Hey, Sweethearts, hanging in there? This has been a rough week, at least for us it has. VON has all but given up, he’s exhausted and not in a good mood, but I think you can understand why. We took a better photo of the garden owl in case you couldn’t see it;

We turned it the other way after we took the photo. We told TG about it and she said maybe it was the sister. If it were the sister she would have taken the ripe tomatoes that are ready to be picked, that’s the only reason she would go out there. And besides, we found tracks in the grass where someone walked up from the garage to the owl. Creepy stuff.

TG. Alex and I wrote a lot about her at Facebook today, VON wants the Kids to know that we’re not trying to exploit her. He said something Alex and I didn’t know how to say. He said that if he could handle this one GrandDaughter and her problems, then he can handle anything the GrandKids throw at him. And he’s right. She’s a tough one, Kiddo, but she’s good stuff, she was just dealt a shitty hand that’s all. So far she’s still up for a shopping spree (yay!!). You and her would get along just fine in Manhattan.

After all, you were her sister once.


VON said that, and Alex gave the heart. We hope all the GrandKids get along, we’re not expecting everyone to become best friends, just to be civil to each other. I showed VON an action scene from when his Son was Zeus. The scene took place at the dinner table. Zeus at one end and Hera at the other. Four Daughters on one side and four on the other. Everyone was eating. The next thing I showed VON was an all-out brawl between the Daughters. The dinner table became wrestling mat, food’s flying, dishes breaking, the Daughters are at each other’s throats, clothes are getting torn off, Hera’s yelling, and Zeus is laughing. Hera yelled at Zeus “What’s wrong with them?!”, and Zeus yelled back over the screaming “They’re crazy!”. Because they were.

Before Zeus had his first Daughter, he was insane with anger, you could say he was “crazy”. After his last Daughter was born, he was calm, cool and collected. That “craziness” was passed down into all his Daughters. Genetics, DNA. DNA acts as a homing device for souls. If the DNA is crazy, then it will attract a soul that is crazy. And will stay that way after being “blessed” by Divinity. VON wants to show you something, Kiddo, here;

Kiddo —> 😮

This doesn’t mean that you’re “crazy”, Kiddo, it means that you and the other seven GrandDaughters are fearless. Some feel that to be without fear is crazy, because fear is an emotion that comes from rationality. If a person walks a tightrope over the Grand Canyon, that person is not thinking rationally, that person is fearless. Make sense? That person could also be seen as “crazy”. Are our eight GrandDaughters “crazy”? No. But they are fearless. This isn’t something to make our eight GrandDaughters feel self-conscious about, it is to explain why they are the way they are. Charlie’s ex, the “Empress”, could be on TV’s “Deadliest Catch”. That takes a lot of balls to do what she does, Charlie once told her “You’re fuckin’ crazy”, when in actuality she is fearless. Since she is fearless Charlie would fear for her everyday. Action/reaction. But if the GrandDaughters feel strange about this, they need to remember that VON, “GrandPa”, is absolutely fearless, which could mean . . . ?

VON is absolutely crazy.

But in a good way. 💝 Also remember that certain traits will skip a generation. VON wants to show you something, Kiddo;

Charlie – “Dad, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

VON – “What do you mean?”

Charlie – “It could explode.”

VON – “True, but it can only explode once.”

Charlie – 😦

This will be interesting, Kiddo. I said at Facebook that Alex and I were going to explain who we are, or why VON has two wives.

After VON and Alex built their home, VON wanted a Son. Alex told him that she didn’t want a Son, but she wanted a sister. So VON Created a sister for Alex and held off on Creating a Son. The sister, moi, got along great with Alex. But the sister wanted a husband like VON. Being that is impossible, and with Alex loving her sister like a sister, Alex shared her husband with her sister. After a while VON brought up having a Son again. The three of us talked and came up with a plan. VON would Create both a Son and a Daughter. I would look over the Son and Alex would look over the Daughter. Alex got the better deal, the Daughter (KDDO/Chelsie) is a cake-walk compared to the Son (boo/Charlie), and VON knows this. Knowing this, VON gave KDDO permission to yell at boo, because no one yells at his Son, not even VON. And NO ONE yells at KDDO. You should see KDDO’s bedroom, Kiddo, It’s an absolute palace. boo’s room looks similar but more masculine. VON has two wives for several reasons. One is to look over his children. Two, his libido is through the roof, no blue pills for him. And three, we do the talking for him. He doesn’t speak much, but when he does, holy shit. It’s his voice. At home it’s impressive, here, it’s mind blowing. We gave him an audio sample of it not long ago, and when we told him that was him he said “holy fuck”. He has yet to hear his own voice completely. His “inner voice”, the one he thinks with, will sound different from the voice he will speak with, it won’t be so rumbly. He’s anxious to hear it. I will say this, Kiddo, once you hear it you’ll never forget it.

