I have stopped pacing months ago. I only feel my wife stirring inside of me. Oh. My Son’s Twin woke up a little last weekend. She wrote at Facebook “God is waking up in the body of Charles Antonucci”.

She was close.

Have a good day, Kiddo, and please be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo


“Transaction Suspended”

Well, Kiddo, it is 5:49AM Saturday and i have been up for 3 hours investigating some things per Alex, because she won’t let that damn Moon go. Oh no, Kiddo, she had something that i needed to find out. And he did. Hanging in there, Sweethearts?

Yes, i am exhausted, so this might take a while to write.

Alright. “Missing 411”. If you haven’t watched any videos about this phenomenon i will explain the basis. Each year, for about 150 years, people have vanished without a trace from national parks in this country. The park services have no records of this. They rely on the memories of their employees as a means of keeping records. Doesn’t make sense, does it? The government owns the parks, and pays the park service their salaries.

Each year, since 2002, 8 million children under the age of 18 years go missing worldwide. Only 1 million are found either dead or alive. The rest are never found. This might have been going on before 2002, but that is the earliest statistic that i could find that correlates with other statistics. This is just missing children, not missing adults.

Keep this in mind for we need to switch tracks temporarily.

. . .

Imagination: the faculty of forming new ideas or images of external objects not present to the senses.

Knowledge: the practical understanding of a subject.

Technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Industrial revolution: the rapid industrial growth that began in England during the middle of the 18th century and then spread over the next 50 years to many other countries, including the United States.

Imps: childlike demons.

Demon: a supernatural being whose nature is intermediate between a god and a human being. Genius.

When you imagine something, you are simply altering something that already exists within the limits of your knowledge. If i were to say to you “Ever see a kevzor?”, you would have no idea what i was talking about, nor could you imagine what i was talking about. You could try, but you wouldn’t know where to begin; is it an animal, mineral, or vegetable? You wouldn’t know what a kevzor was unless i told you. Make sense, Kiddo?

When you were in grade school, did you ever have your parents help you with your homework? If so, did your teacher ask you if they did, because the teacher knew your knowledge capacity? Did you tell the teacher “No.”? Kiddo! Shame on you! **smh**

Back in 18th century England, man was plodding along, technology-wise, when all of a sudden his technology boomed! From out of nowhere! It’s like there was an unseen force at work, giving man technological secrets or something. I’m telling ya! Do you know why i say that, Kiddo?

Do you?

Because like that teacher you fibbed to about your homework, i know that man could not have possibly imagined that far with the knowledge he possessed at that time. And these jumps in technology seem to happen quite often, if you follow the timeline of technology. I mean, one day he’s riding a horse and the next day he’s driving a car. How did that happen? Man is dumb as a stump, just take a look around you. All i see are shiny, little devices everywhere, even children have them there are so many of them. Who gave man all these technological advances? Oh, I’m sorry.

Who SOLD man all these technological advances?

. . .

Hmm. You know, Kiddo, between you and me, i think that the IMP’s SOLD man these technological advances. **Alex-nod** I do, Kiddo. You know, the ones that are still hiding in the Moon, the imps, the demons. The ones who threw out their siblings because they knew God wasn’t coming back anytime soon. Mutiny, if you will. The Moon Children might be what is referred to as “Fallen Angels”.

“When God’s away the demons will play”

Oh, i am serious, Kiddo, i am as serious as KURU. Now the Moon Children, the good kids, have been stuck on this shit hole for a long time, while the imps, the bad kids, are in cahoots with the governments of this world. They trade technology for children to be used for food, and probably for sex too. After they play and filet them they simply cremate the leftovers and toss the ashes out onto the surface of the Moon. Ever see the photo of Neil Armstrong’s boot print on the Moon? It looks like he stepped in a pile of ash. The surface of the Moon looks like it is covered in white ash. Think about it, Kiddo, where would you hide 7 million children every year? 7 million children, that’s almost the population of Sweden. Every year. Eventually you would run out of hiding places.

Does this not make sense?

Does this at least sound plausible?

