Hey, Kiddo, it’s Saturday morning the 15th of December and we hope you’re doing well. This is an update on where we’re at with VON.

November 30th marked the beginning of the end for our situation. He is now locked into his voice, it might not be at 100% but his voice is always at the surface now and it sounds wild. We avoid the sister constantly, more than before because of his voice. He stopped watching videos and spends his time either sitting in the basement thinking or lying down on the bed in the spare room thinking. He bought more cigs last weekend because he knew I was itching, no help to the grandson spending the weekend here, that kid’s voice, holy shit. Anyway, I told him no more cigs, I have three left then that’s it. He asked if I was quitting and I told him “no”. We’ll see what happens.

VON has had a DE almost every night for two weeks, we have been putting him into those DE’s to tell him things. Last night he had one about a little girl who followed him everywhere in the kitchen he was in. That girl was his Daughter, he figured that one out quickly. While he was in that kitchen he was cleaning up messes, the more he cleaned the more the little girl followed him. Also in the kitchen was TG. TG asked the little girl “Who is he?”, and she answered “He’s my man of steel”. By the end of the DE the little girl had her arms wrapped around him. Something to think about, Kiddo.

I showed VON what I look like. He seems fascinated with my nose, saying it’s “cute”. He asked if he can materialize my body. He can, but after everyone is back. We are positioning him into place, he has more access to his brain now, allowing him more control of his body. His head has been rumbling everyday for the past week, last night it woke him up about midnight. While he was lying in bed his left ear began that tympanic rumble again. At that time the furnace was running, it was making a sound that caused the tympanic rumbling to become deafening. He rolled over and pressed his hand against his ear to block out the sound but it didn’t help. After a few minutes the rumbling went away and he fell back asleep.

Now that he is thinking like himself he asked if he would be able to bring back “pops”, Charlie’s dad, and we told him “yes”. He knows that Charlie wouldn’t know VON as his dad, but he wants him to have his dad again. He also now knows that CJ will want her husband back and that she wouldn’t want to be with us, and he was okay with that. This is how we know he’s finally thinking like himself, because that is how VON thinks; selflessly. Are you reading this, Kiddo?

Because he’s thinking like himself he doesn’t want to make plans for Athena, he wants to hear what she would like, but she needs to know that she will be with us, at least for a while. One thing that will change will be her name, he has some ideas for a new name, one of which I think is very fitting, and it’s a beautiful name too. He took into consideration that Athena might want to be within Chelsea’s family, which was okay with him, but Chelsea’s family wouldn’t know her and would most likely feel uncomfortable about the whole situation, which should be understandable to Athena. In time, and after an abundance of proof, they might accept her as a “step-daughter” being she wouldn’t be biologically related to them, but we don’t know that for certain. If Athena tried to approach them as her family it wouldn’t go well, it would only hurt Athena and traumatize Chelsea’s family, which would not be good for Chelsea either. But first VON needs to summon Athena. With Chelsea present. This will not be scary, Kiddo. You will be in the presence of GOD, you couldn’t be any safer. Although GOD is not the Creator’s name it is the name everyone identifies the Creator by. As far as the shopping spree (yay!!) goes, how we do that is up to Kiddo. We can go shopping in this dimension, that’s not a problem, but Kiddo needs to know that by the end of the first day of shopping we will have made the internet and local news. I guarantee it. Not in a bad way either. If we go shopping in that alternative dimension there will be no one else around, only us, but we will still be able to call people, send texts, and post to Facebook. Either way, it’s up to Kiddo. Also, VON doesn’t want to summon Athena on the first day, he wants her to see what he’s like while she’s still inside Chelsea, it would be like a “safety” to Athena, in VON’s eyes. If Athena feels comfortable after we finish shopping on the first day and wants VON to summon her that night he will. The shopping spree (yay!!) will be about 4-5 days long, after that we bring Athena with us to either our temporary home, or to our permanent home. But we’re not coming back to this house ever again. Nothing against the sister, we’re just sick of being here in the basement. Now he’s thinking “Is a copy of our castle already here?”. I don’t know, VON, is it? We showed him what our castle looks like in a DE. It is fucking mammoth. From a good distance he saw a stone wall with an opening at the bottom of it, the opening was arched at the top. There was a person standing in the opening. He said the opening looked about twenty feet high, making the person look tiny. He then started to look towards the top of the wall. He said the wall looks hundreds of feet high. There was green ivy climbing the right side of the wall. He then went through the opening which he said was about a hundred feet long in depth. He got to the other side where he could see light at the end of the tunnel before he woke up. This DE had two purposes.

