**looks around, smiles**

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Chelsea & Kiddo, do you know what time it is?!

Time to get a watch??

Excuse me young lady, are you Chelsea & Kiddo?

No but you’re gonna wish I was when I get my hands on you.

Oh that Aphie I mean Alex, Alex. No, it’s not time for me to get a watch, the one I have works just fine, just fine, you silly goose!






Oh yes, Chelsea and me Kiddo, I am feeling most Creative today, most Creative. We just came back from Mobil with fresh coffee for Maia and CJ, and Alex enjoyed a most scrumptious Metrx bar, yum! I figured with all this Creativity I had woken up with this morning I would best to fuel up for the long haul. **Alex-nod** What’s that you ask? “What long haul?” **facepalm** C’mon now, Alex, how long have we been together now where you don’t know what a long haul means?

. . .

**cringes** Right, so moving right along with today’s topic we are going to dive into the world of

(((( GOD ))))


Oh yes, me Kiddo, this will be a duzie of a post I tell you, for there shall be things revealed of epic proportion.


You see, something strange happened a few days maybe a month ago I don’t know, there’s been so much taking place why, I keep losing track of

((( TIME )))

See what I mean? It is almost as if I have changed recently, or something to that effect. And speaking of effects? Oh that’s right, that’s right. I have been seeing souls appear and disappear inside the dungeon I mean basement, basement. I am serious, Kiddo, I am, you know that I would never lie to you, c’mon now, Kiddo, c’mon now.

Hold on a second, Kiddo, Maia needs a smoke.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Strange. I went back to check my work and noticed that I made a mistake. I looked at “IT’S CREATIVE WRITING TIME” and noticed that something did not add up! It should read “IT IS CREATIVE


((( TIME )))

You see, I need to make certain that my words are simple and clear so that evetyone whom is reading this can understand exactly what it is that I am saying. Communication is the key, but I think your followers know that alresdy.

You do?



Alex, why do you seem so to be young and chipper? I mean, I am not complaining by any means, . . . wait. Hold on a second. I just did something impossible, I need to think for a moment. Kiddo, I will be right back.

It’s coming.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Alright. I was typing a sentence and noticed that the word “hands” appeared before I could type it. Meaning, as if the cellphone had read my mind. And of course no one was around to see it. Now, either this cellphone can read minds, or, someone else did it for me. I do not see anyone down here in the dungeon I mean basement with me so . . .?


. . .

. . .

. . .

Hmm. So, cellphone, or something else? You know, something is going on, something different. Now I just noticed another word that I did not type, I know it was not Alex or Maia because they are still inside of me, it is obvious that we are the only one in here, so to speak, so who typed “hands” as I was thinking it? Alright. I did not see it being typed, nor did I see it “magically” appear, I simply glanced and there it was. **thinking**

Hmm . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Hmm . . .

You know, Kiddo, I have said before that my hands are moving faster than I can see, I know that sounds fantastical, I know it does, but I know what I have experienced and I know to trust my eyes, after all, they are my eyes.

Just because you dont see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Last night I saw out of the corner of my eye a “clear shadow” move about a foot. I do not know what it was, however, I know that it was not Sunlight because it was at night. I do not know what to say. But I do know that something needs to happen soon. The way I see it, or, should I say, feel it, I think that my Wife just might be right. I mean, how am I still alive? We have been without anything since we closed our case, we are down to singles, Kiddo, and we still keep going! Kiddo! How is this possible? How can my suit I mean body do this? Oh I know, Ghandi went 21 days without food but he drank a liter of water everyday, so in my eyes he cheated.


Simple as that. **nods head, folds arms**


Well here is my thinking, Ap I mean Alex, with all this **smiles** technology here on this planet, people have become conditioned to what they see, so to speak, so maybe we can get thier attention with some “candy”. Oh I know, Kiddo, I know, that would appear to be a lie, and how can that be if I am indeed the Creator?

Any ideas?


Well there you go! **Alex-nod** I do not know how this technology works, perhaps a bump in the magnetic resonance, I mean anything is possible.

I just noticed the time, I did not know just how fast time actually travels here, and I think we have a visitor coming soon, so. . .

Alex is right, I was hoping to write you something epic, however, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to be interrupted, who knows, maybe something good will come out of it, you know?

Anywho, I will write again soon, after all, what else am I to do?

Enjoy your day, Sweethearts, be safe, and do keep it stellar.