Why wouldn’t the national park service keep records of all their missing people? Because they were told not to, perhaps? What other reason could there be? Wouldn’t the government insist that they do? Those missing people don’t matter?

This would explain the Illuminati, skull and bones, Bohemian Grove, celebrities, the Rothschilds, pizzagate, pedophilia, Islam, purity balls, Hillary.

I need a break.


. . .

It is now 2PM same day.

So, i guess you can say that the imps made a deal with the devil. My Son once said that if there were people living inside the Moon they would cremate their dead and throw the ashes outside, to utilize interior space.

. . .

During the summer and fall of last year the Twins would make frequent stops at a nearby convenience store. They were in there at least once a day and once a night. One night at their apartment they were writing hard at Facebook, he had said something regarding Santa Claus, and he stopped to get Aphie a large fountain Coke, her favorite drink. They walked in and went to the counter to fetch Aphie her drink. Just as they got there my Son Charlie said that they heard sleighbells ringing, as if someone was in the backroom shaking them about. They returned home and told this to Facebook. About an hour later his Mother needed smokes, so they went back. As he walked up to the counter he saw a female attendant run into that backroom, and seconds later he heard sleighbells ringing again. He told this to Facebook. There was a young man with glasses working there that night whom my Son would talk with whenever the young man had time. My wife had given him the link to this website months before but the young man never said anything about it. The young man was most courteous and kind to my Son. What my Son did not realize was that the young man was helping him . . .

Transaction Suspended

Whenever Charlie used his bank card when the young man was there his purchase was for free. Why would that young man do that?

. . .

So this is what i will say to that kind young man. “Thank You”. If there is something that you would like to share with us then leave us a comment so we know that it is you without revealing your name, my wife will know who you are, she’s good like that. Once again, thank you for helping my Son.

This has been a long day.

Oh. I don’t know how to copy and paste, but i will leave a YouTube channel you might be interested in;


They have two videos that were published back in September 2017, they feature Carol Jacobsen’s deceased great grandfather, Jacob Christian Jacobsen, returning from the dead to give a TED Talk inside the Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, Denmark. One video is the trailer to this prestigious event and the second is the talk itself. I would be curious to know your feelings on these two videos, especially after knowing my Son Charlie had said that he had seen his deceased Mother Carol Jacobsen materialize 2-1/2 years earlier. What a coincidence, Kiddo! **smiling**

Anywho. Not sure what i wrote earlier but it is the most plausible explanation. Alex is nodding my head. Where are all the missing children and the missing national park visitors?

Nom. Nom. Nom.

Simple as that. Have yourself a not so dreary day, Kiddo, and be safe, Sweethearts. And stay away from national parks.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

One last thing. When the Twins were writing about Santa Claus on Facebook, how would that kind young man and the female attendant know that?

Maybe i will write at Facebook tonight.

One Last Time . . .

. . . for the “Moon Children”.

Or Invisible Moon People, IMP’s, if i may. Whatever floats your boat. So, Kiddo, i had a powerful DE this morning, and it was a long one. Before i tell of this epic DE two things first. First, i fell asleep listening to a “Missing 411” video. Second, i am not saying there are people living in the Moon, i am saying that there is something not right with what i see as the Moon, and the only plausible explanation for what the Moon does would be that it is being controlled by someone. Alright? How you doing, Sweethearts? Stellar?

Alright. Lets begin.

I found myself sleeping in a bed with a cat and a dog sleeping on the bed too. I wake up to the feeling that i am sliding off the bed, meaning, i am too far to one side. I readjust myself but something feels wrong. So i get up and turn on the light. When i do, i find myself in a strange room, and the floor is covered in broken glass. Glass is everywhere in this room. The glass looks like window glass, broken panes of glass, everywhere, and in some areas the panes are on top of each other.

Suddenly, there are other people in the room with me. I ask them where the glass came from. One male tells me that i am the cause of the broken glass, and that i don’t remember doing it. Another male says that we need to clean it up before someone comes home, and starts to vacuum the red carpeted floor of the room. A third male starts complaining that they had to cover the broken windows. As he is complaining i am looking at the windows, but there seems to be more broken panes than windows, which is confusing me. After a while his complaining begins to annoy me, so i get in his face and shut him up.