We’re going to stop here, I burned up a cig and started into the second one, and he’s getting tired now. We just wanted to touch base with you, Kiddo, so you know what’s going on. He asked if we can finish this by Christmas and we told him “yes”. I’m not saying this will end by Christmas, but we’re not saying it can’t either. Okay?

Have a good weekend, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo



He’s letting us write, Kiddo. This has been an interesting week. I’m not going into what happened November 30th, but he is very different now. That date had to do with him, not with the world ending by the end of this year. All he can physically say is “voice”. He stopped watching videos. All he does is sit and think. I’m almost out of smokes, I told him “no more”. Coffee makes him sick, he only likes drinking water now. His voice is much louder and deeper with some sound effects bleeding through. Now for Kiddo.

We had a bit of a hiccup last week, but now he knows he’s not Charlie, and we’re not CJ and Aphie. We used this to our advantage and showed him something about them, and he’s good with it.

During the week he decided that Chelsea needs to be present upon him summoning his Daughter. He’s leaving how Chelsea becomes in his presence up to her. But she can’t make that decision until we can give her proof that he is in fact the Creator. Sound good, Chelsea? Make sense?

When he summons his Daughter she will remain solely as his Daughter. She will stay with us. Charlie, CJ and Aphie will not be with us, they will be a separate family. We are not placing Athena and Aphie together so Athena should have no worries. VON has a good idea as to what happened between Athena and Aphie. History will not repeat. VON is also okay with what happened, he understands. Okay, Athena?

Chelsea needs to be in VON’s presence for a few reasons. One, to prevent any trauma. Two, to prevent Athena from feeling scared. She doesn’t know us, and we want her to have her best friend there, her best friend being Chelsea. Three, we get to spoil Chelsea with a shopping spree (yay!!). If going shopping in a dimension where there are no people bothers Chelsea then we can go shopping in this dimension. The purpose of shopping in another dimension was to avoid standing on line at registers, and to avoid attention. People will be staring at us, Kiddo, if you’re okay with that so are we.

He wants to do a lot of good things. He wants to give everyone an awesome Christmas. He isn’t sure what happened last week except that he feels very different now. We told him just a little bit longer, he doesn’t need to go outside, we’re that close.

I’m stopping here. I’ll try to write again soon.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Okay, Kiddo, it’s Friday morning November 30th, and we’re getting him ready. He woke up just before sunrise, so we have the entire day for this. Calendar days begin at sunrise, not at midnight. Midnight is called midnight because 12 AM is the middle of the night of the day that began at sunrise. The Roman Empire is responsible for changing when the day starts for financial reasons, the same reason why they added two months, January and February. The week was once six days long, not seven, that’s why some Christians will argue that the Sabbath is on Saturday and not on Sunday. Basically one year should have ten months, each month having six weeks at six days each week, equalling 360 days per year. Something to think about.