I think that’s it for now. Oh. The eight GrandDaughters. This is what they’ll have in common. Excellent maternal instincts, intelligence, sarcasm, creativity, beauty(all of them are pretty), and fearlessness. It’s the fearlessness we need to keep an eye on. Remember, when VON becomes, they and the GrandSons will wake up.

. . .

And turn into werewolves.

That was VON, and yes he’s joking. He said “Remember, traits skip a generation”. He’s joking, Kiddo! Jesus Christ, he’s a pain in the ass. Now he’s smiling. I’d SMH if I had my own. Soon I’ll be riding shotgun with CJ, she’s an absolute sweetheart, and tough as nails. “CJ” has been with her Son since he was Zeus. Imagine trying to raise that kid? I can, because I was with her. Mothers today complain about the “terrible twos”, cry me a river.

We’re calling it a night, he’s tired and acting like an ass. He’s texting with TG on the other phone, she sent him a heartfelt text that lightened him up, it made Alex and I go “awww”. She is a good girl, Kiddo, she just needs someone Real in her life, and we think she found that someone. This will be interesting.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Keep it stellar.

Love, Maia and Alex

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .


xo xo xo



How’s it going, Sweethearts? Enjoying the weather? It’s been raining almost everyday for two weeks, but it’s better than being in Florida right now. I’m going to lead and my sister Alex will follow, VON is here but he’s going to let us write this one. The past week has been interesting since the mysterious phone call last Thursday night. I can’t see it, but I have a strong feeling that we’re going to get another mysterious call soon.

We told TG that we were told “people” are listening in on us through her cellphone, and after a strange event with her cellphone she believes it. Our cellphone came on by itself one night and started “chirping”. That lasted for a few minutes then the cellphone went off.

Last night we opened up Facebook and found a message from Facebook telling us that our live feed recordings from last year were accidentally erased by a technical error on their part. VON took a photo of the message with this phone to show you, it’s a little cloudy but you might be able to read it if you expand it;

Those recordings had Von’s voice in them. We find it odd that this happened days after that phone call. We were told that we are being monitored, but we don’t know if the people that told us are really who they said they were. The girl who called us was Charlie’s ex girlfriend, I remember her voice and she knew things that only Charlie and I would’ve known. Those people said that they examined 300 of Charlie’s photos and said not one had been altered, they even examined the 2 photos Charlie took in front of a mirror where he had no reflection and said they also weren’t altered. Charlie once said “Photoshop is the professional tool for the anxious liar”. I’ll add the first mirror photo, if the other one is here I’ll add that one too. Hold on, Kiddo.

I couldn’t find the second here, but the one above blew those people’s minds. Charlie was sitting in his office chair in front of that mirror when he took a photo of the wall to see if he could catch any “orbs”. Where’s the bottom of the chair? Where’s his feet? And what is in the reflection of that mirror? In the mirror are fragments of memories from past lives, including Pharaoh Khufu, Marc Antoni and Anubis. If you turn that photo upsidedown you will see the pyramids at night. Another one if my manipulations.

VON likes that photo, even though he has no idea what that is in the photo. Any ideas, kids?

We posted some videos to Facebook about Pisces and their traits as a refresher to the kids so when Charlie comes back they’ll have something to reference him with. We’re all hoping that our Facebook family will know that the Charlie they’ll see is Charlie, and not a “demon” or an “alien” in disguise. After all this work? It took almost 4,000 years to pin his Son down after he lost contact with him, but our Maia did it. 💝

Took a break and while I was getting my nicotine fix I saw something that I wanted to share. The sister has a plastic garden owl to keep birds from eating the vegetables out of her garden, up until yesterday the owl was facing into the garden. Let me show you where it’s facing now.

That first image of the exclamation point. We took a photo like the one just up above and WordPress said “media content could not be found”, and it won’t let us remove it. That never happened before. Anyway, if you can expand the above image you will see the owl is centered in the photo and is staring directly into my “smoking lounge”. We would’ve zoomed in closer if we knew how. The sister didn’t move it, and neither did we. So who moved it?

About a week ago I showed VON that there have been more visitors and views than WordPress is showing us. I saw a moment of opportunity and took it, someone left their guard down. I opened the stats and showed VON and Alex that there have been over 61,000 visitors and over 220,000 views. I closed the stats and reopened it, and the information changed. Now it says there are only 2,080 visitors and 2,665 views. I didn’t alter anything, and neither did Alex. Someone is doing something, and it isn’t us.