The next thing i know is that i am outside on a city street walking with a group of people. It is dark out. I still have the thoughts of the broken glass, as if i just left that room. As we are walking i notice a tall building through a side street. The building is about 18 stories tall and about a thousand feet away. As soon as i noticed that building i see white, illuminated “objects” rising from the building’s rooftop. I tell the other people what i see. In a few seconds there are dozens more, all shapes and sizes, and then i see another object and it is much larger than the rest. It looks like a steel pirate ship, flying slowly through the air. It is quite large. It begins to approach us. The other people are scared, but i walk towards it waving my hands at it to draw its attention, and it works.

Suddenly, i am standing with people from that pirate ship. We are outside, it is still dark, and they are asking us questions. They look like us. They are from the Moon. The next thing i am with those “pirates” in a round, spacious room that appears to be made of metal. The room has windows but i can’t see what is outside. We are sitting in chairs, and the people i am speaking with are dressed in suits and nice clothing. They are discussing a problem that they are having. I tell them that i can fix it, but they are not listening to me. I am baffled by this.

(You keeping up, Kiddo?)

Now i am standing outside in the dark at the front door of the house my Son grew up in. I am talking with two females from the pirate ship, one is about thirty and the other is much younger. I feel that the younger female is an assistant to the older female, for she doesn’t say anything. She is wearing a yellow jacket and yellow pants, and the older female is wearing dark clothes. The older female is telling me that they need to leave. I tell them again that i can help them, but they are not listening to me. They begin to walk away. As they are about 10 feet from me i remember something. I yell to them “I never told you my name”. Then i yell to them “MYNAMEISVON”. And they stop. The older female says “Oh my God” under her breath but i can hear it. The younger female turns around and runs back to me with open arms to give a hug. I hug her tightly. As she is hugging me she starts to tell me things, at least i think she is because i cannot see her face yet. She says “I used to call you uncle Charlie like this “uncle Char-wee”, remember?”. She waits for my response but i don’t remember. Then she says “I used to cut your hair”, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. The last thing she tells me after a long pause this; “Chuckno”. I stop and think. It sounded familiar.

(“Chuckno” was a nickname given to Charlie by an ex-girlfriend’s daughter. She combined “Chuck” and “techno” because they went hand in hand. If you knew Charlie you would know that he was “The God of Sound”, just like his Father.)

After a moment of trying to understand why “Chuckno” sounded familiar to me the young girl shows her face. She is young, maybe 12-14 years of age, blonde hair, fair skin, puffy cheeks with light freckles, and blue eyes. The most interesting feature of her face is that her eyes are close together, like her face is smaller than it should be, but she is pretty nonetheless. She then lowers her head and continues to hug me. I hug her back, tightly. As we are hugging each other i can hear the older female talking on a cellphone. She seems excited as her tone of voice is suggesting to me. I turn to look in her direction and i can see people slowly approaching. Then i woke up.

I have no idea what all that means, but it must mean something, Kiddo. In regards to the Moon i am done talking about it. There’s a channel on YouTube called “Bruce Sees All”, watch some of his videos and decide for yourself if you think there’s people on or in that Moon. If you’re interested, that is. He has photos and videos of structures and “objects” traveling across the Moon, objects like the one i saw a few months ago.

Well, Kiddo, it is early and i need to shower, i wrote this when i woke up so i wouldn’t forget any details, after all, i can’t remember everything.