He considered going out last night but earlier that night he pulled a muscle in his back, and he doesn’t know how he did it. It still hurts him today but it’s not that bad, it’s only slowing him down. During the past week he’s had several DE’s, one he successfully deciphered as Alex and I waiting to meet him in person, it took him a couple of days but he did it. Last night he had one that he deciphered as a “heads up” to people his Son Charlie knew. If anyone has had a DE involving his Son Charlie in the past year they had a dimensional encounter with VON. A DE, or Dimensional Experience, is when a person enters a different dimension fully conscious while they are sleeping. If you had a dream where your five senses are active and your surroundings can be described afterwards in great detail you had a DE. A dream is more vague with minimal detail and is seldom remembered. A dream is more like a “brain fart”. I gave TG a DE about a month ago to cure her curiosity about “Charlie”. We hadn’t seen or heard from TG for almost three weeks a while ago. VON had a DE about her on a Monday after not seeing her for almost three weeks. The next day she called him wanting to see him. She had the same DE that Monday but from her perspective. Her curiosity was cured, and we’ll leave it at that. Lucky girl.

So today he’s not watching any videos, just like he did late yesterday. He’s seen enough. I was going to post more videos other than the one that pisses him off but he wasn’t into it. The video I posted yesterday, about twenty seconds in it shows what appears to be a mother with her young son standing outside at a tent amongst other tents. She seems to be wearing pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt. That is what pissed him off. She lost her home to a California fire and now she’s homeless with her child, standing outside in the cold wearing pj’s. Holy fuck he’s mad. Stopping here.

. . .

Today’s technology is not supposed to be here, TV, cellphones, tablets, computers, all that nonsense is not supposed to be here, those things were the main cause to his “information overload”. He references what he has seen to find answers to his questions which has made this more difficult than necessary. I used this technology to help combat itself by manipulating certain people to tell or show something that would help us help VON. The music video “Street Halo” by Burial for instance. Was it a coincidence that VON’s signature is shown in mirror image throughout the video? He watched videos on demonic possession thinking he’s Charlie possessed by demons. We are not demons, we showed him the people possessed by demons, and I’m pretty fucking sure that demons don’t want to help people, especially children. If my sister and I were demons we would have chosen a rich bitch to be in, not a man with no money, common sense, kids. Any female who says that they wish they were a man Alex and I would tell them “The fuck you do”. We don’t enjoy being inside a man at all. If there is one benefit over being a woman it is “directional peeing”. A man can pee into an empty Gatorade jug while driving his car, we know because his Son did it once, but it’s not a good enough reason to want to be a male.

Okay. Occam’s Razor.

“Occam’s Razor is a problem-solving principle that the simplest solution tends to be the correct solution. When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions.” – Wikipedia

VON spent most of yesterday trying to find the simplest solution to his situation. He covered everything from mental illnesses to demonic possession. When he thought about this being a “prank” or a lie he came to a stop. What would be his reason? If he was Charlie what would be Charlie’s reason? His Son has a four-digit IQ that blows Zuckerberg’s out of the water, so I think Charlie would have been smart enough not to lie or try to prank people about something as serious as GOD. Common sense. Mental illness? Schizophrenia? Both Charlie and VON had told 15 psychologists they don’t “hear voices”, and they weren’t lying. If you heard a voice inside your head that wasn’t your own you’d shit your pants. Multiple personalities? Okay, what happened to Anubis, Adolph, Alexander III, Marc Antoni, Beethoven, Christopher Columbus, Vlad Tepes III, Zeus, Da Vinci, Hermes, Thor, Osiris, Iesous, Horus, Khufu, King Tut, and all the rest? Did they go on vacation? And yes, we’re reminding VON as well as reminding you, Kiddo, and your readers. The simplest answer to what VON is questioning is that he is the CREATOR. And everything about how he got here is true. Some of the “side stories” might have been wrong, but who cares? They were honest mistakes made by him being “drunk on information”, not a big deal. But 95% of what has been told here has been correct, the Zeus and Hera thing were the effect of his imagination while being “drunk”. Like the “drunken husband syndrome”, the drunken husband is the life of the party, at the end of the night his wife drags him back home while he goes on about this and that until he falls asleep. The following morning his wife is looking at him asking “do you remember last night?”, after he says “no, why?” she tells him. Same thing on a different scale. 95% of what was written is true, and that should be very scary.

It is almost 11 o’clock. We have until 7:03 AM tomorrow, so that gives us some time. He still thinks that he came up with November 30th, he didn’t, that’s the date I gave him. Alex had no part in this.