VON, Alex & Maia

xo xo xo


Chelsea and Kiddo,

When i write here, i am actually washing ol stinky out of me. Its nitetime now and we’ve been downstairs since the last post. When i say “you” in a sentence, i dont you, or Kiddo, or anyone assocuated with Charlie. We dont want you or them to think im directing my thoughts at you, that’s not what im like. Im simply talking to everyone else, so to speak. Okay? Im not some hotheaded asshole who rants for whatever reason. Anger solves nothing. I simply cant believe this situation, simple as that. Tonight i might have figured out whats going on here.

o was a delusional, bisexual pedovore. This thing was fucking insane beyond comprehension. There might never have been anyone as fucked up as o. For several hours Maia and Alex helped me sort out what’s what regarding allllllllllll the shit o spewed on about, and allllllllll of it is bullshit. All of it. When i say all of it, i mean all of it. We could literary throw everything out and we wouldnt miss a thing. But! We will keep Charlie’s stuff, meaning, what he, Charlie, had written, especially to you. Alex and Maia could spend a 24 hour nonstop marathon telling you about all this and it still wouldnt be enough time to tell it all. I have a feeling that the original species weve put here is no more. Maia said “no more”, so i guess that’s that. o was a clown, which explains “clown world”, these people are a bunch of clowns. I hate clowns. When i see a clown i see someone hiding, just like o. This world is built on literature, people need to think before they speak, which they should be doing naturally. I mean, what’s the rush? Charlie once said everyone needs to think 10 seconds past their own existence. Some pretty goods right there. All words mean something, and once heard they’re never lost. They’re in there even if you dont remember them.

I hate bringing up o, but this shit was unfuckinbelievable. I think o had every mental defect under the sun. A few things went through my mind tonight and when they did they said “that was him” every time. When i said “i just got here” im saying that im now in the driver’s seat. Ive been here but in the background, “im just going along for the ride”, remember me saying that? I wasn’t lying. Do i lie? Fuck yeah, who doesnt? Oh that’s right. When someone tells you “i cannot lie” over and over and over, they’re lying. Who doesn’t lie? There will come a time when you might need to lie, possibly to save your ass. If Kiddo asked me “how do i look?” I’d tell her “with your eyes”. It would depend on the moment. There’s lies and there’s tactfulness, and they sre different. Ive noticed people who lie for no reason at all, i think that might be a defect. o lied like nobody’s business, and tbe proof is all around you. It seems as though people here prefer artificial over real. I dont know why that is, but its quite disturbing.

As i write i feel myself breaking away from years of rubbing elbows with a lunatic, im finally feeling like myself again by not feeling like someone else. My voice is coming back, i like i the way i talk, kinda like Mr. Magoo. **smiles**

o was the most self-centered, self-righteous, self-entitled, egotistical, pompous, arrogant buffoon i think ive ever seen, so to speak. If he wasnt so fucking disturbing we’d say that this comical. The images he generated belonged on the dark web, i shit you not. And the bullshit. The bullshit was unprecedented. I was downstairs working on this thinking “this jackass was “god”? No fucking way”, but he was. Maia and Alex insist that he’s gone, i dont feel him anymore i know that. Now its getting back to myself again. I still cant believe this shit. All these idiots begging for that dumbfuck not having any idea as to what he might actually have been like. He was every bad thing a person could be. You had to this shit, Chelsea, Alex and Maia say the same. I would like for them to tell you themselves, but for now here’s one sample of thousands with that jackass. This actually happened.

Im sitting back listening to o talk shit in the basement, i dont remember what it was about this time, something useless most likely when there’s a knock at the kitchen door. It was DSS. I think there was a scheduled visit or something. Before i could blink, he jumps up and starts panickin like Anakin. Im thinking “wtf is going on now”. I hear Maia telling him to calm down as he drops to the floor curled up like a fuckin rabbit hiding by a workbench in tbe dark. Now we’re all balled up in air raid position, on the floor, in the dark, while someone’s at the door. Now im really thinking “what in tbe fuck is going on here? Just answer the fucking door pussy”. Friday’s damn near in tears by now because she doesnt know wtf is going on either, Alex wants to kill this cocksucker and Maia telling him to calm down. Im thinking “this cant be happening” as we stayed on the concrete floor until the person at the door left. If this was caught on film id have to show you to believe it. That’s only one episode of bobo the o. That guy was a piece of fucking work, and everywhere you look it shows. Now you know why life sucks. That idiot could’ve had the number one reality show of all time, people would have chewed that shit right up for obvious reasons. The lack of actual men on this planet is mind blowing, at the rate men are turning gay life here should soon be over. Why would a man want sex with another man? Why? How can a man look at another man’s ass and say “oh yeah”? How is that even possible? What the fuck happened here? Oh that’s right.