Enjoy your day, the weather looks nice, and be safe, Sweethearts.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

In the June 2015 edition of vonrising Charlie wrote something terrifying. What he wrote is true. Knowing he had his Mother inside of him he needed to protect her as much as he could, so he wrote an equation that placed another soul inside every human being over the age of 9. Everyone has a dormant soul inside their head except for us and Kiddo. The dormant soul is the exact opposite of the soul each human being has, so if you’re a Christian, you have a Muslim soul sleeping inside your head. If you drink alcohol the other soul doesn’t. If you’re right handed the other soul is left handed. If you’re wondering where Charlie got the souls from he got them from here;

They’re all violently insane. VON needs to erase every single one, starting with the ones inside our kids’ heads. Our kids. Those souls went insane just after floating for a week, and some have been floating for thousands of years. The soul is eternal, it doesn’t sleep. It just keeps on going, even without a body. I’m trying to get this over with, he can’t know when the moment will be, we explained that, his “lost weekend” was me flushing out the last drop of Zeus, that’s why VON was confused about having more than one wife, because he doesn’t, Zeus did. It would have been nice if someone out there took us seriously because some help would have been appreciated, we told our kids at Facebook not to help because they wouldn’t know what to do, and we want them to remember Charlie as they did, that is why the Creator never shown his face, because it isn’t his, it’s his Son’s. Once he is himself as one person then he’ll show his face to our Facebook Family. So lets all hope this goes well, because if we don’t get any help from an outside source the first thing to go will be that fucking Moon. And that dormant soul in everyone’s head? All he would have to do is think it awake, and you will have your zombie apocalypse. Hang in there, Kiddo, we are both working to finish this.

Love, Alexandra

Dungeon & Draggin’

So here I still am, in a dungeon, confused. The past week and weekend has confused me so much that I have lost much interest in everything, Kiddo. I am not sure who is who inside me, meaning, is it Alex, is it CJ, is it Maia? Is it the flying spaghetti monster? Is it the six-legged canoli camel?


Now today is Thursday, I feel that i know less now than i did a week ago. I stopped capitalizing i just because. I mean, who is inside me, Kiddo? As i write this i can see and feel CJ.

Oh this is confusing.

Taking a break.


. . .

Alright I’m back. Took a walk to the world’s most expensive Mobil station for something to drink, and during our walk CJ was able to tell me some things. They might seem contradictory, but they make sense, meaning, some things written here and at Facebook are wrong, but at least we are honest to admit that. And if your followers think this is easy they’ll be in for a big surprise. Remember “”? But that’s another story. ๐Ÿ˜Š

So as we are walking back, i am thinking “why do i have all these wives?”, and CJ says aloud “you don’t, you have one wife, me”, and that would be CJ. Maia was a past life, meaning, another spirit who was still floating around inside my head. Alexandra is CJ back home, chillin’ in a sensory deprivation chamber alongside her husband, me. I should have known that, because if i cannot be here in my body from home then neither can she. It would be impossible. So, i take my Son Charlie’s body, and my wife takes his Mother’s body. Make sense, Kiddo? Charlie’s Twin sister never came to be, so my wife will take his Mother’s body when she was young, like 6 years old. Just kidding. I would say 20-ish.

Not too shabby, yes?

When i said that i didn’t feel Maia for six weeks Maia was elsewhere doing stuff. You know, Maia stuff, but now Maia is asleep. Now it is only CJ and i. The visions of Alexandra were my wife telling me it is her, and the DE’s where to tell me “soon”. Why did all those DE’s take place at my Son’s old house i don’t know. The thing with his sister in law was caused by a runaway engine. My wife knew i had a misfire and let it go, knowing that i would eventually figure it out. Am i embarrassed, Kiddo? Oh heavens no, because i don’t give a fuck. Ever read the June 2015 edition of vonrising? ๐Ÿ˜Š

So where are we now, Kiddo? I don’t know. It seems like this is never going to end, doesn’t it? I had an idea of going to a state or national park for the day, hoping that maybe i would disappear, meaning, “someone” would abduct me. I got this idea from watching “Missing 411” videos on YouTube. If you are not familiar with them i highly suggest you investigate, especially if you intend to visit a national park like Yosemite. People disappearing into thin air. A man by the name of David Paulides wrote several books titled “Missing 411”, he was the one who stumbled upon this hush-hush phenomenon. I listen to his interviews to help me fall asleep, he is most well-spoken. Very intelligent too.