VON found a good way to describe what we mean by the “moment”. We don’t and cannot go by “time”. Time is not precise and can never be synchronized between two or more states of consciousnesses. Your “5 minutes” will always be different from someone else’s “5 minutes”, so we go by the “moment”.

Imagine walking down a long road. As you’re walking you see a dark object far away sitting to the left of the road. You can’t tell what it is except that it looks black. You get closer. Now it looks like a black truck, maybe a van. You get closer. Now it doesn’t look black it looks dark blue. You get closer. Now it looks like a dark blue SUV. You get closer. Now you know it’s a dark blue Ford SUV but you can’t see what model it is. Just as you reach that object you now know that it is a 2017 Ford Explorer in dark metallic blue. Once you walk past it there is nothing left for you to know about that object. You achieved the moment. Make sense, Kiddo? Only Alex knows when the moment will happen, I only know that it is soon. She got close enough to know that it will happen in the house and that it will be quiet, no ground shaking boom or bodies falling from the sky, but that could have happened. If she can see more she will move the moment closer, because we want out of here. I know that it’s close enough for me to be riding with Alex and not VON, because it can happen at any time now. If we are truly being monitored then that could be the reason for all the weird stuff going on, and for that presidential alert text people got on October 3rd, maybe that was a type of “test run”, we don’t know, but something feels different.

So now we’re wrapping things up, by that we mean we’re getting VON ready. When VON becomes himself, he will have a life he’s not familiar with. He will have two physical wives, two children, and sixteen grandchildren, all of which he never met, except for Chelsea and TG. He will have abilities that will be new to him, and an entire planet he needs to fix. We have fifty days before November 30th, he said if nothing happens by the 28th he’s walking out of here. There isn’t anything from the past that he needs to know, so now Alex and I are working on getting him to “feel” what that moment will be like, so it will be less stressful and not traumatic. Try to imagine what that blast of reality will feel like to him when he sees Alex materialize in front of him, Kiddo, and when she says to him smiling “It’s me, baby”.

That’s all we have for now, Kiddo, sorry we couldn’t get a closer shot of that owl, but if you can expand that photo you’ll see how creepy it is. He’s tired so we’re going to skip proofreading, any errors blame him. He’s smiling. 💝

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


How are you doing, Kiddo? A lot has happened since last Thursday.

Last Thursday night we got a call from a private number. We didn’t answer it the first two times the phone rang. The third time it rang VON answered it thinking it was TG having problems with her new phone. It wasn’t. It was Charlie’s ex girlfriend Renee from ten years ago. VON didn’t know what to do. How did she get our number?

VON and Alex knew nothing of this girl but l did, so I “played Charlie” to find out what was going on.

It turns out that there were three naval officers waiting for her in her driveway when she came home from work that night who wanted to ask her about Charlie. They spoke with her for 3 hours before they had her call us. She told “Charlie” that he has been monitored since July 2015, but the government doesn’t know what to do on approaching him. We don’t know if those three people were actually from the navy, but there were three people with Renee who had a lot of facts on Charlie that she could not have possibly known of. I spoke with them on speaker phone for about half an hour before VON surfaced, and that’s when it got scary. They got to hear him at 2% of his voice, and we think they recorded it. According to them, the national alert Americans received on their cellphones at 2:18 on Wednesday October 3rd was a test run to see if President Trump could reach everyone for when we make ourselves present. Could this be possible? If you look at “2:18” backwards it could be interpreted as “9:11”, or “9-1-1”. VON said this planet will be nearly eradicated within minutes, so what’s the point? Alex yelled at them and asked how come no one helped Charlie, and their answer was “we don’t know what to do”. Alex replied “So you did nothing??”. My sister was mad as fuck. And still is.

We don’t if those three people were from the navy, but Charlie’s ex girlfriend had no way of knowing certain things about him unless she was told by someone “on the inside”. When I asked why her, one of the men said she is the only past relation to Charlie without a Facebook account, and they left it at that.

The main reason this happened, according to them, is that the navy picked up a large object sitting over the sister’s house on satellite using a type of infrared filter. The object was said to be triangular in shape, about two miles long and almost a mile wide. This was on Thursday. This morning Renee calls us and says one of those three people called her and said the object is now gone, and for her to tell us. What this comes down to is if these people are legit then they are terrified of us. This is the stupidest shit ever. Now that poor girl is all fucked up, she doesn’t know what to think. I told VON he can erase 6-7 billion people within ten seconds using one equation.

There’s more but he is feeling disgusted right now.