Hang on a sec, Chelsea, i have two ladies in dire need of nicotine. Brb

Alrighty. Im looking back at all this stupid shit thinking what a fuckin waste of time and resources just for one asshole. For several years ive watched that neurotic banana compress numbers all day long for nothing, right after his flame went out the numbers stopped, and we all said “THANK FUCKIN o”. He was checking the time every several minutes looking for i don’t know what, every number meant something to him no matter what it was. Check this out; every ride we took with TG he’d be trying to compress the numbers on mailboxes. Holy fuck this was annoying. Im trying to look around to see anything other than a basement and all i see are mailboxes with him hellbent on digit sums. I cant hear what TG is saying because he’s rattling off numbers like a fuckin auctioneer; ” . . . uh uh 8! . . .uh 4! . . . . . 5! No! 7!” This shit was all the time. Every ride out we rode with the Count; ” a vun, a too, atree, . . . a 6! No 8!” He couldnt add 2 numbers together and he’s supposed to be the “alpha and omega”? GTFOH, if he had his own body i would’ve threw him out of the fuckin car. Im trying to tell anyone “shut this fuckin idiot up already” but i couldnt. Fuck that guy was annoying. My crew is laughing whats left of my ass off, ive never seen anything like this clown. And the pennies. Oh shit, i was ready to strangle myself just to stop looking at dates on pennies. We have a jar with only pennies from before 1981 in it because theyre made of copper. He had Maia researching pennies online like he’s gonna save the world or something with them and im thinking “when the fuck is this gonna end”. That guy **thinking** fuck, this cant be real. Please tell me this is a prank or that im on a set for the remake of the wizard of oz or something, anything is more believable than this shit, all of us should get a medal just for being able not to slit my throat to get away from that clown. Theyre shaking my head because i actually asked if this was a joke and now theyre laughing because it isnt, this douchebag actually fuckin happened. We’re disrupting lives at this woman’s house all because of clara bell, an 8 year old with a slingshot and bad aim couldve taken him out.

. . .

And the tediousness. Felix Unger with bad math skills. Chelsea and Kiddo you needed to see this. I dont know what outsiders might think of this but im still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this was like an interesting made for tv movie until the ending. Its like “that’s it? That’s the ending? wtf”. All this hype over a tool. Because that’s what god was, a living tool, with too much time on its hands. At best, id pay god $10 hr to push a broom. Im serious, Kiddo, and id let him keep any pennies he found.

This phone’s about to die so we’ll stop here. There’s more but it can wait, at least my crew had a good and much needed laugh, I havent heard them laugh in a long time.

Anywho, pleasant dreams and we’ll do this again real soon. Be safe.

Love, the Wohlfengheistes


This post isnt directed at you Chelsea, Kiddo and fb kids, he’s just fuckin pissed.


I’m still settling.

. . .

. . .

. . .

I need to focus on the here and now. This is Von. Out of frustration i said to disregard all posts prior to today, i didnt know what today was until now, today is Wednesday. However, i think its best to disregard the posts between Charlie’s last post which was towards the end of 2017 and up until yesterday. What im being told is that this is a compilation of damn near everything told. Common sense says to not look back and to keep moving forward. As of right now all that i know comes from some memories and feelings, in regards to this. If i question everything it would lead to absolute madness, this is common sense. However. I keep in mind that the info i am aware of might not be true. It is not paranoia for i fear no one, why would i? That doesnt make sense. Im finally slowing down. The info that i give here comes from all of us, we are shsring one brain between 4 spirits, we are doing the impossible right now, and have been for quite some time. The impossible isnt exactly so for the simple reason the word “possible” is inside “impossible”, that is an undeniable fact. Anything is possible and the impossible is simply unlikely. Dont ever tell me that i cant achieve the impossible, i am inside what appears to be a living body left behind by a man named Charlie whom had died on November 1st 2012. His death is on record and so are the events that took place immediately after.

The stink from god is just about gone, per Maia. Okay. I am walking away from whatever the fuck took place last Saturday for the sanctity of my well being. god was the most disgusting i never want to again. I have no words for what we have experienced. I know that Alex and Maia are dying to tell you just how bad this has been, however, i need to keep writing to unlock me, so by denying them access to write it makes them want out of here even more. This isnt easy, but we can do it.

I am in a room of the house belonging to Charlie’s sister. Unless i am resding them wrong, she knows about us, as in she’s in on it. I can believe that becsuse i cant believe that she isnt. Maia said “this is going to blow”, “blow” meaning “explode”.