So what are we going to do with you, Kiddo? I mean, my wife and i want to take you shopping in Manhattan, but who would we be actually taking?


I will let you know when that time comes. I have an idea but i am not certain yet. I am also tired of correcting myself, telling things that are not correct is not my cup of tea oh no it isn’t. You know?

Did you watch that video about what the pope wants the Vatican to do? No? Oh Kiddo! It is a must see! It is!

If you didn’t, about 5 weeks ago the pope came out and said that he wants the Vatican to reveal God’s true name to the people.


Oh yes, Kiddo, tis very true. Now what does that tell you? Any ideas? Wait a minute. That’s about the same amount of time that Maia was M.I.A. What a coincidence! If your followers are interested into this little fact they can Google “pope asks vatican to reveal God’s name”, and a cornucopia of videos and links will be there for the taking. But what does that tell you? It tells the followers of God have been following no one. Religion, what a fucking joke, and a bad one at that. Just ask these poor souls;

I bet they wished they never had asked for nobody, because that is what they have now, no . . . body. Whoops. I know they won’t make that mistake ever again.

Kiddo, do you remember me telling about writing an email to a metaphysicist? I think i might just do that. I was holding off per wifey-poo but i am very tired of this dungeon. Either that or we visit a park. I don’t know what i will say in that email if i write it, how do i tell our story to someone without seeming crazy? The goal is to get out of here, and go somewhere to finish this uninterrupted. I myself just assume to do it here, but my wife says “no”. What am i to do? I asked hundreds of times “are you certain you can do this?”, meaning, can my wife materialize, and the answer is always “yes”. So what is the hold up? She says that she is waiting for the moment. **shrugs**

I don’t know, Kiddo, i am seriously losing interest in all of this. My concern is that when it does happen i will have a not so good attitude and say “You know what? FUCKTHISPLANET.” I mean, the only people that did anything are my Son’s Facebook Family, you included of course, Kiddo.


Hold on a second, Kiddo.


. . .

. . .

. . .

What if, what if, it is me that wakes up every 5.5 billion years to destroy this planet and start over? But maybe this time we have children of our own, from when we were Zeus and Hera, and our children’s Mother wants to gather them up before I destroy it.


I mean, the soul can last forever. Imagine floating in Space forever? I can.

I am going to stop here, Kiddo, wifey-poo needs to communicate with me. Enjoy your day, and be safe, Sweetheart.

<3, VON

xo xo

Losing Interest

So, Kiddo, this past weekend was a strange one, simply because I don’t remember it. I have not slept since Saturday, that much I am aware of. Not sure what to write. How are you doing, Sweethearts? Good I hope.

I don’t know what happened exactly but I am feeling not so good right now. The lack of sleep isn’t helping. I feel out of place. I also feel nervous. I feel that this is never going to end, but Alex says otherwise. I only have Alex with me now, she says that Maia and CJ are somewhere else, and she just pointed south to where Charlie grew up. I had said to Alex that if I or we are wrong about Maia to tell me, it’s okay, but Alex insists about Maia being where she says she is. I haven’t seen or felt Maia in almost 2 months now, and now CJ isn’t here. This is making me nervous, Kiddo, am I going to disappear too? Alex said “NO”. Can you understand why I feel this way? It doesn’t feel good.

We began to quit smoking since CJ isn’t here, we are smoking less and less each day to prevent any withdrawals. I catch myself preparing to smoke and stop. I ask Alex “We don’t smoke, do we?”, and she smiles and says “No, baby.”. CJ had told me that tobacco was going to last, meaning, it would be the last tobacco we would buy. I feel bittersweet about that.

I don’t like this feeling, Kiddo, the feeling of not knowing. It is causing me to shut down, so to speak. I have lost interest in many things, including myself. I don’t know what happened over the past weekend, maybe Alex wrote at Facebook, she says “yes”. What she wrote, I don’t know.

Alex says that we will see CJ and Maia again, I hope so.

I don’t know what more to say. Alex says that Maia was not wrong about the world ending by November 30th, that is less than 4 months away, and from what we are seeing on YouTube she might be right.