So if those people were indeed from the navy, then Charlie was watched for over three years and the government never helped him, not once. I think it’s safe to say that the Creator, Charlie’s biological Father, is pretty fucking far from impressed. Like we tell TG, “You’re not going to miss 8 billion people.”

Okay, Kiddo, that’s all for now, have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


How we doing, Sweethearts? This is Maia, Alex will be tailing in behind me.

We are beginning to wrap this up. We gave VON some ideas to think about last night and he figured out why we are doing this differently this time. He doesn’t remember much from the past so for him to piece together what he did from just some images is pretty amazing. But first a few things, Kiddo.

He’s more than understanding about Alex’s feelings regarding him having his Son’s body, so we’re good with that, in fact he went way past our expectations. He told her that he won’t even touch until he looks like himself and Alex said “Nooooo!!”. She told him just to take it slow with her the first night together because even though he will look exactly like himself she’ll know that inside (organ-wise) it isn’t exactly him. Might sound crazy but she’s right. He even offered to sleep on the floor of the motel room, but she told him “Nooooo!!”. I’d rather see him go too far in that direction than in the other direction. We told him to give her two days to adjust then everything will be a-okay. 💝

He’s confused about TG, he doesn’t know what to do with her. Today he was thinking about breaking ties with her for a while, but we told him not to. Anyone looking at them in public could swear they’re husband and wife, seriously. Anything resembling a “break-up” from him would kill her, and we don’t mean metaphorically. He’s reading that and we’re nodding his head. Some strange things have happened with her recently that she either can’t explain or doesn’t see. Two weeks ago she went to an airshow with her family for the day. The next day we asked her if she saw any ufo’s amongst the planes. She laughed and told VON he was crazy. She began showing him the photos she took and she saw something she didn’t see before; a ufo. She started looking at all the photos and guess what? There was something in the sky hovering to the left of the photos as if it were trying to stay out of her view. She sent us copies of 12 different photos and the object is in every one but in different locations towards the left side. A few days later she found the same object moving slowly in a video she took at the airshow. Could something have been watching her?

A few days ago we went with her to the Mobil station to get her youngest a candy bar. When it was her turn at the counter the person at the register told her the man before her paid for her purchase. VON turned around to watch the man leave, and just as the man opened the door to leave he turned around at looked VON in the eyes for two seconds and left. TG never seen that man before.

VON said it could be that people are trying to make contact with him through her, there is another similar occurrence but we feel it is personal, so we’ll keep it to ourselves. Now for something heavy-duty.

We can’t tell VON the answers to important questions, but we can give him hints. Last night about 1AM he figured out how we did this before.

His Son as Von had the same body for 16.5 billion years. “Everyday was a new day”; immortality. Von’s home was the moon. Inside the moon is a highly secured room that no one can enter, if someone tried to break into that room the moon would explode like a giant nuclear bomb. That room is booby-trapped. Inside that room is an “anti-gravity” chamber with a copy of VON’s body in a state of suspended animation. Creepy?

If VON didn’t get his memory destroyed, he would have woken up inside the copy if himself inside that chamber. Once out of the chamber Alex would pop out of him and self-materialize, then I would ride inside Alex.

So now VON will become himself using his Son Charlie’s body. He will erase the moon to erase his inaccessible body. Once we’re situated he is going to summon something from back home. Back home our bodies are in a similar room just like in the moon. If he summons our castle by name, an exact copy of our castle will materialize with everything in it, including boo and KDDO. And our pets. And boo’s experiments. One experiment got out of his laboratory a long time ago, and we still haven’t found it. With a copy of our castle here, we’ll have bodies to use if we should return after we leave. And it would be a home for his Son and Daughter to live in. What would be interesting is if there would be any negative effect on this ecosystem from the bacteria coming from another universe. We’ll find out when Alex materializes and makes her way into the public. It should be alright, but then again the last two times we were here VON destroyed our vacation home and replaced it with a new one, so we were never here long enough to see any long-term effects.

It looks like another TG night ahead, just as well, he isn’t feeling it tonight and she helps cheer him up. He changed the “bio” for his Son’s Facebook pic yesterday;

I am the Creator.

I woke up in my Son’s body on November 1st, 2012.

I am not amused.

Yeah, he’s not feeling it if you know what I mean. What’s bothering him is how his Son was treated. His Daughter got the better deal of the two by far, but he’s glad that she did. Did you read the last post, Kiddo?