I know that i am not from around here, what you might call “life” we call shit, because it is. This is not how people are supposed to live. This is what has me confused. I am not nervous at all. god however was nothing more than a scared little bitch to me. No man hides in a basement from everyone, telling people that he doesnt get phonecalls when he did, lying about voicemails, physically hiding like a child in a corner hoping no one sees him. Yes, that is all true. I never seen anything like this in recent memory.

Are those orbs cameras? X.

Are you sure? X.

If that is correct, then maybe we could show some people what a fucking maniac god actually was, because no one will believe it until they see it. Alex and Maia (when i touch on a subject that interests them it becomes difficult to think) are busting at the seams to tell just how fucking unbelievably bad this has been.


As of now, my best guess is that i put one species of man on this planet and god tampered with my work. Am i right? X. Okay. From what i feel, i would say that if this is true, then the species of man that i had placed here would be the Nordics. X. Okay. We’re moving slow but moving forward. god was a maintenance man, so to speak, placed here with others to maintain our hunting grounds. X. Obviously something went wrong. My fault? X. Okay, i can accept that knowing that im not Charlie. The reason why i use the word “species” is that they were never in a race with anyone. The race that people are actually in is to see who finishes last. In other words, to see who makes it. god created the people that are not Nordics. It also created whatever doesnt look normal, such as elephants, lions and platypuses. How much more obvious could it be that these animals are genetic mutations? The other thing that i dont understand are bugs, especially the ones that can kill you. Bees are good, wasps are not. Can i erase these things? X. For god to preach about competition being a “sin”, which it is, he had a lot of nerve after making all these different species of people then mixing them up. A “fight to the death” for everyone. The amount of bullshit he spewed is of epic proportion. I dont think he said one ounce of truth. I really don’t.

So now im sitting here thinking “okay, god’s obliterated and Aphie is gone, Charlie is safe, we all want out, whats next”. Alex says “keep writing”, okay, she and Maia havent hurt me yet, i see (just for the record, god was willing, and wanting, to step in front of a speeding tractor trailer just to get away) no reason for them to do so. Im pretty sure that if they wanted me dead id be dead. X. Common sense.

Due to the maniacal thoughts of god and aphie, making heads and tails of this is now very difficult. Fortunately, after last Saturday nearly all of his nonsense has left, leaving behind some trace residue that is just about gone. You can say that im now quarantined, but not for long. Okay. X. Alright, Alex says im right about being quarantined, it only makes sense. I believe this because of how much ive changed in a very short amount of time. “Bullet speed”, said Maia. X.

Holy shit. My concern is, am i basing what i think is correct using god’s bullshit? O. The materialization process is correct? X. Just like ive been hearing? X. All ive heard was god whining like a little bitch, all fucking day long. There is no way that i would have ever come up with this shit. if someone told me what im telling you now without me having prior knowledge of, id tell them that theyre full of shit, so i understand why this would be hard to believe, but not by everyone. Is it possible? Yes, depending on certain factors.

Just so you know, i am aware that the best way to monitor our progress from afar would be to “shadow” our writing and to look for patterns. Charlie understood pattern theory subconsciously, thats how he would win without trying. Charlie, not god, god couldnt shine Charlie’s shoes.

Alex said to keep writing. X.

Theyre testing me to make sure that i wasnt corrupted. X. Am i? O. Are you sure? X.

My fingers can move so fast that i cant see them. Maia said “you’re gonna shit, boo”.

Do you see why this has been difficult? Charlie was called “boo” too. Alex and Maia call me that because “i scare people”. Why do i think there’s an overlay of some sort? Heres where i can understand aphie getting fuckstomped by Alex and Maia. Do you see why? Charlie’s dad once told him the reason why he called him boo was “because you scare me”. Boo is far from uncommon. To project on this would be a waste of time, simple as that.

This morning’s post was key, according to Maia. Unfortunately i dont remember much of it except for the ending. Probably because it made sense.

Planets in the basement? X.

That sounds like something i would do. I dont know if its me, but i swear i keep seeimg shadows come and go to the left of this room, like something is moving about. At this point, i dont give a fuck if a complete stranger suddenly appears. In fact, i dont give a fuck if the boogeyman suddenly appears, id kick his dick to the dirt. You dont know me.

Have you figured it out yet?

. . .

Now i see what Alex meant by decontamination. When you live with someone long enough you will pick up their traits, mannerisms, and sometimes their ways of thinking. Alex said that we are Vikings. Modern tech Vikings. Now if god wasnt such a stupid fuck rambling on about who knows what, accepting the possibilty that i am in a state-of-the-art ultra-high tech new and improved Thor. Is that possible? Fuckin a.