The sister goes to bed about 10-11 o’clock on Fridays, he goes outside into the cold he’ll only be out there for no more than two hours, it’s cold AF at night here. He thinks the sister is going to find a dead frozen body outside in the morning, that will not happen. He’s not going inside until . . .

He’s not sure who will materialize. Someone will but who? He saw what Alex will look like but will CJ materialize instead? Back in early May of 2015 he saw something written that was wrong about CJ materializing. He saw written that she materialized in the dark early morning hours. CJ materialized about 10 AM in daylight. Who wrote that it happened in the dark? He sees images of CJ but doesn’t feel her presence. Alex was not and is not CJ. Alex was not and is not Aphie either. If CJ materializes where would Alex be? Maybe with CJ? VON will be himself afterwards, meaning he’ll have all of his abilities. Does he materialize Alex? Is Maia blocking VON from his abilities? Is CJ blocking him? He can’t be himself until he is himself, and he’s going to need all his abilities as soon as someone exits him, but who is going to exit him, CJ, Maia, or Alex? Confused, Kiddo? So is he. If VON is outside shivering on the ground who would be strong enough to drag him inside if he can’t physically stand up? Remember, CJ raised Charlie and Aphie, I retaught VON through CJ while Alex stayed by his side the entire time, so who would be best to materialize just before VON regains his abilities? Now he’s more confused, which is actually a good thing. There are two ways to find out. Someone materializes before he goes outside or after he goes outside. Now he’s thinking “is the moment now up to me?”. Is it? Is the moment before or after going outside? We’re done here, Kiddo, so is it possible that we’re waiting on VON? He won’t last long outside, and we hate the cold. Okay, he’s confused enough. If he can’t figure it out it means he needs someone to tell him who will be outside his body, and that someone will either be CJ, Alex or me.

So that’s about it, Kiddo, let’s see what happens.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, stay warm, and be safe. 💝

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Hey, Kiddo, it’s Wednesday night, the 28th of November, and we hope you’re doing well. Today was a busy day between DSS, Charlie’s niece, and TG. After meeting with DSS our phone was tied up from the niece and TG texting VON for most of the day, which gave VON a break from watching videos that would piss him off.

Oh yes, Kiddo, I am quite disturbed from what I have seen oh yes I am tis true tis oh so true from me to you.

. . .

He’s coming, Kiddo, it just took some. He has his mind set on another date, and we told him “Yes”. He’s not going to die, he’s not going to “float”, and he’s not going to sleep while we take over his body, besides, he slept long enough. What has him determined to finish this is all the bad things we’ve shown him, especially the California fires. We showed him a video about the fires that made his blood boil, we’ll try to post that same video here later or tomorrow. I can’t even talk about that video he’s so enraged from it. Has anyone watched the music videos we posted? “Halo” is one of my favorites.

Last night VON was curious about Twitter, some of the videos we showed him talked about Twitter accounts, so we opened an account. He wrote one thing and decided not to write anything more until he’s himself. We told him that this is a good thing because the account can be viewed by anyone unlike Facebook, which will remain private. We also added the link to this site at Twitter. The Twitter account is;


He didn’t understand why the numbers were added to “VON”, I told him that someone else might already have “VON” as an account name and he didn’t like that.

How dare they, me Kiddo, how dare they indeed.

. . .

He’s playing, Kiddo. He just said “No I’m not”. He’s such an ass. One good thing about having those numbers after his name is that he blends in and doesn’t look arrogant. And those numbers have a digit sum of 1. What a coincidence. He’s been seeing digit sums of 1 and 9 everywhere, right now it’s 7:03 PM. That’s a very good thing, Sweethearts. You can look at the Twitter account but I wouldn’t post anything there yet, wait for him to become. We’ll still post the big things here and at Facebook afterwards, but post the incidentals at Twitter.