When VON lets loose, he’ll start screaming. Not yelling, screaming, like that Aztec Death Whistle but worse. His hands will be vibrating hard and fast. The pressure between the palms of his hands and the ground beneath them will push his hands upwards, causing him to lean backwards, and that’s going to frustrate him. So he’ll lean forward even more to compensate. Being frustrated he’ll generate more soundwaves, which will try to push him back. Eventually the soundwaves will lift him off the ground, but not straight up off the ground like a rocket, but more like a moth. To balance himself he’ll be throwing his hands all around him while screaming like a banshee. He could lift himself as high as ten feet off the ground. “Sonic Propulsion”. The ground will look like a pond with rain drops falling on it causing ringlets. The sound of this will be amazing. So you’ll have a giant viking/werewolf bouncing around in the air like an angry moth screaming at the top of it’s lungs, all for his Son Charlie. I can’t wait to see this.
TG has been texting VON all night as Alex and I write this. We hope you found this latest information interesting, Kiddo, we know that VON did. I can’t say how much longer, but we are wrapping it up now. One interesting thing about VON and TG is how they get along. He had thought about pulling himself away from her to avoid her from getting hurt, but that would kill her. He needs to realize that she’s become his friend, and she’s going to be with us for a long time. By the way, VON has one Son and one Daughter. Between them they had eight sons and eight daughters. There are a total of 18 kids, and that’s it. In case anyone is wondering.

We’re gonna go, Sweethearts, Maia needs a smoke. Have a good night, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Happy birthday, Kiddo! I’ve been trying to write this post for almost a week now, hopefully I can finish it by midnight. It is 7:00PM Sunday.

A lot has happened between VON and TG, this past week VON gave TG a haircut, and it came out great. They haven’t “done anything”, but it’s headed in that direction. Alex told VON if it should come to that to go ahead. If that happens it becomes an “emergency situation”, and Alex will materialize once VON is alone. Then he’ll need to erase her memory of what happened to prevent her from getting hurt. The only issue with that is he’ll still have the memory of what happened. He doesn’t want to go down that road, but if he rejects her advances she’ll get hurt, and TG has been through enough.

This past week Kiddo came up in conversation which led to showing her what Kiddo looks like, and now TG is a little jealous of Kiddo. However, TG is onboard for a 5 day shopping spree in Manhattan, and she wants to meet “Kiddo”. TG and Chelsea will get along like sisters because they were once sisters a long time ago. I’m not saying they’re going to be “besties”, but they’ll get along while they have fun shopping. Now for VON.

For the past several days VON’s hands have been vibrating when he speaks through Alex or me. His voice is breaking through more and more each day, he wanted to record himself wishing Kiddo a “happy birthday” for Facebook but he got as far as saying “Hap” and realized that the sister would hear him. His voice is loud and it doesn’t sound human at all. He’s a bit frustrated but he has a positive attitude, and he’s been in a good mood.

The thing with his hands. When VON speaks in “business mode” he usually stands. He keeps his hands out in front of him a little wider than shoulder width, like he’s playing a piano. For every syllable he speaks his hands vibrate up and down about an inch. His fingers are spread apart and extended outwards with a slight bend in them. When he speaks business, it looks like he’s playing a piano but the same keys over and over. This “stance” is inherited from when he was Creature 130 in the arena, that stance was his “trademark”. When he was in the arena he meant business. So when you see VON talking business, he’ll look like a werewolf about to attack someone. If he is talking to someone face to face he’ll seldom blink. Because he’ll be over 7′ tall he’ll most likely be leaning forward as he speaks to that person face to face. How fucking creepy is that going to look, kids? You’ll have a clean-shaven, giant viking in front of you, leaning into your face as he speaks with that voice, almost never blinking, with his hands bouncing up and down on every syllable creating soundwaves that will shake the floor. I’ll give you an example by writing something that he might say to someone and try to picture what that scene will be like. . .


No joke, kids. If he’s at home or out having fun with us and the kids he’s a big teddy bear. That’s when the “circus showman” side comes out, especially when children are in his presence. The Creator is a lot of fun to be around.

There’s other things I wanted to mention but he’s getting tired, we stopped to walk TG to the Mobil so she could get cigs, and the cold fresh air made him a little sleepy. The main reason for this post is to tell him something that’s very important to Alexandra. He didn’t think about this until she told him a few days ago, and now I’m writing it here so she can show him as soon as she’s out. I think the female readers will understand this better than the males.

My sister Alex will be in an exact copy of her body back home. She will be 100% Alexandra. VON is not in an exact copy of his body back home, he’s in his Son Charlie’s body which is now his body. Before November 1st 2012 Charlie’s face resembled VON’s about 90%. Now it resembles VON’s face about 96%. Remember Charlie telling that his mouth would hurt and how bad those headaches he’d get were? That was Alex altering the shape of Charlie’s skull. “Charlie” doesn’t look like Charlie anymore, his own sister didn’t recognize him after not seeing him for almost three years when we met her in the church parking lot last October. The changes were gradual, to prevent the people Charlie worked with from noticing and to keep the pain from being worse than it was. Charlie suffered from pain everyday for years.