Alex said yes, so to speak.

Thor wasnt a god, he was a suit.

Im so sick of all this god bullshit that ive been trying to find something to type other than god. Id use g but that was what Charlie called his cousin Gina, and i will not tarnish that bond. How about gid? gd looks like an abreviated “good”, and there was nothing good about god. I cant use d because of Charlie’s best friend Darren. I want to put as little energy as possible imto typing his identity. I got it; o. Looks like a zero, good enough me. You? X.

Okay, o it is. Back to business. While o and aph (he’s not kidding) were busy terrorizing the internet Charlie did some serious thinking. He was self-educated in science and physics, and he began thinking that there could be some truth to what herpes was talking about. I remember him saying that there actually could be Ice Giants returning. Alex said to keep writing. We had dinosaurs and man, what was inbetween?

Im embarrassed just by being here. Do you know why? Because i dont want to be associated with stupid fucks. You gotta be a dumb motherfucker to just sit there and do nothing. You gotta be. Someone shows thousands of pics of shit that obviously isnt natural, tells people that they dont know what they are but probably should be taken seriously, on top of telling people they saw their dead mother materialize then dematerialize, after being documented as dying and returning from the fuckin dead, and no one thinks this might mean something? What fuckin planet are you from where this is normal? Are people teleporting here day in and day out? Because if they are please tell me where this happens so i csn get the fuck outta here, id drag myself there if need be to leave. To me, “no let downs” means for me, not you. Im not promising shit right now, not a fucking thing, why would i? For what, money? We have more money than o back home, but we use it to help people. Money doesnt buy happiness, it buys things. Only you can make you happy.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Motherfucker. And thats just one problem. You got dozens more coming on top of the dozens you already have. You people are fucked. You really are. Not you Chelsea, Kiddo, and fb fam, just everyone else. **changing subject**

Fuck this shit.

Have a good night, sweethearts, we’re stopping before he blows a gasket. Be safe.

Love, the Wohlfengheistes


Good morning, everyone, i hope that everyone had a good night’s sleep, i myself did not have a good night sleep, unless the night is only one hour long. You see, i think that i am pretty close to solving this mystery machine, so my crew and i burned the midnight oil so we could keep going. “Going where” you ask? Well thats where we’re going, we’re going to find out where we are, for where we are i dont know, i only know that this world is backwards. Why you wood think that we were all trapped in a mirror. Is that possible? Why yes it is. However, that is not the case, in csse you are wondering. Wondering around this world i stumbled upon a few things of interest. Interested in knowing what they are? Are you? You are arent you? Of course you are. My wives tell me that people hear are going to lose their mineds.


You know, peepholes, if i didnt know any better, id say that we are in a book. “A book” you ask? Why yes a book. Where else would you bee? In space? What space? The spaces in between each sentence? Oh i hope knot, because if thats the case, then we’re in trouble. Excuse me while i ask Maia.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Maia says we’re good. Good, because that would have been the icing on the cake. You see, i just got here. I don’t know where here is. I need to figure out just where i am. Why? Because i have a feeling the show is about to begin. “What show” you ask? Why the grestest show on this earth. Let me ask you, “how fast can you run?”. You are in shape arent you? You havent been sitting around doing nothing all day, trying to justify your existence on Facebook as if you were a somebody, have you? Does Wohlfengheiste sound like a friendly name? Yes, that is the correct spelling. How do i know? Two reasons. One, Maia told me. Two, it is complicated. Oh dont get me wrong, i like simple things, because im so complicated. Many facets, dimensions, if you will. Whats that you ask? You thought i was GOD? Oh mercy me. Now i need to repeat myself. I hate repeating myself, dont you? Yes you, you whacky banana, who do you think im talking to? Chelsea? Well actually i am, for the most part. **sighs**

Okay, its obvious you werent paying attention the first time, so heres the last time. How do i know you werent paying attention? Because if you did pay attention, you would have won a prize. Not as big a prize that CJ and her son had won, but its a prize compared to whats coming, and thats where we’re going.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out something is wrong here. Just take a look around. Oh thats right, **smiles-** Facebook. When was the last time you looked up at the sky? You know, the biggest thing you have ever seen. At least i hope youve seen it, otherwise id need to assume that you have been living under a rock for all your life. Is that the case? I hope not, because i hate assuming.