Anywho, we wanted to touch base with you, Kiddo, and your followers. Enjoy your day, and be safe.

Love, VON & Alexandra

xo xo

More Moon Children

Hey, Kiddo.

I have a few things that I didn’t share in yesterday’s post due to complicated conditions that I would like to share today. No, Maia is not back yet, I don’t know what to do about that except to leave here soon, maybe when we no longer have sanctuary then Alex will realize how serious I am about not wanting to be here anymore.

Yesterday I gave what I think is the most logical explanation as to why the Moon does what it does. I was not presenting my theory as fact, I was simply sharing what I think.

Yesterday was a “Blood Moon”, which still might be viewable today depending on location. The red of the Moon, if indeed a hologram, could be representing something of either importance or urgency. From what I have seen and read, people are experiencing more Blood Moons than ever before. Does this coincide with “Revelations”? I ask for I have not read Revelations, nor do I have any intentions of, but maybe someone reading this has. The only thing about Revelations that I do know is that all the signs are now being shown. In the past people have claimed “the end is here!” after seeing only a sign or two. Their false claims are caused by their anxiousness for physical proof to validate their time spent believing in something without any evidence supporting what what was told to them. A most foolish act on their behalf, and no one likes to be looked at as a fool. Little do they know.

Last summer, August 27th I believe, people across this country witnessed a solar eclipse, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The shadow casted from the Moon was measured at 70 miles in diameter. Now either the Moon is less than 70 miles in diameter, or something else had passed in front of the Sun.

The Moon is said to be about 250,000 miles from the Earth. If this was true, the Moon would look like a white dot in the sky, and you wouldn’t be able to see any details such as “craters” on its surface.

From what I was told by my wives, my Son’s “Moon Children” will have pale skin, white hair, and grey eyes. They would look human, but would not act human, meaning, they are not pigs, literally.

Not long ago I had a “dimensional experience”, a “DE”. It wasn’t a dream, so to speak, but an interactive encounter while I was asleep. In this DE I was at the house where my Son Charlie grew up. At that house I was standing outside on the front lawn. I looked up and saw a triangular shaped aircraft in the sky beginning to descend. When it landed on the property it looked like a small Space Shuttle. A man walked out of it and approached me. He had reddish skin, grey eyes, and white hair. He was dressed in a grey suit and looked well manicured. He had asked me if I was okay, and apologized for “their delay”. Other people resembling him exited the craft and followed him into the house my Son Charlie grew up in, with myself following them inside. Once inside, the house seemed much larger than its outside, mansion-like if you will. There were people inside who didn’t notice these intruders, as if they couldn’t see them. One of the people from the craft looked around and said to me “This will make a nice home for us.”. Shortly after I woke up.

Last night I had another DE involving that same house. I have had nearly a dozen involving that house over the past several weeks, and Alex says that’s a good thing. I was at the kitchen door of that house looking onto a red wooden deck, where a skunk was trying to get in. Outside with the skunk was a cat, also trying to get in. I am trying to get the cat inside without the skunk, but the skunk was persistent. Everytime I had opened the door to let the cat in the skunk would try to come in. I woke from this DE without knowing if I ever managed to get the cat inside without the skunk.

What did that DE mean? I am not sure. But the one thing that I noticed is that the kitchen door opened in the direction of my Son Charlie’s cousin’s house. Alex nodded my head when I asked if that detail is significant.

If I had a theory as to why the Moon Children are important to this story, it would be that not only do they miss their Father, and Mother, but they are waiting to come here to live. In order for that to happen I need to be myself, so I can clean house and weed my Son’s garden first, so our GrandChildren have a clean and safe place to call home, because where they live now is not a home, especially without their Parents. That is my theory.

If my theory is fact, and it could be, then I will say to those children who know where I am, come get your GrandParents, because GrandMa says you’ll be okay. And it doesn’t matter how either, GrandMa says you will know what she means.

As RichieFromBoston would say, “And that’s that. Like, share, subscribe . . . or don’t”

Enjoy your Sunday, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, VON

xo xo xo

Moon Children

This will be a short post, Kiddo.