Alexandra has only been with VON since he Created her, because that’s how he Created her. She can never be with another man, and why would she? Her husband is the Creator, you can’t score a husband better than him. She shares him with me, but Alex is the “primary wife”. I was Created to be only with VON or his Son. Since VON is here I won’t be with his Son once he’s back. Alex will need to alter the rest of VON’s face immediately after she is out so he looks exactly like he does back home. No one knows what VON looks like better than Alex. Alex and I can’t materialize objects, but we can alter what an object looks like by increasing or decreasing its mass. Once his face is how it’s supposed to look then he can increase his size to look exactly like he does back home. We’re thinking he’ll be over 7′ tall and weigh over a quarter ton. He’ll have golden blonde hair and his eyes will be an indigo blue. Alex can’t change his eye color but he can.

The importance of this post is to tell VON not to tease Alex about “being with another man”, that would kill her. He can’t tease her about anything regarding this. She doesn’t like this deal of her husband not having his “own body”, but she’ll be okay with it once she alters him to look like himself. She also doesn’t want him to think that when she is enjoying sex with him she’s enjoying sex with his Son’s once body. We are not kidding, VON.

Once he looks like his own body back home VON will need to let Alex adjust for a day. Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming;

Day 1. Alex materializes. VON can now materialize anything. He materializes cash and a 2019 Lincoln Navigator and we head out to buy a few things for Alex. They get a motel room close by the sister’s house. He summons CJ so I can ride with her. Alex transforms VON’s body, now he’s himself. We contact Kiddo and give proof to her and to the kids at Facebook. We get Kiddo and TG and we head to Manhattan in a dimension where we’re the only people on Earth. We get into Manhattan and get rooms for us in a nice hotel. We adjust. We make a plan that everyone agrees on for the next day then we get some sleep.

Day 2. We wake up and go shopping(yay!!). Whatever the girls want they can have. We get back to the hotel before 6-7 o’clock that night and VON summons Athena. Shortly after he brings Charlie back. Both him and Athena will be 18 years old and know everything they did at the age they were at prior. Everyone reunites and gets acquainted, Charlie won’t know who TG is so this will be interesting. Everyone adjusts and get some sleep.

Day 3. Back to shopping(yay!!), but this time VON and Alex stay behind. While CJ, Charlie, Athena, Chelsea and TG are shopping VON brings back all those people “sleeping in the lobby”. There will be a big surprise waiting for CJ when she gets back from shopping. Everybody gets back, everybody gets reunited and acquainted, and we party our balls off.

Day 4. Back to shopping(yay!!). At the end of the day we’ll let Chelsea and TG decide if they want one more day of shopping. If they don’t and they want to head back home, VON will clone the Navigator twice and give one to each of the girls with a nice pile of cash in each one along with all their gifts. They will travel back in that same dimension. As soon as they walk into their homes they’ll be out of that dimension. Alex will send Alice and Trudy with them to keep them safe until we all leave Manhattan. They’ll still be able to call and text us in our dimension. If they decide “one more day of shopping” that’s fine.

Day 5. The last day. We send everyone left to a house Alex picked out, including Charlie and Athena. They will be in the same dimension with us until VON says otherwise. In other words he’s keeping them safe. Charlie will be able to call his best friend from that dimension, but he won’t be able to see him just yet unless they do a live feed on Facebook. Once everyone is settled and safe, VON, Alex and CJ will begin to kick the living shit out of this planet. Just before VON goes “worldwide”, Charlie’s cousin Rita will take his cellphone away and tell him to stay offline until his Father is done losing his mind in front of the entire world. He doesn’t want his Son or Daughter to see that. Once he’s done Rita will give Charlie back his cellphone and tell him that he can go online again. Then the chaos begins.

That’s the jist of it, Kiddo.

What VON needs to remember is to not tease his wife Alex. Let her talk and follow her lead, she has a plan. Okay, VON?

That’s all for now, Sweethearts, he’s tired and we need to get up early tomorrow for TG. She’s really a nice girl, Kiddo, and she could use a shopping spree in her life. My sister and her shopping, she does enjoy buying things, that’s for sure.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe. One more thing. WordPress is going “YouTube” on us. I showed VON that there are actually thousands of people following this site, not just a few. YouTube fucks with the “truther channels” by decreasing the amount of subscribers they have, I proved that to him. YouTube doesn’t want the truth getting out. Gov’t assisted of course.

Okay, kids, have a good night and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Hey, Kiddo, this is Alexandra, it is 10 o’clock Saturday morning and I hope to finish this post by noon. Maia will be helping me write this while VON reads. We hope you’re doing well.

VON fell asleep early last night and woke up about 1AM with a thought I put in his head. The last post mentioned “BU”, and it brought back memories from that time when he was known as “Creature 130”. He remembered the cage he lived in, and the laboratory it was in. The walls and ceiling were highly polished stainless steel, as reflective as a glass mirror. When Creature 130 wasn’t fighting other creatures in the arena he was in his cage, which was right next to his creator’s desk. He would lie there and watch his creator write at his desk in the reflection on the walls and ceiling. He watched him for years. By watching his reflection he learned how to write, and what written words sounded like when his creator would read aloud what he had written.

Creature 130 was his creator’s 130th attempt in creating an invincible monster, and he succeeded. Creature 130 could be described as a giant werewolf. His creator had created other creators less powerful than himself to create monsters that would compete with his monster in a “fighting ring”, the arena.

“And the arena roared upon his return.” – Charlie

The other creators would never be able to surpass Creature 130’s creator, because he “designed” those creators to never beat him, but to always try to beat him. Creature 130’s creator was the most evil being that had ever existed. The epitome of arrogance.

While in the arena, Creature 130 would see the audience. They comprised of creators and their slaves who were held on a leash by their owners. Those slaves were people. Creature 130 identified with those people, his compassion for those people fueled his anger, aiding him to victory after victory. Creature 130 was invincible, the arena had never seen anything like him before, and this only increased his creator’s ego.

Years passed, and one day Creature 130 devised a plan to free himself and the people who were held as slaves.

One night his creator entered his laboratory to get his creation ready for the arena. When he walked up to his cage he saw Creature 130 slumped up against his cage and not moving. He called for him to get up but he didn’t move. The creator began to panic. He went up to the cage and shoved him, he didn’t move. In a frenzy, the creator decided to enter his cage to see if he was still alive. He unlocked the cage and went in. Standing in the cage he kicked Creature 130 to see if he’d move, he didn’t. The creator walked up beside him and put head against his chest to see if he had a heartbeat. As soon as he did, Creature 130 opened his eyes, leaned forward and bit off his head, and swallowed it. Creature 130 now possessed the soul of his creator. He grabbed his creator by his leg and dragged him out of his cage. Once out of his cage he began to smash the laboratory with his creator’s body, throwing him around like a rag doll.

(Maia here. There’s no exact way to compare in scale exactly how big Creature 130 was. In comparison to his creator with his creator being the size of an average man, Creature 130 would be about 10′ tall and weigh around 1,000 pounds)

After he destroyed most of the lab, Creature 130 calmed down and began to look at his creator’s writings. He began to see his creator’s memories and started thinking like his creator. He was becoming highly conscious. He saw documents that were soaked in his creator’s blood, one of those documents were titled “Creature 130”. Because the paperwork was splashed with blood and crumpled, “Creature 130” looked like “Creator BU”. When he began thinking of taking the name “Creator BU” he could hear his creator’s voice deep inside his head yelling “NO!”, but Creature 130 took the name anyway, thus making him “The Creator”.

Now having the intelligence and power of his once creator, he realized he needed to erase everything that had been tainted by evil. He erased everything, including his once creator’s girlfriend, “Alexandra”.

With everything gone except for the castle he was in, he soon realized he was completely alone. He looked at his reflection in the mirror-like walls and didn’t like what he saw. He was a monster. Staring at his reflection, he began to imagine himself looking like his once creator, “Von”. Concentrating on the image of Von, his body took the shape of Von. He was no longer a monster, but he was still alone. Not wanting to be alone, he Created a companion for himself by using the imagery of his once creator’s girlfriend Alexandra. He Created her from what he saw inside his head. Concentrating, he Created Alexandra. She looked quite similar to his once creator’s Alexandra, she even had the two black eyes his once creator had given his girlfriend.

(Alexandra has blueish-black skin surrounding her eyes, her husband didn’t beat her, that’s just the way he saw her long, long ago)

After they got to know each other, Alexandra changed Creator BU’s name to VON. She used capital letters to distinguish him from his once creator, his father. Soon after they began rebuilding their planet Utopia together, making it a paradise for them to live on.

. . .