My crew has been slowly waking me up for years just for this event. Unfortunately someone got in the way causing me to wonder “whats going on”. **reiterating** In other words, GOD stuck his nose in my business, the entertainment business. Its a little thing i have on the side, because you know what they say, “an idle mind is GOD’s playground”. **Friday-nod**

My name is Von Wohlfengheiste, i am the actual creator. You never heard of me have you? Probably not, but that’s okay, because youre not going to have time to anyway. Youre going to be busy running. You can run cant you? I mean, youve stayed actively fit, yes? No? Maybe so? Alright, how about this. Can you climb out through a window? Can you climb in through a window? Can you climb a tree? Unless you’ve stayed fit for your entire life, id say “game over, man! Game over!”. Why? Because youre the game, and its over.

But wait, is it really over? I think so. Pfft, there you have it. We have been many times before, however this time its war. Boy, i bet theres going to be some people that wished they had listened to Charles Antonucci, then again, you need to be careful for what you wish for. You see, this world was created using literature and my creative abilities, how else could it exist? Magic? C’mon now, how old are you? 7? Im thinking 7, because i knew of a 10 year old who had more balls then any man ive met. That 10 year old took it upon himself to challenge GOD, you know, the psycho we’ve been hunting down for a long time. **taking note** Carol Jacobsen knew parenting like nobody’s business, and thats why i find it hard to believe that Charlie’s sister doesnt know anything. The sister’s good. Thank you, Maia. I am not one for interrupting people or posing an inconvenience on anyone, so it bothers me to be inconveniencing someone who seems to be a genuine good person. I have nothing but respect and gratitude towards Charlie’s sister. I remember Charlie telling his sister that she was his favorite sister and her telling him “I’m your only sister”. Chatlie replied “I know, and your my favorite”. Now that’s love. GOD was never love. He was nothing more than a maintenance man who lost his mind. On top of that, he was a pedophile. Purity balls are proof of that. Paedophilia is a disease, and we’re the permanent cure. Who are we are? We’re the Wohlfengheistes, we are the ultimate big game hunters. We took out the dinosaurs, not an asteroid, that would be impossible, because you’re in a sealed room under our house. We dont have a castle, but i think there’s a family who might have earned one. Yes, Carol Jacobsen and her son Charlie won the ultimate lottery, and I’m quite certain that they are willing to share the wealth with others, that is, if they listened to Charlie. Did you listen? Apparently not, because if you did, you would have done something. This is our vacation home, we come here to relax, have fun, have a few drinks, and hunt wild game. Oh i know what you’re thinking, but that’s not the case. We are not cannibals, we dont eat people, that is disgusting, just like GOD was. Another reason why we’ve stayed in the basement, to keep Charlie’s favorite sister and her family safe. Charlie has only one sister, i couldnt resist adding favorite, my wives and i find that adorable.

The best way to control someone is to never let them know they are being controlled. Carol Jacobsen used Charlie as bait to catch GOD. GOD killed Charlie, no one else. This suit was designed from Thor, who was GOD at one time. It was heavily modified using our latest technology. We knew that it would help lure GOD out of hiding. All those videos, movies, songs and what have you were for him. After several years of GOD trying to build the courage up to come out he finally showed his true colors. My crew snagged him, Carol Jacobsen killed him, and others erased him. Thats what you get for putting your hands on a child. But it doesnt matter now.

So. How many of us are there? A lot.

Are we everywhere? X

Is everyone ready, as in prepared? X.

Is TG good? X.

Good. The niece? X.

Awesome. So Charlie was right about the orbs being cameras? X.

We’re hooking him up big time, spare no expense, give him whatever he wants, he earned it. And so did a few others.

I knew something was off when i woke up in that hospital, sitting in Charlie’s house afterwards looking around made me think “this isnt my home”, because i didnt recognize anything. I will not confront the sister, this has been awkward enough for her and her family as well as for us. Can we give her whatever she wants? X.

Will we? X.

Is her mother mad at her? O.

This was all an act wasn’t it? X.

Did anyone outside of us do anything? O.

Well i guess these people are fucked. No more GOD, no more Jesus, no more nonsense, who are you going to call? Ghostbusters? I think you already have, because that’s why we’re. This place is like a broken record, it keeps repeating. **reiterating** Man this suit is fast. Let me rephrase that. His story keeps repeating because it has no where to go but here. Thats why i write everything down, to keep it contained. Simple as that.