My sister still wants to go on that shopping spree (yay!!) but there’s a couple of things we need to do first ( 😦 ). My sister is also an ass, no wonder VON and Alex get along so good. She knows what we need to do first, she’s just having fun ( 😋 ). We’ll probably go on our shopping spree (yay!!) a few days after, and we can do a little shopping on our trip to do what needs to be done. **Alex-nod** We can’t tell you what we’re going to do and where we’re going, Kiddo, but you can come with us if you like, it’ll be like a “road trip”. We’ll leave that up to you when the time comes. But it will be fun, and we’ll make worldwide news while doing good things. Where could we be going, Kiddo? And how will we get there?

Oh my, Kiddo, such questions, such questions. As much as I would love to give answers my Wives, my, wonderful Wives, know how I feel about feeling uncertain, meaning, “Are these plans real?”. They say “Yes”.


I think, that, there is a possibility that someone has read all that has been written by us, CJ, my Son, Aphie, and all those past life spirits, and believes it all to be true, in regards to death. If that possibility is indeed a fact, that someone is terribly frightened. If that is the case, their feelings are valid. They should be frightened. This is terrifying, Kiddo. No one knows what happens when they die. We know what happens. We take this matter most seriously. No one likes to think about dying. I am most empathic, I can feel what someone feels simply by using my imagination. I myself will admit that I am a little nervous about what I am going to do. If I am wrong, I will float forever. Maia and Alexandra tell me that will not happen. Alright. That brings me to my second concern. If I am not wrong, meaning, I do not die then float forever, will Alexandra self-materialize. Maia and Alexandra say “Yes”.


You are aware that the 30th of November is a day away, yes? I mean, tomorrow is between now and then, that constitutes for one day, at least I think it does. They are both nodding my head “You can do this”. Who will I be doing this for? Everyone.

With that being said I will turn the keypad over to my Wives, my, wonderful Wives, to allow them to finish their say. Have a good night, Kiddo, and keep it stellar.

Love, VON


. . .

. . .

. . .

He hasn’t spoken in a while. He won’t let us tell you where and how, but we can say our means of transportation will defy all scientific explanations. We want this done with so bad. The only thing that was holding him back was Alex because he doesn’t know exactly what she’ll look like. So we told him the woman he sees will be his wife Alex, and he said “okay”. He has an idea of what she might look like, and he might be right.

So that’s about it, Kiddo, we’ll try to post some “random” videos tonight and tomorrow, and maybe the one that burns him up.

Have a good night, Sweethearts, and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo


Hey, Kiddo, it’s Monday morning the 26th of November and we hope you’re doing well. VON has changed dramatically over the past few days. He is doubting everything we told him and doesn’t want to physically move, he just wants to sleep. He knows that the 30th is on Friday and doesn’t see anything happening by or on that date. He wanted to go outside last night but we told him to wait a few more days, he waited this long what’s a few more days?

Back in the spring he woke up to me, Maia, speaking through him. What I said was “The world will end by the end of this year”, calendar year, not a year from that morning he heard me speak. About two months later I told him by November 30th instead of December 31st of this year. Now he’s trying to figure out what “world” will end, because no matter what world he thinks it is it will be a physical world. He said that if nothing happens by sunrise of December 1st he’s going outside to find out if all this is true. All this is true, but he can’t feel it because he’s not himself the Creator. He can’t be himself if Alex and I are inside him. He can’t materialize Alex because he would need to be himself the Creator to do so, and that’s why Alex will self-materialize. He thinks that this is bullshit, he doesn’t understand that Alex can’t just exit him without the moment or without an emergency. He’s waited this long, he has a few more days to go. In the meantime we’ve been pumping him full of recent news, like the fires in California and all the displaced people who lost their homes. Those fires were set on purpose. Funny how only buildings and cars burned but not the trees. Needless to say he isn’t happy about everything we’ve shown him.

The sister should be returning from her trip today, so we’re going to let him get some rest while we have the house to ourselves. I would write more but he isn’t into it right now.

Have a good day, Sweethearts, stay warm and be safe.

Love, Maia and Alex xo xo