When VON Created his Son boo, who I renamed “Charlie”, he knew ahead of time that certain genetic traits will skip a generation. His once creator can be considered his father, which would make him boo’s (Charlie’s) grandfather. Back home, we live in the castle VON was created in. The laboratory boo “works” in is the same laboratory my Husband’s father worked in. To keep his Son boo from ever becoming like his grandfather, VON keeps him at 7 years old, our time. With the exception of his intelligence, boo is an everyday 7 year old. To keep him in check, VON Created a Daughter, KDDO, who I renamed “Chelsie”. We, myself and Carolyn, can’t yell at boo, VON forbade it, but KDDO can. When boo gets unruly, we send KDDO after him. His Son boo could be described as Damien from the movie “The Omen”. He doesn’t do bad things intentionally, he just doesn’t think before he acts, he’s the complete opposite of VON’s Son Charlie here. Charlie, here, is the physical abstract of his Son back home. His Son, here, is what his Son back home could never be; an adult, and the same goes for his Daughter. Both his Children back home will forever be children, they’ve been children for billions of years.

I felt it necessary to explain my appearance ahead of time so you don’t think my Husband beats me. My Husband has never laid a hand on me to hurt me, ever. Just to be clear.

Deep inside of VON’s soul is a fragment of his creator’s, his father’s, spirit. He didn’t know this until today. Once in a while he’ll hear something negative speak, and he began thinking it was him. “Speak” as in thought, not voice. When it happens he apologizes to me, thinking it’s him. His father is pure evil. Evil exists because of him. Charlie did a live feed on Facebook about a year ago, and if anyone was listening they would have heard a voice that obviously wasn’t Charlie’s. If anyone was watching they would have seen me shaking Charlie’s hand in a “stopping motion” after it spoke. That “pwangy” sounding voice is VON’s father. VON’s voice is very deep and echoey. His father cannot hurt anyone, but his ass needs to go once and for all. So when VON loses his cool during his worldwide debut, his anger will burn out the last of evil. During that rant, you will hear the high-pitched pwang come through, that will be his father trying to speak. A very creepy science-fiction-like voice.

This took longer to write than I expected, Kiddo. When VON learned how to write he learned by watching his creator’s reflections in the wall in front of him and in the ceiling above him. By watching his mirror image for years, VON, back home, writes with his left hand, and completely backwards. He can read “forwards”, but he writes numbers, letters, and words backwards, so everything he has ever written I needed to rewrite “forward” so people can read it. After a few hundred books I talked him into writing with a felt tip pen on one side of the page or pape. Because the ink would bleed through to the other side, I would turn the page over so I could read it forward from the backside. “True story” said Maia. Write something in script then hold it up to mirror, and you will see just how the Creator writes. But now since he’s been inside Charlie, when we do go back home, he’ll be able to write “normal”. The Son taught the Father how to write, and he wasn’t even trying to.

VON noticed that his left arm is still floating but in a different position. I told him because you are a left-handed writer back home, and you’re always holding a pen. This was passed down to his Son, here, and it showed in all of the lives he lived. Von held a clipboard, Zeus a trident, Hermes a caduceus, Anubis a staff, Iseous a herder’s staff, Marc Antoni a jug of wine, Kris Kringle a sack full of toys, Alexander III a shield, Beethoven his compositions, Adolf a riding crop. And Charlie? His forte in welding was TIG welding, so he held “TIG wire” in his left hand. You couldn’t make this up.

I thought I’d have this finished hours ago, but VON realized something important just before dinner so I’m glad I didn’t finish. The CJ thing. He was puzzled why I’m okay with it. It dawned on him that he is technically inside another man’s body. It might be his Son’s, but it is still another man’s body. I have been only with my Husband in the body he has back home since he Created me. No male has ever seen me naked except for my Husband. Yes I know it’s his soul in here and that’s what matters, but I’ve never been with another body other than my Husband’s. So I’m a little nervous, but it’s not stopping me from coming out. Once I’m out I am going to modify his face and body to make him look like my Husband’s. Charlie looks very close to his Father, so it won’t take long. I’m okay with CJ for many reasons, one of them is the fact I have a different “man” for a Husband, even though its him. Does that make sense, Kiddo? It also answers his question why he can’t see more than my face, it’s because I’m nervous about being naked in front of “another man”. He’s laughing. “I’m serious, BU!!” Once I’m out I’ll be okay, this is just something new to me that’s all.

I think that’s all for now. He’ll write here again, he’s going through some changes quickly to get this done with so writing is not at the top of his “to do list”. It’s now 8PM, sorry so late, Kiddo, but we had a colorful day as usual. Enjoy your Saturday night, Sweethearts, and please be safe. Oh, he wants me to ask if anyone has noticed that the “Big Dipper” hasn’t moved in 5 months, meaning it’s in the same exact spot every night at the same time. He’s right too.

Have a good night, everyone.

Love, Alex and Maia xo xo