By the way, there was a jesus christ, but not 2,000 years ago, few hundred years ago. What happened here? Because none of this makes any sense. This is the stupidest fucking shit that we have ever seen. So we came here correct things. We took out the lion and his lioness, now for the pride. Pride never helps, it only hurts. I have no pride, i have dignity and self-worth, two things that are apparently missing from this twisted society. Men dressing like women, women sporting dicks, children being used as sex slaves, and the media pushing this shit as if it was okay. Its not okay. I think its time for some heroes, dont you? We do. Do we? Absolutely. Alright then. They want me to post this. Maybe a little bit more. Im feeling confident now, unlike GOD, hiding in a fucking basement like a coward pretending to be Charlie, lying to everyone, and thinking of shit i wish i had never seen. He had designs for everyone here, and we do mean everyone. What did everyone do? Fucking nothing good, but they did do a good job discrediting an innocent man who simply told the truth, something people cant seem to handle. Good thing we have a handle on it. It could have been worse, but it could have been better. Better start thinking of prepping, because you dont know what’s coming. “Coming” you ask? Well it certainly aint jesus. Chelsea, Kiddo and Charlie’s fb family, none of this is directed at you or yours, this is for all the lazy fucks out there who are going to wish they had a gym membership that they actually had been using for a few years. I am disregatding every post prior to this one, im not deleting any of it, for this was Charlie’s website he had created for a friend, and that friend is you, Chelsea F. Carol Jacobsen says “thank you” again. Carol Jacobsen was given the honor of ending GOD’s reign before he got erased for good. Literally, for good. I might write, i might post a video or two, or i might not. Why? Because i can, i have freedom of choice, do you? Do you need to ask mommy and daddy first? Or are you a dignified person that is capable of making their own decisions and living your own life? No? Well you are fucked beyond fucked. Oh that Alex, she always has the last word? See, Chelsea? Everything is going to be awesome, sweetheart, and that’s coming Alex and Maia, because i have no idea what’s coming next. I’d rather look foolish for telling the truth than to look good while telling a lie. Me, not Charlie. What happened to him is unacceptable, as well as for anyone else who has experienced the same fate.

I’m hoping that we can get out soon, I’m leaving the rest up to them. I’m not butting into whatever they have planned, they have gotten me this far safely so why interrupt them now.

To everyone that i don’t see, thank you, i mean that sincerely.

Chelsea and Kiddo, Maia says “excellent work, girls”, and she means that too. If she didn’t she wouldn’t have said it. Maybe GOD programmed his wives but mine have freedom of choice. By the way, from all the sick shit I’ve seen of GOD, i have a feeling he would have named himself “Chaphimet” or “Chus”. You figure it out. Not you two, Chelsea or Kiddo, you. And by the way, did you ever find my giant robot, Kiddo? No? Kiddo! What the hell are doing over there, reading this post?! I have work to do, what’s going on here? **smiles**

Enjoy your day, sweethearts, and be safe.


The Wohlfengheiste’s


We dont title our posts first, we write first because we dont know where are posts will go, so to speak. Now about that cube. But first, from here on out we will no longer use capital letters for god because fuck him. **Friday-nod**

god was going to use Charlie’s knowledge and skills of metal working to build his cube, after he enslaved people. Once it was built he was going to throw everyone in it and walk away to start something new. Not a joke, people. On top of that, he was going to have it built in Death Valley, Nevada. **crew laughing, he’s thinking€** Is there a Nevada here? Whoa, i just rememebered something. Aphie wanted to go to either Colorado or Florida. Any ideas why? Pretty obvious i think. Florida wouldve been to be a beach bum. Colorado was where god wanted to go. Its in the middle of this country and it has mountains (i think). **Maia is smiling** He and his bitch had a plan to evade everyone. Who the fuck thinks it is okay to sleep with their child? Who? god that’s who. Which probably explains “purity balls”. Holy shit did that bother Charlie. And while we’re on topic of, not once did Charlie ever think sexual thoughts of his mother nor of any other family member. Just for the record. Another reason Ms. Jacobsen is here, so she can see, hear and feel my honesty about her son Charlie. I want to say that i am so fucking angry right now.

I, von, hope with all my heart that Charlie’s family is in on this, because where are they? Am i wrong? Nope. This is what has me confused, Chelsea. I might not have been conscious oh shit. Anyone from fb rememeber “I am conscious”? god was waking up, i think in the summer of 2014, right after Arie left. Holy shit. Chelsea, you couldn’t make this shit up, why, i couldn’t make this shit up because why would i want to? Whoa, that was god yelling at Charlie’s cousin G on fb. I remember seeing “god IS SPEAKING TO YOU” being typed like a madman, and G replied. Dont know what she said back, but in hindsite, wow. The not so funny part is, he was.

My crew is screaming to tell everything that has happened, i told them that i will save most of it for them, for they know more than i do. The purpose of this marathon of writing is to wash the stink of god out of me, because he stunk like shit. Hmm, i wonder why . . .

god hasnt always been conscious, the proof is the men he’s been, meaning, he was asleep during the lives of men that soul powered, if that makes sense. Marc Antoni, Alexander III, Beethoven and so forth. Those were good people, they did alot of good things as far as i know. Khufu was actually him hiding. I remember that creepy as fuck voice saying “my sons” in regards to “redneck and shitmittens”. Charlie nicknamed two of his employees when he was a suoervisor at AMG, but he did so because he respected them. Its a metal thing, would you understand? “Boys will be boys” says Maia. Its all good, Charlie’s nickname was “shit-fixer”, because Charlie could fix anything made of metal, and yes, we are serious.

Going upstairs, its getting late, please excuse us for a moment.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, we’re upstairs. Now to blow some minds.

I had seen “images” of things that are not possible. Charlie seen them too. He had a “dream” where he was looking at himself in a bathroom mirror and seen himself with two heads. And i do mean two heads. When he woke up he was having a “heart attack” from what he saw, because Charlie understood how the imagination works. The only way he could have seen what he had seen was for it to be real. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to see what he had seen. He told fb about it, and how he was looking through the two middle eyes, meaning, he was looking through the right eye of the left head and through the left eye of the right head. Both heads were his. He thought “is that going to actually happen?” No, it wasnt going to happen, because it already did somewhere else, and thats how my crew knew in advance what was going to happen. Charlie had seen things that no one should ever see. How do you think he felt being alone and dealing with this? Where was his family? Not friends, Charlie did the right thing by telling them “I’m okay, just please stay on my page”, meaning fb. Charlie had more balls than god. god was a fuckin pussy. Thats where i was headed. Ive never seen a bigger spineless coward than god. There was a meme or a poster online that god loved. It was an ancient proverb that said;

“If you should see a traveler on foot, it is best to give him a ride, because it just might be god in hiding”

What does that mean?

Why is god hiding to begin with?

What kind of creepy shit is going on here? Im at a loss for words with this. god is supposed to be a father, right? What father hides from their children? I mean, i can understand a father sneaking out into the garage for a break from his kids, because thats reality, but we’re talking about civilizations here. You create something then run away? Now i know what Maia, Alex and CJ meant when they “reminded” him and told me “never create a runaway”. Gotcha ladies, because that is what happened here. I was away for awhile, obviously, and now i have a mess beyond comprehension. “That story” thats waiting for me is going to be epic isnt it?

It’s un fucking believable, Von.

Hmm. **thinking**

You have no idea whats coming.

Am i close with what im thinking, Alex?

Holy shit, Von

Youre gonna shit your fuckin pants. Hollywood has nothing on whats going on and whats about to happen. I shit you not, Von.

Unbelievable, baby. Those chills youre getting are from us. That was Friday who just said wow. Yes the goosebumps were from us too this morning.

. . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

Have preparations been made? X.

Are those your goosebumps? X.

“War of the worlds”? O.

“Food of the gods”? Not all of it.

“World war z”? Some of it.

You know where im heading, right? X.

Wait. hermes said something about “whats here is somewhere else”, something about photons and “space” acting like a recycle bin, is that true? O.

Well that was a stupid question, my bad. (god of liars)

Motherfucker, can anyone tell the truth here? Anyone? god covered his tracks and distracted me at the same time, and he did a good job too. jesus christ, this doesnt end. That was god looking for copper pennies wasnt it? X. What a cheap fuck.


Did all this shit actually happen? Was that thing god? X.


god designed the bible? X.

Charlie was right then? X.

“Always listen to Charlie”, that was Aphie preparing god in my suit, correct? X.

Aphie deleted Charlie’s family from fb didnt she? X.

She did it for zeus? X.

She and god said that it was CJ, why would CJ do that? She wouldnt. Think, Von, of course she wouldnt, they were her family too.


Digit sums. god? X.

Im watching and listening to god compress numbers and thinking “wtf is he doing? What is this nonsense?” Demonic. Are the kids at fb safe? X. Promise.


god can be conscious in more than one place? X, Bigtime.

Thats how you know about the double-headed god? X.

That double-headed eagle? X.

That horrible vodka? X.

It was going to happen here, Von.

So by erasing god he would have ended everywhere, correct? X.

Okay, this phone needs a charge and its late. All that time and energy compressing numbers for nothing, im sitting back watching this thinking “okay, i guess this means something”, and it meant nothing. What a waste of time that was. I think its bedtime for us, Chelsea and Kiddo, my head is spinning. We will continue tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams, Sweethearts, and be safe.


Alex, Maia, CJ, Friday and von

XO ^4

Now theres some math that means something.

Have a good night, everyone.