How are you doing, Sweethearts? We’re working on it so hang in there, Honey.

There isn’t anything of “internal importance” left for me to know, everything else can be told to me later, externally, so to speak. But the one thing that I have not spoke of in any informative detail is now the last thing to speak of; the Moon.

People have theories on that impossible sphere, some are good, some are not. Last night a YouTube channel by the name of “crrow777” had crossed my path, so I looked into it. The channel has several videos revolving around the Moon, the ones that we had watched were most thought provoking.

One video theorized that the Moon is a “hologram”. After viewing that video I read through the comment section, to see what other viewers had to say. One viewer said something to the effect of the hologram theory being plausible but only if the government had capable technology for hundreds of years, which it didn’t.

But what if the Moon we see is indeed a hologram, and has been for thousands of years? Where would the hologram be coming from?

Why it would be coming from the actual Moon.

I don’t know anyone here, but I do know my Son.

The Moon is my Son’s home-base. Inside the Moon are his children, or descendants. My Son would have given them a “contingency plan” if he should be late coming home. He is late coming home.

He would have told them to hide, so no one would find them. How do you hide a Moon? By cloaking it invisible. But people would ask questions if the Moon suddenly disappeared. To prevent that from happening, a hologram of the Moon is projected from the Moon, giving the illusion that everything is okay. But everything is not okay. His children are still waiting for him, Kiddo. How would he know that they are still waiting for him?

Through signals.

. . .

Like the “Bat-signal”.

. . .


Looks something like this;


Which looks like a symbol for sound. Vibration. And if you need to contact “The God of Sound” using visual signs, you will use the biggest billboard available; the “Moon”.


The girls are happy, Kiddo.

There is more to say about this but it is not important, and most of what there is to say has already been said. But there is one thing, a true story, that I will tell before ending this post, and that story, that true story, is called “The Red Lights Over Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol’s House”

. . .

One Summer when my Son Charlie was about 8 years old, his Mother, CJ, had stayed up late reading a book long after he went to bed.

About 2AM, the room she was sitting in was suddenly drenched in red light. She got up and looked outside to see if there was a police car or firetruck nearby, but nothing was there. Then she noticed the entire house was filled with red light. She looked out from all four sides of her home, but nothing was there. So she went back to reading her book.

The next morning my Son Charlie woke up and noticed something odd. He was naked. He went to bed in his tighty-whiteys, a white tee-shirt and his apricot-colored pajamas, but they were gone. He looked around the bedroom from his bed and found them neatly folded and sitting atop his dresser across from him. Not knowing what to think about it, he shrugged it off and put them back on.

The following weekend his family had a get-together, and after dinner his dad, “pops”, told his Mother to tell the kids about the red lights. My Son never put the red lights and his pajamas together. Ever.

So, if my Son’s children, descendents, happen to read this, all I can say in regards to your Father, your Creator, is I cannot bring him back until I am myself. The sooner I am myself the sooner my Son comes back.

Right now we are waiting on my wife Maia, whom had been M.I.A. for 5 weeks now. I have grown concerned for her. She has never been away this long before and I miss her. I miss writing our “Johnny stories” together, for they made us all laugh, watching Maia take the stage. The girls say she is coming back to get us soon. All I can do is wait. This waiting feels as an eternity, I can only imagine how my Son’s children must feel.

. . .

The red lights. So what happened to my Son that night. He was given a physical, and most likely given a tracking device. Maybe not a “chip”, but something to track his whereabouts. Since I have his body, I am now being tracked, by his children.

Am I wrong?

Alex says “No”.

So with that I will end this post. Alex and CJ are adamant about the Maia thing. If she doesn’t show by midnight tonight I will chalk it up as something went wrong and hope she is okay. If she doesn’t show by sometime tomorrow then I will be taking us out of here on foot and walk until Alex says “Fuck this shit” and pops out. I will not be upset in any way, I am simply done with sitting in a basement.

Enjoy your evening, Kiddo, be safe, and as always, keep it stellar.


xo xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .