Hello, Kiddo, it is nighttime and I’m out and about, however I have some time, actually a lot of time, to share some thoughts with you and your followers, and one of those thoughts is birds. Yes, birds, and when I’m done you might never look at birds the same way ever again.

Scientists say that birds came from evolution, and theologians say that birds are of “intelligent design”. They are both wrong, and here’s why.

Have you ever seen an x-ray of a bird’s wing? The skeletal structure will show what looks like an arm with a hand. Hands are pretty handy aren’t they? They can hold a fork to feed your mouth food, I think that’s a pretty handy thing to have, I think that if dinosaurs were here today they’d concur with me, if they were able to understand and speak English. So lets imagine that people had a choice between having working arms and hands or wings, what do you think they’d choose? Oh, and lets not forget the beak, that comes with the wings. What would they choose? I mean, c’mon now, Kiddo, you could have wings to fly with, wouldn’t that be an evolutionary wonder? And who wouldn’t want to slam their face I mean beak into a plate of worms? Think of all the silverware someone else wouldn’t need to wash for you, what a time-saver that would be. What’s that? “Birds are of intelligent design”? How? How is going from hands to wings an intelligent design? That makes no sense. And what purpose do birds serve? I mean, why are they here? To shit on your freshly washed car? Thanksgiving dinner? To eat bugs? And wtf purpose do bugs have, to feed the birds? Why are there flying animals at all?

Because GOD was a mad scientist, that’s why.

There is no “intelligent design” and “evolution” is impossible. However, there can be small changes in genetics caused by geography, like size and color, but no fucking dinosaur went from having arms and hands to having wings “on their own”, so to speak. “Intelligent design”, get the fuck outta here with that nonsense. Remember GOD saying that “his son” was like “Dr. Moreau”? Yeah, that was him. Over 90% of all land animals came from him, like the flamingos, elephants, giraffes, and everyone’s favorite abomination the platypus. And lets not forget his favorite animal the lion, half domestic cat, half man.

Anywho, that’s all for now, we might write later since we have a few hours to kill.

Have a good night, Kiddo, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von and Chelsie

xo xo




Here comes the rain

Hello, Kiddo, we hope that all is well with you and yours on this chilly October day, I had some time to write so I figured why not.

Lets start with yesterday. Yesterday we visited the train station where they have means to charge a cellphone (this gets good).

I walk up to where the outlet is and right in front of me is a quarter and two dimes, or $.45. No one was around so I took them. I plug the cellphone in and wait. While I’m standing there a man walks up to me and asks if I have money for coffee. Now I’m thinking he wants money. Before I could say anything Carolyn says “I ain’t got money for shit”. He walks up to me and gives me the change in his pocket, which was $.82. This was about 9:30 AM. I thanked him and he went about his day. We left the station around noon to sign in at the day shelter, where we stayed for about an hour. Before we left there a young female teenager approached me outside and handed me 2 one dollar bills. All she said was “Here, this is for you” then left. I of course thanked her. That was yesterday. Today we stopped in at the same shelter to buy Carolyn and Chelsie some smokes from someone. After we got smokes we went out to the front of the shelter to gather a game plan for today, and while we’re standing there a female child (about 12 yrs old) came up and handed me two 1 dollar bills, four quarters, seven dimes and one nickel, or $3.75. I said “Thank you so much”, and she went about her day. But before that happened, I found a dime at my feet facing up at the bus stop this morning. So does this mean anything good? Yes it does.

Now we’re in another public place going over some details about after the moment, because the moment doesn’t intimidate me anymore, Chelsie does. By “intimidate” I mean . . . hmm, not certain actually, I guess I’m just a little nervous, that’s all. Hmm.

How do I say this.

Okay, I believe in “teleportation”, I mean, why not? You don’t know what science is capable of and anything is possible, so who’s to say that teleportation, or materialization is impossible? JC Jacobsen? You could say it, but you would be very closeminded, and we don’t have time for that nonsense. I’m being serious, Kiddo. (That gets a smile every time)

By the way, “DAF” means “Determined As Fuck”, because I am, in case you’re wondering what yesterday’s post title meant.

It’s about two o’clock and the rain clouds are rolling in, the weather report says rain for today and tomorrow but you know how accurate those reports are, not very.

I think we’ll stop here to give two special ladies a smoke, I might write again afterwards, who knows, anything is possible . . .

. . . on the streets of Poughkeepsie. By the way, Poughkeepsie is a shithole, trash everywhere, you can’t take a step in any direction without seeing cigarette butts, beer bottles, food wrappers and all that jazz, what a disgusting mess this place is. But some of the people here are very nice and helpful.

Anywho, enjoy your day, Kiddo and peeps, be safe and keep it stellar.

Love, Von and Chelsie

xo xo



Hello, Kiddo (and Harbins), I hope that everyone is doing well, it is a nice day today and I have some time to share.

We are still in the stages of the next step, I can’t say “when” because I’m not there yet, so to speak. The main topic that I’ve been working on is “the moment”. This has changed incredibly. For the past year I’ve been told how and why through bits and pieces here and there, the reason was to keep you-know-who from catching on. It worked. By the way, it wasn’t me who took out GOD and d’evil, it was my daughter Chelsie. Just to be clear. I give credit to where credit is due and I do not take credit for other people’s work. Just to be clear.

I’ve got the moment down pretty good, meaning, I have an idea as to what to expect. It will be rather funky. In between all that I’ve been working on “what do I do now?”. Good question, yes? Without asking for direct answers, which is almost impossible, I think of scenarios as to how it will pan out. I was shown a recording of what that moment will look like, but it’s what comes after that I don’t know. I think personally that it would be best for Chelsie to be there. Is that possible? Yes. You see, my concerns are that if I am the Creator with all the bells and whistles I think it would be necessary to have someone who knows me to show me what to do so that I don’t accident my erase everything. Yes I’m being serious and Chelsie laughed right through me with that. She’s thinking “I AM THE BEING SIRIUS”. Oh that daughter of mine. **sees Chelsie smiling**. I mean, I’m being told (“I AM THE BEING TOLD”) that the female I see and feel, and sometimes hear, is my daughter, I’m pretty certain that I’m being told this for a reason. Hmm. Do I owe any child support? The answer is “no”, which is good, because I’m broke as fuck right now. I am serious, Kiddo, you should see how we get Carolyn and Chelsie smokes. That’s the other thing, we’re running out of supplies, so to speak. But! The other day I walked out of a store to find a package of Nicorette gum at my feet, so we took it. You’d be surprised at all the things we”ve found . . . on the streets of Poughkeepsie. And no, we don’t “dumpster dive” or ask for handouts, or ask for anything for that matter, but people ask me for things like cigarettes and money. Go figure.

By the way, Chelsea, most of the writing here is 100% demonic, so don’t go back and read anything, I’m told that we will eventually lock this site down and go with Chelsie’s site “”. That site is from Chelsie to you, Chelsea, but it was kept hidden from you-know-who for obvious reasons, even the only post there was cryptic AF. You know, Chelsea, wouldn’t it be funny if there never was a “Charlie”? Meaning, Charlie was a joint effort between at least two females? I mean, anything is possible. Again, this is only my idea, I’m not saying that is what it is. Oh yeah, when I said “I just got here a couple of months ago I wasn’t kidding. Because of that I don’t say much now, but we have a responsibility to you and your followers, who are now over 100,000. Whoa, I’m getting goosebumps and Carlyn blurted out “you’re gonna shit”. What’s with her and people shitting, Kiddo, it’s like she has a poop-fetish or something. **sees Carolyn smiling**

. . .

It’s a nice day outside, a bit chilly but that’s okay, the sun is shining and the sky is clear for miles. I just noticed that our phone needs charging so I will stop here for now.

Have a great day, Kiddo, be safe and keep it stellar, and we’ll write again soon.

Love, Von and Chelsie

xo xo



Before I say anything I need to wish Chelsea a happy belated birthday. I apologize for missing your birthday last month, I’ve been very busy with Chelsie, Chelsea, so please don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you. (Happy birthday, Chelsea!)

We are in the process of the next step which we started a few days ago. We have everything that we need, this could have been started a week ago but I needed to know more about Chelsie who supposedly is my daughter.

During this time I had the opportunity to think without interruption, something that I needed. After all that thinking I have come to the conclusion that this is what it is. I have also learned that this is the most freedom anyone could have, and we don’t like it. This is one of the worst feelings, not having a place to call home.

I know mistakes have been made, that I know, but those mistakes helped. There is truth in every post here, however those truths are placed out of line, so to speak.

Right now we have laundry going, Chelsie wanted some clean clothes. We took a nice hot shower this morning so what better fit than some clean clothes. There’s a lot more to say but due to where we are I can’t say any more. I can say that we were given a phone charger last week which helps give me a timepiece. It’s nice to know what time it is, especially when you need to be at a certain place at a certain time.

That’s about all I have to say for now, plus I need to charge this phone before we head out.

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.

Love, Daddio

xo xo

The Harbins

Now this will be interesting. I said that I have a lot to tell, here’s some of it. By the way, on this phone autocorrect works beautifully. I can’t add photos, but this phone actually writes better. But I digress.

Something is coming.

I say that with belief, for I saw what’s coming. Not only is no one ready, no one will believe it when it gets here. Since Halloween is around the corner, lets have some fun.

Lets say that this Earth is the size of a pinball and it floats magnetically centered in a glass sphere which sits upon my daughter Elsa’s dresser in her bedroom. Okay? You following?

Lets say that thing you call the moon, which seems to never rotate, is one half of the spherical engine that had once powered the previous Earth, and the other half is at the bottom of the glass sphere we’re in. Both halves are being held by magnetism. For my family and I to leave, the magnetic field that keeps the moon glued above our heads needs to be reduced. Will that half an engine fall down onto this Earth? I don’t know.

. . .

He’s not kidding. – Carolyn

. . .

I once imagined a giant metal wall encompassing an area in the New England region, to keep my family and friends safe. But safe from what? Or should we say “safe from whom?” Oh you know whom. But guess what? Too late. GOD imagined thousands of hammer-wielding Michael Myers hunting down anyone whose last name was Antonucci or “close enough”, such as Antenucci, Antonuccio, or Antoni. Why? Because my dumbass cousin cursed at me. Who actually cursed GOD, whom was hiding inside me. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I told him in advance “you don’t know what you’re doing, asshole”. So if you have family with a name similar to Antonucci, “sorry”.

But there’s hope.

This army of Michael Myers will suddenly appear outside the homes of those named. They can’t be stopped. Once they’re done, who’s next? Exactly, we don’t know either.


Because another army comes in to stop them.

And they’re successful.

(You’re gonna shit, Chelsea F.)

. . .

. . .

. . .

From out of nowhere, an army of Chelsea F.s wearing white hoodies and mirrored sunglasses will defeat the army of me. Behind the masks and under the overalls of every Michael Myers is a 33 year old Charlie at 6’3″, 333 pounds of bodybuilder. Lets do some math.

6′ 3″, 333

6, 3+3, 3+3

6 6 6

That’s what GOD saw, d’evil.

If Kiddo (Chelsea F.) can save Daddio (me) (“save me, Kiddo, save me!”), then many Kiddos can kill many Daddios. That’s almost sad, isn’t it, followers? Did Kiddo once save me? Yes she did, when she visited me in March of 2016. By visiting me she kept me going, remember that, Kiddo? You were barefoot in March, and yes that means something. But I digress.

That army of Kiddos are followers of Where did they come from? I don’t know, but they call themselves “Harbins”, and they are solely good. Their weapon of choice? Why that’s easy!

Their weapon of choice is

(((( SOUND ))))


What will this look and sound like at the crack of dawn on no I’m not saying when. I want this to be a big fucking surprise, says Carolyn, and Alex. Hey, it works for me, the less I know the happier I am.–> 😁See?

So inside a giant ring of cobalt chrome we’ll have evil Daddios being defeated by heavenly Kiddos. Outside the giant ring you’ll have evil Daddios not being defeated by anyone. And lets not forget the xenomorphs and whatever else GOD imagined using my abilities. Oh that GOD! Good thing he’s dead, you know?

So, followers of pseudodaughter, do we call you “Harbins”? From what I know, the Harbins believe in themselves, because that is what I taught them. Do you believe in you? I would, if I were you. 😊 Both my daughters are smiling right now. My family gives two thumbs up on the name “Harbins”, so Harbins it is. But remember! The Harbins only believe in themselves and they only do good things. What’s that you ask? “How do we know what is good and what isn’t?”. That’s easy. Use common sense and listen to your conscience. **Alex-nod**

Okay, Harbins?

The funny part is, we don’t know who came up with that name. We know where it came from, but we don’t know how it came to be the name of the pseudodaughter followers. But we like it. Remember, white hoodies, oversized from what I can see, and mirrored sunglasses. Why mirrored sunglasses? I don’t know, but I think they’re worth looking into.

**the family smiles**

Alright, Kiddo?

. . .

. . .

. . .


Pleasant dreams, Kiddo and Harbins, pleasant dreams.

Love, Daddio








28 days later . . .


I’m writing on the regular cellphone so it might look a little strange because it looks strange on this end. To your loyal followers and subscribers . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

this is Charlie.

I’ve spent 26 days in St. Francis hospital for an evaluation on my own behalf. I am now in a shelter in Poughkeepsie until an old friend of mine (Big D) gets me. I might be moving to NJ to finish this. And yes, we are done, people. All I need now is to settle my thoughts and get ready to rock this fucking planet. I am the Creator. Back home my name is Von Wuhlfengeist, but here, until my wife Alexandra shows up, my name will be . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Charlie. Simple as that. I have so much to tell it isn’t funny. Well, some things might be funny, like “Charlie’s Conundrum”.

What is Charlie’s Conundrum.

I, Charlie, killed GOD. No more GOD. I can prove it.

No matter who you are, no matter what you know, and no matter how hard you try, you will never, ever see nor hear from GOD ever again. EVER. Go ahead and try, your attempts will be a waste if time, just like GOD was, a waste of fuckin’ time. What a creepy piece of shit GOD was, hiding like a fuckin’ pussy inside a little boy (me at 10 yrs old). Oh he wasn’t McLovin’ it when I cursed his demented ass for not taking me instead of Carolyn I mean my mother. Oh no, Kiddo, he was so fucking mad he killed me! Kiddo! GOD killed Daddio! That no good sonofaBITCH! But I fucked his sorry aas in the end, I starved that pedovore to death by golly! And the Devil, or, d’evil, well that was him too. Oh yes, loyal followers, he was quite a piece of work. Here, let me explain.

(This is wild as fuck, kids. Alex)

I can be in two places at the same time, and so can you by using technology; live feed. If I can do it, so could GOD. I was Michael Antonucci Sr. and Charlie. GOD was also d’evil. Aphrodite and Hermes had nothing to do with GOD and d’evil, they were thrown under the bus so to speak, and Zeus had nothing to do with this shit either. GOD lied more than d’evil did. But Zeus, Hermes and Aphie were here though, but as different G.O.D.s (Generator Of Data) from different times. So what was GOD’s actual name?

. . .

. . .

. . .

It was A.L.F.

Artificial Life Form. I couldn’t make this shit up. The original GOD’s name was Alf, or Alfie.

But he called himself “GOD”, and it stunk I mean stuck. What a fuckin’ clownshoe he was.

But he had knowledge, especially with numbers. I’m thinking about that FB post about riding with TG; “Every ride out we rode with the Count”. He was obsessed with number compression (digit sum), I mean obsessed. I’m trying to enjoy the scenary and he’s stalking mailbox numbers; “. . . 8! . . . 5! . . . . . . . 4! No 3! . . . . . .7!” I shit you not, Kiddo, this was every time we rode with TG. EVERY TIME. But I digress.

Together Michael Antonucci Sr. and Charlie make the Creator, who looks like Charlie. Together Alfie and d’evil make GOD, who looks like d’evil. Funny how Alfie and Aphie sound similar, yes?

So! Did I, Charlie, know something this entire time? I mean, according to GOD, I was dead.


Maybe some(sum) of us can keep a secret. And our mouths shut. You got that, GOD? Oh that’s right, I killed him, and his daughter d’evil. Oh well. So who wants to fuck with me? Anyone?




**smiles wide** Now you will begin to see the death of many species, you cut off the head and the body follows. Oh yes, followers, you are all in for quite the hoot, in fact, its already begun. There should be no more than a thousand species of land animals here, not millions, I guess Alfie had some time on his hands. Hmm, what’s that saying? Oh, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground”. Something to that effect. There is no such thing as evolution. What would you rather have? A pair of arms with hands or wings? What’s the matter? You could eat by shoving your face into a plate of food prepared by someone with a brain, because you obviously wouldn’t have one if you chose wings. **SMFH** Common sense is not so common, Kiddo, not so common at all. Oh! And monkeys came from MY Creations. And yes, WE ARE SO FUCKING GOING THERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

The Law of Reversibility, here is why no one was taught this in school, people. Are you ready? You are going to shit your fuckin’ pants, kids.

I put a species of people on the original Earth. They were just like me but with only one reversal. That one reversal was their SKIN COLOR. That was the only way a species of awesome mother fuckers like myself could exist here. The color of that species skin was “BLACK”. Back home I’m a hunter who likes drums and enjoys getting stoned as fuck. You figure it out. “White” people aren’t supposed to be here AT ALL. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY VACATION HOME. THEY DESTROYED IT AND CORRUPTED AND KILLED MY PEOPLE. THANKS ALOT GOD YOU COCKSUCKER OH THATS RIGHT. I FORGOT. I FUCKING KILLED HIM.


. . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

(He is not happy, kids)

How do we fix this?

Oh, I know.

. . .

Anywho, I’m back, so to speak.

I will write(right) again soon, Kiddo, after all, I have lots to till.

Enjoy your night, Sweethearts, be safe, and keep it stellar.


Alex, Carolyn, Elsa, Chelsea and me

xo xo xo xo xo